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The Golden Time


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Sometimes people say your first time on the CD is your golden time.

On Day 6 of my seventh or so restart since the three years since that golden time, I now remember why.

The first time it never occurred to me to cheat. I was just on it until it had finished, until I was at target, full stop.

Now I know the diet better, I feel little compromises creep into my head like "But you're happy a stone over target", or "One day off won't hurt", or "SS was designed for morbidly obese people & you're not so you can invent your own additions".

This time though, is closer to that golden time than any since. I am fed up of being fat, feeling squashed by my own body, and I just want it to work.

I wish I didn't feel hungry on this Day 6, I wish I wasn't busy this weekend and travelling so that sorting out shakes and water is a big gaff, but, just because I can feel my leggings are looser already, is no reason to compromise!

I'm not weighing this time, just going by clothes, & although I already look better I can't kid myself that I won't look much better without those couple of stone I've been carrying around for most of the last year. I WILL stick to a VLCD because I know it works and because I know in another week or so, this will have become routine.

As someone titled their thread recently: Hunger isn't An Emergency. Yes, if I'm really flagging I might have an extra pack or a green and white meal, but I'm in this, I'm committed and I can't wait to feel slim & fit back into some of my lovely clothes and have cheekbones again!

There, that's myself told...
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Great post and exactly how I feel myself!!

Welcome back, What a great mental attitude.

Good luck - You CAN do this Xxxxxx
hey , I know exactly what you mean !!! In some ways I find it easy to get back on CD as I know it works , i know that once I am in ketosis I will feel better and I know that the weight falls off .. BUT I also know what 'cheats' I can get away with , i know that if i eat and gain a little it will soon be off .. and I know that I am a size 14 instead of a 26 so deserve a biccie now and then !!!!
Brilliant post, just how I feel, wish I knew what I know now about cd and after during my golden time. I wouldn't have messed up first time :-(


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Kate, thanks for putting into words so much of what I'm feeling... and getting it all into perspective for me. Good luck on your journey and thanks for the inspiring post.


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