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As some of you may know, my LL journey is nearing the end! However, being 13lbs off my goal seems to be resulting in me having less motivation, and not more!

So, I thought I would put a post out for anyone who has around a stone to go to their goal weight - we can see if we can have a mini race, and maybe try to keep each other on track. It is fab to be feeling normal, but I need to get to 12.7 in order to achive what I set out to get - a BMI of 25.

So, post below if you are interested in some support - here's to the last stone!

Lisa x
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is happy being Yorkiegirl
well I am still deciding what my target weight is. Can't decide if I want to go the whole hog and get to a healthy BMI, or go for a weight where I look good but am still slightly overweight.
If I go for the latter option, I have 12 lb to go so I'm in!
Good stuff!

12.7 is just above BMI 25 for me - ideally id like to be about 11.10 with 12.0 as my cut off point - I dont mind fluctuating but i want a defined cut off point where i can say 'right, it is time to pull back'.

I know what you mean about the dilemma. What I'd do in your case is get to your happy weight, and then let your body adjust. You then feel 6 months down the line that you would like to lose a stone or so, and you will then be ready to do it!

I want to be at goal now!
Hi both

Count me in 13lbs to get to my goal of 9 stone, in week 12 now and planning to move to managment at the end of week 14 but still going for that magical 9 mark!


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Me too - I've precisely 14 lbs to go to get to 11st, which is my BMI 25 pt.
100 days tomorrow, so development after that. We'll do it!


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Hiya! me too 13lb to go!
Im at BMI now but initially set me target 13lbs below what I am now!
Im lacking motivation too even though I still have to get in my frikkin dress :s

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