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  1. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Hi guys hope you don't mind me writing a food and thoughts diary on here,I am really hoping this is the last time I have to shift this weight!

    I have done it so many times over the years and got down to 10st for my wedding in 2006.

    I had a knee replacement last year due to a nasty disease eating away at most of my knee,I am only 31 so far too young to have one but had no choice but it hasn't improved my pain as the disease is still causing damage to my soft tissue so I walk with a stick and I am on Morphine for the pain and this will never go away now so I'm hoping losing the extra weight I am carrying will help me feel a bit better.

    I'm a mum of 2 and happily married.

    I have lost 3 stone since May 2009 with Rosemary Conley which I am still following for the 5% fat rule and low GI but I am mainly calorie counting using MFP (my username is natdee)

    So here goes I am in my 3rd week and I lost 2 1/4lbs 1st week and put on 1 1/4lbs last week no idea why!

    So weigh in is Monday :D

    I'll fill in my food diary later :)

    Thanks for reading x
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  3. ilikepencils


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    Sorry to hear about your knee, Natalie. My OH has had knee surgery too, but not for the same reasons (motorbike accident). I'm sure the weight loss has helped? Congrats on losing 3 stone and good luck with the rest of your journey :)
  4. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

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    Good luck :)
  5. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    It hasn't helped yet i just hope shifting the last 2 stone will,but the doc seemed to think even though it will relieve pressure it will still be as painful.

    Thanks guys so far so good today.

    Breakfast Porridge made half water and milk.294 kcals

    Lunch Co Operative chicken wrap 293kcals

    Dinner lightly dusted cod from Tesco it's a yummy low fat alternative when the kids are having fish and chips!with baby new pots and gravy 386kcals

    Snacks Cereal bar - Weetabix White choc one only 78kcals and yummy!
    Mike and Ikes 30 sweets 187 kcals

    Total calories 1262

    Exercise 7mins on cross trainer and 30 minute slow walking 170kcals burnt.
    Plus 10 minute aerobics 84kcals.

    So only ate back 62 of my 254 burned???
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  6. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Woke up starving today!Think it will be porridge for breakfast.
    I can't do too much exercise today as my knee is sore from yesterday and I have to stand around for a few hours tonight at the illumination switch on!

    Hope everyone has good days :)
  7. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Breakfast Cheerios and milk 268

    Lunch Poached Egg x 2 on 2 Nimble bread 243

    Dinner Roast Turkey,with roast pots in skins,green beans and baby sweetcorn and gravy 418

    Snacks Pink n white 50
    Oatibix bar 78
    Mike and Ike 200
    Hot choc with half milk 110

    Exercise walking 20 minutes approximate

    Slightly over 1200 but had my exercise calories.

    That's my food for the day
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  8. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Being healthy
    Food looks great. You are doing really well.
    I know what it's like to suffer with knee problems. Obviously not to the same scale, but I have terrible pain in my left knee. I'm waiting on a scan, so I know that rest is just as important as exercise.

    Keep up the good work :)
  9. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    I hope the scan gives you some answers Hun x
    I feel lazy today but I know I can't push as I end up in bed for days and days if I do!My Docs say I need to learn how to pace myself!Easier said than done sometimes!
  10. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Morning all so the dreaded weekend is here I always find it so tough food wise.
    Hubby is on a charity walk all day so it's just me and the kids.

    Breakfast Muesli mixed with cheerios and milk.299

    Lunch Ham sandwich on white with skips 312

    Dinner Rosemary Conley recipe - Chicken Korma with rice 412
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  11. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    OMG I am starving today I hate this feeling
  12. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Well I've had a Chinese!I had a chow mien chicken and I weighed it out and put it in MFP I ate 6 prawn crackers and counted them too!
    I was still only at 1198 calories with out eating back my exercise calories obviously Chinese isn't the best thing to eat but hopefully staying within my calories will mean I still lose this week :(
  13. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Morning all feeling good today the sun is shining and my family are here from Scotland and we are off to the zoo :)

    Taking healthy picnic :)
  14. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Being healthy
    Hope you enjoyed the zoo? Sounds like fun, The weather is terrible here. :)
  15. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    It was beautiful here red hot :)

    Had a fab day perfect way to end the summer holidays.

    I did great food wise :)

    Breakfast Porridge and milk from allowance

    Lunch Pasta and prawn salad with Ryvita Sweet Chilli snacks

    Dinner Chicken korma with rice

    Snacks Innocent smoothie.Half a milky way cake bar and some cheerios with a bit of milk

    Total cals 1248

    I walked round the zoo for a good few hours too so lots of exercise but not sure how many calories I burned.
  16. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Weigh in this morning I lost the 1 1/4 I gained plus a further 3 1/4 so happy :) :)
  17. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Being healthy
    Amazing loss, well done. :)
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  19. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Thanks Squeezy :)

    Food diary for today

    Breakfast Muesli and milk 299

    Lunch Poached egg on toast 332

    Dinner Lasagne 434

    Snacks cereal bar and pink n White and I'm treating myself to a portion of Ben and Jerry frozen yoghurt tonight.
    So my calories for today are slightly over 1400 but only 75 over net.

    Exercise 10 minute workout dvd plus 10min on cross trainer.
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  20. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Did another 10 minute workout and pushed it one step too far as now my knee wrecks :(

    I will never learn!
  21. Badgergirl

    Badgergirl Full Member

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    Oh no! Hope it gets better soon.
  22. NatalieMeadows

    NatalieMeadows Full Member

    Thanks Hun it's my own fault lay awake now at 3am in agony!
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