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The Flu :(


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Hi All

I am on my last day of week 4, start week 5 tomorrow. Just one more week to complete before my refeed for Christmas.

Ive got the flu.. im very poorly, sore kidneys and ive almost lost my voice.

I rang and spoke to my Lipotrim consultant at the chemist and she wants me to start my refeed today. I dont want to break it yet, and want to stick it out for the last week.

All I have are strawberry and chocolate shakes (they are the only ones I like), so I dont even have a soup to help keep me warm.

Is there anything that I can eat a little of to keep me in Ketosis? I saw on another thread that scrambled eggs were suggested, can a little milk be added to them?

I dont really have much of an appetite at the moment, but think I need a little something more than just the shakes to help shift this flu.

Thank you everyone. xox
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to be honest, I would do what the person says. The whole point about the diet is you have semi-medical advice. There's no point if you don't do what they say though ^^ plus flu can help you lose weight as well.


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Hi Flutterbye.. thank you for your reply. I cant start my refeed as the roads are trecherous with snow. I would have had to get to the chemist to find out what I needed. All the clients cancelled their appointments today because of the weather. I still have a weeks worth of shakes (she sold me double last week as we were expecting this weather).

I will just try and stick it out.
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Hi Deb,
sorry to hear your not well. I have been on TFR for 5 weeks now and for the last week and a half I have been adding a protein meal in the evenings, chicken & salad or veg and salmon with the same, I have lost the same in the last 3 weeks so it hasn't affected my losses at all. I had scrambled egg too made with water & you cant honestly tell the difference. Also some people make the shakes with hot water, you can add coffee to the chocolate one and have a choca mocha type drink, very warming lol. But you have to do what is best for you, everyone is different and it would probably be better to refeed than go off it completely.

Hope you feel better soon Chick

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Hiya Deb.. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well hun x x

If all you are needing is a hot drink (and i went through this too, but not because of illness) i would suggest you try some bouillon,... It is not "allowed" as such, but i had it regularly during my time on LT and it never affected my losses... If you do need to eat, then do as others have said, have a protein meal in the evening...

I hope you are feeling better soon x x x


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Hi Jan & Su

Thank you for your replies.. Im starting to feel a bit more human.. I really wasnt with things at all yesterday. The kidney pain has stopped and I feel a little more energetic today.

Jan, I had tried the shakes hot but didnt like them. I had a little scrambled egg and a little chicken yesterday.

Su, I have some chicken boulleon cubes in the cupboard, I will try a hot drink later, thank you.
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HEy sweetie..sorry to hear you are feeling awful! the weather really doesnt help..sure it doesnt..,, i think if you get the pain again and you feel even worse its probably best that you refeed,,as health comes first remember :)..... try and have a few hot drinks and keep at that water,,,it will help your kidneys.... sending you lots and lots of *squidgey hugs*...... feel better....let us know how youre getting on and keep yourself wrapped up warm..:) xxx


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Ty Pudge.. feeling a bit better today. Went out earlier for some fresh air to see my horses, I hadnt seen them since Tuesday. My poor "non-horsey" hubby has been feeding, watering and sorting their beds for me yesterday and this morning.

The kidney pain has gone, thankfully, I also had sore teeth.. I drank 3 litres of water yesterday.

I did eat a little yesterday, I had some scrambled egg and three little pieces of chicken, I just felt so rotten - but im back on track today. I only have 6 more days to go until refeed. I have my appointment next Thursday. No weigh in this week due to the weather, my chemist is 12 miles away over country roads which are still covered in snow. So, im looking forward to seeing what my weight loss is for 2 weeks xox


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Hi hon glad you're on the mend. I've been supplementing some days with tuna in springwater. It's got zero carb and same cals as a shake so it keeps you on track. I find eggs and chicken and cheese too morish so stick rigidly to tuna in water. It's working for me in the days I need it :)


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Hi Cookeh.. thank you for your reply. I love tuna.. im going to be eating it as part of my refeed which starts on Thursday :) x

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