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The job saga continues....UPDATE - I did it!!

As you all know, I was over the moon the get accepted at BUPA after my nightmare at LTSB. Then I had the good fortune of an excellant offer for an Insurance job just down the street from home, for the same money as what I am making in Brighton once I took away commuting costs, after commuting and working nights.

Well, I waffled back and forth -struggled to make a decision.

Chose the local job, and accepted and advised I would give notice once I had paper offer in hand.

tick tock tick tock.

Manager called me about my application last week which was completed AFTER the offer, concerned abuot the number of absences I had last year. She is in my corner and understands that I was on waiting lists, awaiting treatment, dealing whith chronic pain, etc., and she has no problem with it. But she said HR is very persnickety and may take issue.

Iwas worried. Very. Thinking I was thankful that I really like my job at BUPA, just in case. But feeling very blue that they may say no now.

So, I am waiting, waiting and waiting for her to get back to me after speaking to HR. I must admit, I am getting a little annoyed at how slow they are to wrap this all up. Get my hopes up - then say OOOhhhh, I dunno.....then go quiet.

So - what does BUPA do to help make matters worse?

They go and give us all a raise of £800, to top up the shift allowance!!! And while I don;t waulify for this as I only just started, they just gave each team meber a £1000 bonus to say thanks for putting up with the changes as the new team was formed! (Says a lot about a company ifyou ask me!!)

So now - Brighton is considerably more money then local.

Doing my head in this is!!! Absolutely driving me mad. I am of one mind to tell local job - yaknow what - you took too long.

So - hey ho.

Just thught I would give you an update.

(My OH does not think local job can recall their offer. Though it was only a verbal and a text message offer. He said they cannot offer me the job, start the process and THEN disqualify me for a permanent ongoing medical condition)

Does anyone know?

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Doesn't sound like you're having a great time but at least you've got the job your in so you can take a bit of time and decide. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. Just wanted to say you look amazing, it's such a huge difference! It's great to see people who have lost so much weight on any of the vlcd's, makes it seem possible to get to goal!

Sorry to say, but I think they CAN revoke the offer. Most are made on the basis of recieving a satisfactory application form, medical assessment (where appropriate) and references. If any of these are deemed not to be satisfactory - they can revoke. My company do it even after people have started - if they get anything concerning in a reference, or a medical issue come to light, they will let people go as long as it is in their 6 month probationary period. (That bit is down to Manager's discretion though - if someone is performing well, they would be unlikely to be terminated).

Sorry that probably wasn't what you wanted to hear - I would point out though that the company I work for is a huge one, and they have a massive team of in-house solicitors, and cover themselves on everything - a smaller company may not take such a hard-line approach, but may look at everyone on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever happens, I hope it works out for you - and I'm sure it will, fate has many strange twists and turns! xx
I am a department manager and we are now allowed to ask people for their absence history anymore as it could be discriminatory if anyone has a disability or a longer term illness.
I am a department manager and we are now allowed to ask people for their absence history anymore as it could be discriminatory if anyone has a disability or a longer term illness.
Absolutely, same as you can't ask for age, religion, etc etc at interview - however if the company then asks for medical history - which they are perfectly entitled to do so - they can turn someone down on the basis the role could exacerbate a pre-exsisting condition.


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thanks guys..;..

...but Lucy, it's a registerble disability. I think that comes with some protection doesn;t it?

I know what is meant to be will happen, I just want to know. Been in limbo for weeks now.!! :)

thanks again :)
Hi BL - yes, a registered disability def comes with protection, however there is still "get out" clauses if the company can state that the role could adversely effect a condition.

I have a fantastic employee law HR specialist on my team - am more than happy to ask her for any info if it would help - drop me a message if you want me to - I guess she would want to know what the disability is and what the role is (no detail needed, I just mean for example is it an office job, any lifting involved etc). Hope that helps xx
Thanks hon! It's no secret....I was diagnosed last year with Cervical Spondylosis (Degenerative Disc Disease); Fibromyalgia, and just recently Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Its a matter of constant and chronic pain just about everywhere, depending if its the necks turn or everything elses turn.

I'd appreciate their thoughts!! Thanks ever so much! :)

YAY! I heard from the manager, and she has advised me HR and Occ Health are happy with my explanation fo absences the last year or so and are happy to have me on board.

The offer letter is being drafted "as we speak" and I should have it next week.

God, this has been so stressful. THis and a number of other things.....(now dealing with some family issues across the pond which have me very upset....so the plate just got fuller!) But at least this is now progressing again. Thank god! I can't wait till IO can change my little moody face from STRESSED to RELAXED!!!! :D

Thanks peeps!! Will keep you posted. I am not going to jump for joy until I have that offer letter in my hot little hand though! ;)

Congrats BL! Really pleased for you, and to set your mind further at rest, I spoke to my lady today, and they absolutely cannot rescind the offer - if they did you would have a case for unfair dismissal, AND disability discrimination - so you're totally covered. Obviously that's all irrelevant now anyway, and you can celebrate your new job :)
Hope your family issues get sorted very soon too, so you can finally relax and enjoy life! xx
I can at last breath a sigh of relief....one down..

At long last, in a most tortureous wait, I have been advised my Official Offer for the new job has been posted. I had not received it because of the bank holiday, and I must admit my patience was beginning to be well and truly tested, and I was of two minds and considered telling them, "Ya know what - you took too long".

As you know, this decision has been so difficult. ANd the last addition to the saga I believe was, that BUPA gave us all across the board an 800.00 raise. Which then put them above the Lancing job (when taking in cost of travel to Brighton into consideration).

So, anyway, I started triple thinking BUPA again. The decision just got tougher and tougher...they kept one upping each other without knowing it.

Anyway - as you know I did decide on Lancing, the local job. And aftre a painstakingly long and complicated wait for the offer, I received a copy in email today.

And guess what - they increased my offer 700.00!! :D BONUS!!! :D :D

This has been one hell of a ride, and very stressful - but at least it is drawing to an end, and it is getting better each time! LOL

So, I have been under a lot of stress lately, and this is just one peice of the puzzle. But it is one peice of the puzzle that seems to have resolved itself.

Now I jt have to work up the courage to quit BUPA. I will miss them A LOT. They make it really difficult, the *******! For my birthday, they decorated my desk, brought in cake and a gift and card, and sang Happy Birthday to me!! :D (Took about 3 years in my last job just to get a card! LOL)

So yeah - there is a piece on the upswing! :)

(I really must learn to use fewer workds when I write! LOL Sorry this was so long! :D)


Is back in the saddle!
That's finally great news BL!! Well waited for.

Fewer words with better speeling???????????? Nah!!!!!!!!! I like the way you put things on the screen.
Yay BL!! I physically breathed a sigh of relief for you!! How the heck did I miss your birthday too!! Belated birthday wishes gorgeous!
BL - I'm delighted something has gone your way for a change. Brilliant news. Now, what :vibes: can I send to help resolve the 'over the pond' issue?

Thank goodness

About time too. Well done you for being so patient. My mum has a saying
"Patience is a virtue, catch it if you can, seldom in a woman, never in a man" !!
Sorry guys-
Good luck with telling BUPA. Don't feel guilty, you have to do what's best for you. And another raise before you start, that's great. When do you start?
Speak soon. lots of love. Keep in touch.xx;)
Aw, thanks so much guys! :)

I am now trying to face the music, and prepare myself for giving notice. I HATE THAT SORT OF THING! it really is making me feel nauseous, the thoguht of giving notice to a company who has been, ina very short time, some of the best employers/co-workers I have ever encountered!!!

I hate this sort of thing so much, I get full of guilt. I just want to wither away and dissappear, rather then ahve to sit across from my manager and tell her I quit!!

UGH!!! Can someone else do that for me please? Prettty please?
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??? :D :D :D :D:D

I'll pay ya!


(my manager is actually going on hols Friday at noon, and gone for 1-2 weeks. I could either take the easy way out and wait until Monday - Or I tell her on Friday - which could be a pain since she is leaving mid-day...what would you do? I almost feel that is worse, as it copuld giver her stress about having to recruit again, etc., just as she is going on hols??)

I intend, either way to not only give my resignation letter, but also a personal letter thanking her and giving her all my positive feedback, as I cannot fault BUPA one second - been a fantastic experience.

Almost D-Day! eeeek!!!!

Hard as it may be BL, I reckon you should tell her Fri - best she hears the absolute reasons from you, and you get to tell her how much you've really enjoyed working with her and all the team - I think she would really appreciate you doing it that way - I know I would if it was one of my team :)
ARGH......darn you Lucy!!! That is the WRONG answer!!!! :) It makes me queasy just thinking about it!!! LOL (obviously SOME areas LL has not improved yet!!!)

Reason is, I am now one of those employees I can't stand - someone comes along, trains for a few weeks, then ******* off after wasting everyones time!! Though that was never my intention....

I can write a reallllly good letter telling her all my reasons.....surely that should do!!?? :D

(I know you are right - I just don't know if I have the nerve!!)

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