The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humour?


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I am getting rubbish at keeping this updated.... I will get it back on track but this week has been a disaster.

Ok, last Saturday (6th) I had my weigh in and I had lost another 7lb. That is 25lb in 3 weeks and was great to break through 17st into the 16s from the 18st at the start. Picked up the usual shakes and I was looking forward to a good week. Didn't quite work out like that.......

I woke up Sunday Morning with the worst sore throat, I am not normally a sickly person and this was horrible. I couldn't take my shake so I had painkillers and lots of water. By 7/8pm I had chills/fever and felt sick.......... Yep, i was ill..... the evening shake i tried to have just wasn't happening.

I was worse on Monday and i started to feel hungry (Something i haven't felt since being on LT) so something needed to give, I physically couldn't drink the shakes. I held my nose and prayed but it was like an evil reflex demon was stood there saying "NOOOO". So i wasn't sure what to do. i rung the chemist and they said take painkillers and fluids for illness ect and vitamins but basically said that if I cant take the shakes i need to eat and should have fruit and veg and soups to get me through it and not to put too much weight on..........

I thought about this and didn't like the sound of it. To me this diet lives or dies by Ketosis so I wasn't going to mess that up. I couldn't take the shakes but I would also be devastated by coming off ketosis but I knew I needed to eat. SO, I got the phase 1 Atkins food list and decided that if i have to eat i would only eat a tiny amount of food types and in small quantities. I chose fresh Chicken, Tuna and Cheddar Cheese. So from Tuesday to yesterday I had lots of water and 1 meal a day made up of a combo of those. I used ketostix to monitor and i have stayed in ketosis. Today I started back on the shakes and tomorrow is my weigh in so we shall see what the damage has been.... However I broke the habit of a lifetime yesterday and bought some scales because this has made me so conscious as to how its affected the diet.... Now i'm not going to tempt fate and tell you what the scales said because I want to only go by the "Official Weigh In" but based on what those digits said last night I was shocked.... and in a good way.

So its the official weigh in tomorrow and we shall see.........
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Cant wait to hear offical weigh in


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This type of pain is the reason I chose the non "working out" route because I live by the philosophy: No pain, no pain. Exercise is also a sore subject in my family because my grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is.

Absolutely brilliant. Had me in stitches! :8855:


S: 18st6lb C: 18st6lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Its TUESDAY.......................

But for now lets pretend its Saturday and that I actually updated the blog with my Weigh In on the right day.....

So after the illness related diet adjustment that included eating and finding something that would hopefully not add too many pounds but get me through the week........

I had lost.................. 7lbs :eek:

I lost more this week when eating than the week before. Now I know it was wrong and went against the diet but i had no choice. What it has done has confused my thought process because i really wasn't expecting this at all but the more i read about the diets the more i believed on paper that I would still lose as I stayed in ketosis and in fact had LESS carbs eating Tuna, Chicken and Cheddar Cheese than I would have got from the shakes and also any additional calories I was receiving would be burned off rapid as i was in ketosis.

So I am back on the shakes but I told the chemist and they said they will use this information for anyone else who is ill and can not take the shakes or fall off the wagon.... I want to categorically state that i do not think this would not recommend this long term and I dare say I would be criticized by some for even considering it short term while on LT but it does no harm in my opinion to have another weapon in your armory on your journey, a weapon that can be used during the real dark times.

Anyway...... Back to the shakes......

I have read a lot of your stories about people being negative towards dieters and critical of them. I had one of those this week, this person shall be known only as "Mid Fourties Balding Chest Hair Swimming Trunk" Guy........... The type of guy who goes swimming EVERY day during his lunch hour and you can imagine spends 15/20min doing a special walk up and down the side of the pool... Yeah that guy.... "Look At Me!"

Well swimming guy decided he was going to lecture me on fitness after I told him that I had lost over two stone in four weeks. This information seemed to upset "Speedo Steve" and he went into a complete "Its unhealthy" rant.... A rant that was met with my own personal opinion on Swimming and that was that Swimming is not a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning and if its so good for you, explain whales!

He disagreed and said that he was willing to bet me "whatever I wanted" that he could lose more weight than me week by week for the next 4 weeks..... All he would do is stick to a standard diet and swim.... I took this challenge as there is no way that a standard diet and swimming could even get close to the loss LT achieves....

So the challenge is set..... Me and "Armband Andy" will go head to head.... I know that my weight loss will soon slow down but I am confident... If it starts looking bad them i have a few aces up my sleeve. he isn't overly liked by most the people at work so i have already had offers of his secretary replacing his milk with full fat cream and also from another fitness guy who said they could bring in some "Weight Gain Milk powder" to swap for any milk.....

So Its Shake Warrior VS "Deep End Dave"......