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The hardest day?


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Does anyone else find Saturday harder than usual?
I am on day 3 so maybe that's it but all I can think about this morning is food - I even dreamt about pizza last night!!
Saturday would normally start with a sausage sandwich and end with a film, a bottle of wine and some calorie-laden goodies.
Which probably explains why I need to lose weight in the first place!!!
Instead I am distracting myself on here and drinking a black tea. yum!
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Give it a few more days and you wont be dreaming of pizzas anymopre lol. im on week 2 and im not hungry at all anymore i even nearly forget to have my shakes sometimes!!
hang in there xxx


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Oh I will, I'm not going to quit no matter how tempted I get.
I am heavier than I have ever been so have no choice but to get stuck in!
Thanks :)


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Beccas right! Its prob worse cos your on day 3 and its weekend...once you get over the first few days you'll be flying! I'm just into week 3 and actually completely forgot to have my shake last night and had to make myself have it this morning. Its soooo weird! You go from craving food to it not even crossing your mind! Your doing great hun keep it up! :D xx


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Thanks :)
I can't wait to get to that stage where I don't think about it!
In the meantime I'm going to drink tons of water and get myself out of the house I think.
I am sorry but I ve just started week 7 and I find Saturdays really hard, its my 'treat' day usually so all I can think of is food. Its all in my mind though and its not bad enough for me to cheat so keep up the good work, it does get easier!!!!


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I have to agree that saturdays are horrible for me too!! the only reason i get through Sundays is because i have weigh day on Monday! x


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Weekends for me are the hardest too, this is my 3rd and "AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH" i hate them, but it's only 2 sleeps to weigh day for my weekly boost lol xx


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I have to agree that saturdays are horrible for me too!! the only reason i get through Sundays is because i have weigh day on Monday! x
Great minds think alike hunny!!..weigh number 3 here we come! xx


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yeah, I'm really looking forward to weigh day to give me a boost (hopefully)...I'm only on day 3 so I have to wait til wednesday night for weigh in. Feels like a lifetime away!
Interistingly I don't find saturdays hard as it is my weigh in day. As I work during the week the weekend passes quickly and then before I know it another week has passed. Don't know if this will always be like this but for now I am counting my blessings:)
Hmmmm if saturday was my weigh in day it would be cool as the losses would get me over the " i cant go on feeling"....may think about thisx
I did miss Saturday's but nearly 5 weeks in it has become easier.

Has been hard today though as I had 2 children's parties - I do jewellery parties as a business, and both had lots of party food ! Have managed to restrain though !

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