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The Harcombe Diet


Wanna lose 100lb
Find her book on Amazon.
I'm thinking of giving this a go - can anyone help tell me what happens after phase 1? xx


Recovering Foodaholic
Phase 2 is pretty straight forward- no mixing of carbs or fats basically- you can bring back dairy/wheat (if you don't have any intolerances/candida etc) and keep things unprocessed. There is a list in the book of what you can have- grains, wholewheat pasta, brown rice etc. The odd glass of wine with a meal too :D If you haven't got the recipe book, I'd really recommend it- found some great meals in there that my OH loves too!
I lost half a stone on phase 1 and am looking forward to the next bit :D


will try harder !!
there is a book I just started reading called idiot proof diet, is about 2 women who tweaked loc carb high protein, is in phase one and two, so sounded similar and the food looks great on it too


plodding away
I've just been reading this book and was wondering how you were getting on. Does it really get rid of the cravings and stop the tiredness like it says it does?

I've been eating too much processed food and am feeling bla ruddy bla, so am looking for a healthier plan


will try harder !!
which book vanda? if its the idiot proof diet, I'm reading it, but not started the diet, although am giving it some serious thought


plodding away
The Harcombe diet one. I have got the pig to twig one and although I loved the book I couldnt get on with the diet it gave me terrible heartburn - must have been the fat content


will try harder !!
Yeah I can see what you mean, I've not tried it, but i like the way the book is written, explains alot and I can empathise with the ladies

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