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The end of the Cambridge Road

Hi folks, havent posted for ages so thought i'd update you. I am no longer on the cambridge diet. I have lost 5 and a half stone and am happy where i am for the moment, im in a size 14 clothes and feel fantastic about my weight loss and figure but there is a but.... i havent totally finished my journey (wanted about another 9 lbs off) because of the hair loss im suffering (yeah i know they dont tell you this can happen) dont get me wrong im not bald but my once lovely thick head of long hair which was my pride and joy after growing it for about 5 years is now lank, thin and dropping out like nobodies business. its awful, its starting to get me really stressed out. i know it isnt gonna totally fall out, or that im going bald but its still stressfull seeing it happen (have spoke to couple people who've done LL and it happened to them) anyway that is the ONLY reason i am not completing the journey completly.
I have been on "proper" food now for about 4 weeks (had a 4 day holiday to portugal with the girls in between) and i havent gained an oz, just lost a pound so i'm well pleased. just eating normal really and NOT being a greedy pig like i was. have a slice of toast for break, soup or sandwich for lunch and normally fish or chicken with roast veg and/or salad for tea, or brown rice and homemade spicy sauce of some kind and so far its working for me.
in a couple of months time (hopefully still maintaining) im going to join weight watchers to get this last 9lb off.
anyway i dont regret this diet, i loved every min of it and its certainly helped tackle my over eating its just had the dark cloud over it because of whats happening to my hair, still i would recommend it to people as its gave me back my confidence and life so that alone has made it worth while (oh and the fact i can now shop in Oasis, Warehouse, Asos etc :-D )
good luck to all you dieters - remember you can do it.
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sounds like you have the happily ever after hun!
You sound wonderfully grounded about your eating methods now and i'm very impressed! :D
You should be really proud of how far you have come, and i hope the hair situation sorts itself out too!
You have done so well newcastlechick, both on CD and now that you are off it. I am sorry to read about the hair loss, it happened to me on Lighterlife and please believe me, it grows back as good as it ever was.
Hope you enjoy WW, which is a great diet and subsequent maintenance plan x
You have done so well and managing to maintain well done you !!! Good Luck with WW i am sure you will be able to shift that last 9lbs and also now you could up your exercise to help too. Stick around on the board though i think keeping a look on here can only help remind you of where you were 5 stones ago and help you to keep it off.

Good Luck XX
Hey newcastlechick - your journey sounds bit like mine - lost just over 5 n half stones, and about the same weight n height as you. I am happy with where i am now, about a size 12 / 14. This exceeded my wildest imagination as to what i would be when i started. This diest has been the best thing that i have ever done!!

I would like to try and maintain at this weight as i feel comfortable with this. I was thinking about weightwatchers as well to loose another few lbs as that plan seems a sensible eating regime and one you can continue indefinitly on.

You will have to keep up to date with how this plan goes. Good luck and hope i can follow your example when i start eating 'normally'. Think i have learnt so much on CD i won't ever be going back!! xx
did u come of the cambridge slowly and go up plans or move from ss straight to ur own thing impressive u did not gain any

good luck with ur future weight loss it effects us all i suppose in different weighs

i have been on it for 7 months not had many problems but i know a few do