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Total Solution The final day one

I have started and stopped so many times this week but reading and writing about why I want this etc has made me realise that I have to make my next day one the final day one. It can be done, the hardworking pays off and I have full proof in front of me everyday almost everyone's signature shows losses from exante and there are many before and after photos, many words of wisdom and most of all one massive family of strangers who laugh and cry together but get through the ups and downs and help everyone achieve but there's hard work to be done that from stories gets easier with time. So I raise my glass as Tommorow is my final day one this is a promise to myself and nobody else, the less people know the less I need to explain and then have oooo that's bad for you etc so my day one starts again Tommorow ( 10th sept ) the very final time xx

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Here we go my final day one..... This is it I have my daily tasks from my book to hopefully get me through week one in fact no let's get the weekend over my new mini goal x to get past day one then two then three and then it's a day off so I will pamper myself for doing it xxx

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I don't mean day off from exante I mean from work!!!

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Week 1 lost 4lb but had more off days than on so imagine if I had been total ts all week!!!! Right this week I can do it in fact no I will do it xxxx

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Useless!!!! It's all I can say lol I didn't do my final day one however I read my think thin book set it all up, chose my day to start and away I go again..... I've also set up a list of treats I will allow myself to do if I complete the days so If I don't I won't be getting some of them. So if I get through day one today I can dye my hair tonight and get my eyebrows done lol (they so bad need doing) hoping this helps x will write later see how I get on x

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Amzie tell yourself you can do the diet for ONE day and just focus on doing that, no more. When you get up the following morning tell yourself again that you can do this diet for one day. If you break it down like that you may have a bit more sucess as once you get to day 4 or 5 you will be in ketosis and then thats when the diet becomes easy.

I know I am only on day 6 of Exante but I did LL and CD over 5 years ago and then became a cambridge diet counsellor and did that for 4 years until I emigrated, (then I regained weight) so I do have experience of people struggling to get going on the diet. I would also advise keeping your hands and head busy as you wont be thinking about food the same. Planning treats for sticking to it is also a great idea.
Good luck, you CAN DO IT
great advise from fenchfancy , I always find it helps if when I crave something .. I tell myself if I still really want it in an hour I will have it .. that hour goes by and most of the time I dont want it so much anymore , or if I do I tell myself I can have it in another hour ..... the very action of telling yourself 'no there is no way you can have it , and not again for a long time ' makes you want it more as you are denying yourself something you think you really want ... rememeber you CAN have it if you want , but you are CHOOSING not to :D

Good luck with today and hope you get your hair and eyebrows done ;)
Thankyou guys I think the I can do it today may work if I get up everyday and just think that rather than thinking about day 2 or 3 when I havnt got passed day 1 could be what makes me fail. That's my new aim and then to think I I do crave something have it in an hour I am deffo trying this too that's brill as my mind isn't just thinking you CAN'T have it lol xx

Thankyou guys will write back later let you know how I get on

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Sorry I never got chance to write on haha kids were a nightmare day one went great (yesterday) today I have turned down a free mcdonalds breakfast and had a black coffee only with my shake and I've turned down a Sunday tea aswell so pritty good today so far x I feel a little hungry today but I keep thinking skinny and I forget lol also I seem to smell food bad today haha it's all I can smell I think but I'm ok I am not feeling desperate to eat just because I can I just keep looking at this dress I would like haha

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great stuff and did you know there's no calories in smells so you can smell all you like. I can quite often be seen with my nose over a pan lol, sad I know. You have done well turning down the offers of food. Why don't you print a picture of the dress you like and pin it on all the cupboards fridge etc where there is temptation; it might just stop you in your tracks if your hands go off on a wander of their own.
I also made myself a spreadshet and colour off each day I am good it works for me seeing the same block of colour filling in the empty spaces. I know it sounds a bit childlike, but it helps me.
Keep up the good work and I shall look out for your progress x

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