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The Kid Henry's diary

Good evening Ladies & Gents. I need to write this somewhere, and this looks like the right place. Sorry to bore you, just ignore me if I start twittering on!

The story of how first...

Here's where it all began, I've been overweight from about 10/11 years old when I quit rugby and put a bit of weight on. I was fat throughout secondary school, without being mega fat. I started to pile it on good and proper at around 16/17 when all the nights out & kebabs arrived on the scene. Quickly reaching the 19 stone mark.

I started going to the gym and playing 5 aside football with my mates to shed the pounds as we had booked a lads holiday and it would have been nice to be in reasonable shape for it! I got down to about 17 stone, still fat, but feeling better and stronger by the day.

On returning from the two week lads holiday, the first 5 aside sesh was a grueller and I hurt my knee going in for a 50/50 challenge. it took too many professionals far too long to diagnose a torn cartilage in my right knee, which put me out of exercise and on the lagers for about 14 months in all. I had my operation and afterwards i was too nervous to play, because of the knee and my weight soared up to the 20 stone mark.

Instead of trying to lose some weight before playing again, I started playing 6 aside and tore the cartilage in my left knee this time. Gutted. Out for a while again, had my operation and have never really played since. My weight has since fluctuated quite a bit.

On the 1st January 2010 I weighed 21st 2lbs.

Here are my current vital statistics - I'm a 6ft tall, 23 year old, weighing in at 20st 1lb.

I don't really have a goal weight, because I don't know what I weigh when fully fit. I'm a reasonable build so I guess it will be about 14 to 15 stone.

Starting in the morning, I'm changing it all and starting on the road to being fit.

I'll be parking my car 4 miles away from work and walking to work in the morning and back to it in the evening. I've been strengthening my knees for a month, so don't worry about picking injuries up!

And i'll be eating right as well. I'll be able to really kick on in the new year as christmas will get in the way. But that is the last distraction on my mission. A mission i'm determined to complete.

I'll come on here and update my weight every week.

I hope I can keep it up, and any advice or tips would be very welcome!
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Good luck on your journey!!

The only tip I will give is to bite the bullet and join either a Slimming World or Weight Watchers group, that's if funds allow you to.
Appreciate the advice.

I know it's going to be the hardest way possible, but I want to do this on my own.
I've decided on a target of reaching 16stone by 1st December 2011. 4 stone in one year, going to be hard, but i'm well up for it.


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You can do it! Just don't forget to drink a lot of water, it helps fill you up.
Day 2, all going well. Trying hard not to weigh myself and be disappointed that I haven't miraculously lost 5 stone!

Having this site and just writing down bits and bobs seems to be helping me keep focus.

The success stories section is brilliant. Properly inspiring. That's what to look at when i'm trying to make excuses up for eating more or not exercising.

Already looking forward to weighing in on Sunday.
Day 2, all going well. Trying hard not to weigh myself and be disappointed that I haven't miraculously lost 5 stone!

Having this site and just writing down bits and bobs seems to be helping me keep focus.

The success stories section is brilliant. Properly inspiring. That's what to look at when i'm trying to make excuses up for eating more or not exercising.

Already looking forward to weighing in on Sunday.
3 days of dieting down, many many more to go. But tomorrow is where the fun starts. Exercise time.

Here's the plan - Up at 6, porridge to give me strength and warmth!, park 4 miles away from work, walk in, work 9.5hrs, walk back.

good night!
Week 1 weigh in coming in the morning. Can't wait! Coming towards the end of my first weekend. My god weekends are a lot harder than midweek.
Keep busy over the weekend so you don't think too much about food.

1st week loss of........12lbs!

from 20st 1lb to 19st 3lbs!

Over the moon with that. Considering I only really properly exercised on Thursday. I'm fully prepared for a worse scenario next week!

Started this week on fire though, eaten well and exercised tonight. I'll keep it going this week, but then i've got a christmas do on Saturday (football lads) and Sunday (family). Always was prepared for a poor christmas when it comes to weight loss. Then hit it full power in the new year.

I'll be exercising every day over the holidays just to try and burn the food off day by day!
Wooohooo that's amazing!
I'm still very pleased with that as a first week loss, but know that the last few failed attempts to lose weight have always started with a big loss, slowly dwindling down until I lose interest and start putting it all back in on. NOT THIS TIME!

Another day, another healthy tea and a good workout.

Just chucked out all my XXXL Boxers. They were what I wore last christmas when I was over 21st. GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

Thinking about little things for when I get my body in shape. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo somewhere with some writing to remind me just how hard losing all the weight was.

I just have a different feeling this time. I feel like it's actually going to happen!
Week 2 gain of 2 lbs. Always expected it with two heavy christmas do's. Happy it's only 2. Shows the exercise is doing the business.

I think i'll struggle for a loss until that first week in January! Was always prepared for this mentally so it's not a blow.
I'm back, baby i'm back.

What a good christmas, put on a bit but it's going off again. Big push to make 16st by december 1st.

My biggest struggle is giving in to the texts and phone calls and going out on the lagers.
Oooooof! It's been a while, nearly 2 stone lost in 6 months. Slow going, but almost bang on course to be 16 stone by the 1st December 2011. Although i know it won't work like that because it's only going to get harder to lose the weight.

The exercise is going well, my calves are bloody massive now from walking up a very steep hill every day ! Walking is the easy bit, because I genuinely enjoy it, especially with an ipod playing my favourite tunes. It's the eating and drinking that's hard to get your head around. Although I have been doing better recently. 3 square meals a day, all good stuff.

Feeling fitter day by day, just need to keep it up.

I should be keeping up with this diary more regularly now. Although i'm off on mi jollies next week, so might not be back on for a week or so. 7km beach right next to the hotel, keeping up with the walking shouldn't be a problem!
Really kicked on in the last 2 months. Down to bang on 17 stone now.

Saw some friends I hadn't seen in a few months who were all very complimentary! One of the best parts of losing weight as a bloke is by far and away recieving compliments from women!

Really enjoying the exercise, i've got my head on with regards to eating as well. A square 3 meals a day. Nothing excessive, no extras.

This is definitely it. This is definitely the big one. I've had many little starts of weight loss, then regained. But this is the one. I just know it. I won't accept anything less than 100% commitment to getting fit and staying fit.

I honestly believe there's only one day that is important when it comes to getting fit and staying fit. That's the day you start. The day you truly start and know in your heart that nothing can stop you. Not the day you start, but deep down know it won't last. I've stopped using those little excuses when it comes to exercise and food. They're feeble, absolutely feeble excuses.

I'd guess that i've got another 1.5-2 stone to go. I can't wait to lose it. I've got so much more energy, just look at how much i'm babbling on!

Hi Kid Henry,
just love your last post, so positive and determined, you reminded me i feel the same- this time i just know it too, this is the time i am going to succeed for good, not 'dieting' this time, i've changed what i eat and have no intentions of changing back, hope you feel very very proud of your achievement so far and the comments you are getting is a great incentive in getting you to your goal. Well done! :)

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