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The joys of parenthood on Christmas Eve

I put my excited 6 year old daughter to bed and noticed that she has found a stocking and put it on the end of her bed next to hers for her 'cuddly wabbit' - a favourite toy since she was a baby. We all took turns to try and convince her that Santa only comes to children, but she insists that Father Christmas will bring cuddly wabbit something because he has a stocking.

Thinking I can wrap up a few bits I have lying around, I agree to leaving the stocking there. 5 minutes later she calls me - cuddly wabbit really wants some new clothes. Again, we all tried to convince her that Santa won't have spare clothes for a small and very well worn rabbit on his sleigh, but he may be able to find a carrot and perhaps a toy. She is sure that Father Christmas is so magic he will bring just what cuddly wabbit wants.

Guess what I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 hours???? One old t-shirt and pair of my partners boxers shorts (they were clean and already have elastic) later and cuddly wabbit has a very badly fitting jacket (and that was the second attempt) and a hat that looks like a pair of pants.

What is lovely is that I enlisted my son (yes, the same one I have been moaning about on another thread) and he can now blanket stitch like a pro!!!!

I can't be bothered to get back to preparing lunch for 10 tomorrow. I still have pressies to wrap and the house looks like a bomb site.

I hope that wabbit (and the 6 year old) is happy tomorrow.

In a lightbulb moment, I have just realised I have probably typed this to in vain because the rest of you sensible folk are most likely all in your beds and not reading new posts!
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Gone fishing
In a lightbulb moment, I have just realised I have probably typed this to in vain because the rest of you sensible folk are most likely all in your beds and not reading new posts!
Very true. All the sensible folk are now gone. Just a few less sensible ones left;)

I was just thinking about how Christmas Eve has changed for us this year (or even the last couple of years).

No longer do we have children telling us to scrap their Christmas present list as they have a new one (on Christmas Eve), because 'that' present is rubbish....* has it and it doesn't work well. What they really want is B*.:rolleyes:

No longer do I have to wait until all the hours God sends for kiddos to sleep so I can fill the stockings. One year 5 year old walked in just as I was filling.

I gave a pathetic excuse about their being a hole in the stocking and I was trying to mend it.

No longer do I have to creep in their rooms to put the stocking back complete with goodies, and no longer do I have to eat that mince pie and drink the sherry that Father Christmas always left:rolleyes: (wrong brand I think)

It feels weird. Quite sad really, but it's nice to know one lad is still living at home and will still be very excited tomorrow.

Enjoy those days. tiring though they are, you'll not get them back again.
I'm glad that at least one person read my post. Especially as it was a fellow less sensible one :D.

I've been caught before and ended up buying identical stockings - I fill one in my bedroom and just slip in for the changeover.

I did enjoy it Karion, in a very perverse way! I also enjoyed the time with my teen, who completely understood why I was doing it. So I got two great, unique, moments out of tonight.

Enjoy your Christmas



Queen of the Damned
Awww bless :hug99:

Nina went to bed clutching a wine gum which she insisted was for Father Christmas!! :rolleyes:
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Our Santa loved his... CD Peanut bar... didnt see a crumb left over!!!! ;)

Nas x

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