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The Food Diary of a Newbie (Comments Welcomed Esp If Im Going Wrong!)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by lizzie_g, 29 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    I joined this forum last week, I've done sw lots in the past, I don't have much time to get to group, if I have a spare hour i would prefer to go to the gym. So this time I am using my old books and this forum as my aides! I'm using this thread as my food diary to keep tabs on what I'm doing as I think that seeing visually what I have eaten does help me to stay on track. I'm starting at 14st1 and I will try to upload a picture of me from last weekend which has horrified me somewhat! If anybody can see any flaws in my diary then please let me know :) I'm hoping that some time in the future my success story (fingers crossed) might help to inspire others the same way that many other stories on here have been inspirational to me. So here goes!!
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  3. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

  4. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    I could cry looking at that picture! I'm the biggest I've ever been and even though I feel like I'm not too much overweight, this photo tells it all :-( I need to keep looking at it to make sure I change it this time, no more excuses!
  5. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    So I will kick of with yesterday's food diary:
    Breakfast: 1 alpen light bar (1/2 HExB) banana, muller light - free
    Snack: 1 alpen light bar (1/2 HExB) - free
    Lunch: egg noodles with soy sauce, apple, 2 satsumas -free
    Tea: spicy bacon, mushroom and tomato sauce (2 syns for brown sauce), spaghetti and 28g reduced fat cheddar (3.5 syns) - 5.5 syns total
    Snack: 2 guylian seashells - 6 syns
    Semi skimmed throughout the day in tea for HExA (not quite used 250ml)

    Total syns for the day - 11.5
  6. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    29th January
    Breakfast: Special K chewy delight bar (HExB) - free
    Snack: low fat mugshot - free
    Lunch: left over pasta sauce from last night (2 syns) with spaghetti and 8g reduced fat cheddar (1syn), Apple - 3 syns total
    Snack: grapes
    Tea: gammon steak, jacket spud and salad with a dollop of mustard (3syns) - 3 syns total
    Semi skimmed milk in tea (HExA)

    Total for day - 6 syns
    Last edited: 29 January 2014
  7. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Update to 29th jan, just having an options hot choc so adding another 2 syns, day total to 8 syns
    Last edited: 29 January 2014
  8. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    30th January

    Brekkie: 2alpen light bars (HExB) - free
    Lunch: mug shot - free
    Snack: Apple, crab sticks - free
    Tea: chicken 'kebab' (chicken coated with muller Greek coconut and spices) (1/4 syn), sw chips, sw Coleslaw with a bit of EL mayo (1syn), salad and a mission mini wrap (5 syns) - 6 1/4 syns total
    Snacks: muller light, grapes - free
    Semi skimmed milk in tea as HExA

    Total syns for day - 6 1/4 syns
    Last edited: 30 January 2014
  9. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Weighed myself this morning and 2lb off! I'm pleased especially to say that I had a terrible weekend so started the diet properly in Monday! I'm excited for next week after a full week of sw!
  10. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    31st January

    Brekkie: 2 alpen light bars - HExB
    Lunch: jacket potato with beans - free
    Snack: crab sticks, 2 satsumas - free
    Tea: pulled pork at my friends house. It's not sw but I've seen the recipe and it's not terrible on syns but I don't know how many so I will take it steady. I'm taking the coleslaw so that will be low syn - total syns ??
    Milk in tea for HExA

    Total syns for day - unknown
  11. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    2nd February

    Breakfast: alpen light bar (HExB) - free
    Lunch: roast chicken, roast potatoes, mash, roast carrot and parsnips, cabbage, 2 tesco beef dripping Yorkshire puddings (10 syns), gravy (4 syns) - total 14 syns
    Snack: grapes, satsumas, apple
    Milk in tea for HExA

    Total syns for day - 14

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    Last edited: 3 February 2014
  12. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Hey, that's great! Here to subscribe! :)
  13. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Hi Lauralozzle, its nice to have a follower! If you do spot anything that I am doing wrong or wrong information then please feel free to point it out to me. I always feel so full on slimming world, and so not-deprived that I can't help but think it cant be right! xx
  14. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    3rd February

    Brekkie: 2 alpen light bars (HExB) - free
    Lunch: sw chips and beans with 2 tbs lighter than light mayo (1 syn), 2 satsumas and an apple - total 1 syn
    Snack: low fat mug shot
    Tea: chicken curry made with muller free coconut yoghurt (0.5 syns) with curried potatoes and boiled rice. Apple and nectarine - total syns 0.5
    Snack: guy loan seashell - 3 syns

    Total syns for day - 4.5

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: 3 February 2014
  15. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Everything looks okay at the moment. I'm doing it at home though -so I'm not up to date as much as others. If you're getting losses that is all that counts!!!
  16. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Yeah definitely! I'm actually quite excited about Friday and for once it's not cos I'm looking forward to the pub, many pints of cider and a kebab, now I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the scales :) thank you for your input lauralozzle xx
  17. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    4th February - green day for a change

    Brekkie: 2 alpen light bars (HExB) - free
    Lunch: pasta with spicy tomato and mushroom sauce made with 2 tbs brown sauce - 2 syns total
    Snack: 2 small slices of cheese, mini tub of philly lightest and celery - 3.5 syns
    Dinner: sw chips, beans and 40g light cheddar (HExA), 2 satsumas, Apple - free
    Snack: low syn instant chocolate pudding - 2 syns
    Milk in tea for HExA

    Total syns for day - 7.5
    Last edited: 4 February 2014
  18. browny89

    browny89 Member

    hey honey, am also doing sw from old times when went to group and from home here to subscribe to you xxx
  19. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Hi browny89, I hope you find the thread interesting, hopefully we can share some interesting recipes too! Xx
  20. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Hi Lizzie, hope you don't mind me subscribing too. I'm doing it from home too.. I think the forums are much better than any class :D

    Your dinners look lovely by the way.. just like the sort of thing we eat here.

    Would you care to share the recipe for the curry at all ;) yum...
  21. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Hi cordy, of course I don't mind, I think this forum is just great for the support and for recipe sharing. I've already got more from this forum in a couple of weeks that I did at group! We can all support each other :)

    The curry was soooo easy it was ridiculous! I fried a little onion in some fry light then added a good couple of teaspoons of tikka spices (I used a Schwartz ready made blend). I then added bits of roast chicken left over from our Sunday dinner. If you're using raw chicken I guess you would add it before the spices. I then added a half chicken stock cube and a little hot water then two pots of muller Greek coconut yoghurt. Brought it all up to a simmer and that was it! For the 'Bombay' potatoes I kind of made it up as I went along, again I started with a bit of onion in fry light, then added some chopped garlic and ginger, garam masala, turmeric and ground coriander (about a teaspoon of each), then about a third of a tin of chopped tomatoes, a half chicken stock cube and boiling water to just fill the frying pan enough to cover the spuds, then I chucked in peeled, cubed potatoes. I let this simmer with the lid on for about half an hour until the potatoes were well cooked, and lifted the lid just for the last few minutes to let the consistency thicken. Served this with plain boiled rice and it really hit the spot! Even my slimming-world-sceptical other half enjoyed it and he is a bit of a curry connoisseur! Also, just FYI, I cooked the curries early so that I could reheat them later and both reheated fine, no split yoghurt or anything, so I am confident that it would keep ok in the fridge for reheating the next day :) xx

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