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The Last Supper (Food Talk Alert)


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
So to those who are restarting LT tomorrow, in the next few days or have restarted already, have you had or will you have a "last supper" kind of thing to get any possible craving food out of your system?

I ate Fajita's for dinner tonight! Not too unhealthy you might think cos they're chicken, onion and peppers, but erm....when you eat the entire Fajita mix with 4 of the 8 wraps, you kind of feel like a bloater!! In my defence though, I didn't use as much chicken as they say to use on the box, so thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ;)

I'm going to have a few choccies before bed time and I've polished off my diet coke and I truly feel that once I wake up tomorrow, I'll be up for cracking this once and for all!
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Yep. I've had a last fling food wise today too. ... Sunday dinner at my mum's complete with dessert. Pizza and Garlic bread for tea and some chocolate tonight to nibble on! I'm absolutely gorbed out.. this little piggy is ready to diet! lol.
oh girls im so so jelous of you both lol i hope you enjoyed it and look forward to getting back to tfr. x x x
Yep I cooked for family and friends...

Roast chicken and the works, only my mom had real potatos, the rest of us had sweet potatos and butternut squash hmmmmmmmm oh and we put a huge bowl of profitta rolls (can't spell that, I wonder if I should set a new rule, if I can't spell it don't eat it pmsl) in the middle of the table and everyone dived in lol

I'm actually glad to be back on now tho, I have to admit
I am making my last supper my last banquet!! I am still stuffing my face, and am not due to start for 3 weeks!!! Joe (hubby) is starting on 10 Jan, so if he goes on it ok, i might start on 17 Jan instead of 24th... If he gets stressed then 2 of us doing it at the same time will mean WW3!!! lol

Once he starts i might try and get prepared... I still haven't had anything other than tea, coffee, water and some lemonade (with southern comfort!! lol) to drink. I have forgotten what diet coke tastes like!!
I might try and stop everything but the water and try and eat more protein based foods.............

I am saying all this with a tin of Roses on my lap!!! pmsl x x
lol @ su i so want a sweet lol a purple one with the nut i swear i can almost taste it lol x x x
I really do admire you ssh.. Your dedication is phenomenal!!!! What are your plans when you finish LT? x x
i have some plans wrote out food wise and may go to slimming world but have been hearing things about weight watchers so im confused to whats best lol nearer the time i will look at it again. i just really want to succeed in keeping it off x x


Fighting for My Health
LMAO @ Su :D

I had a curry last night, although not due to start until tomorrow, so who knows what tonight's meal will be. Not really craving or wanting anything anymore. In fact, I'm sick of even chewing! lol.

Good luck everyone :) xx


Never Ever Give Up!
Our last supper was a visit to a pizzeria and had a starter and pizza, a bottle of prosecco and when back at home quite a few vodka/crush as we're not allowed alcohol. It did taste fab but it's a weird thought that you will only go to the supermarket to buy water instead of solid food lol x


Fighting for My Health
My toiletry bill went up an awful lot once I stopped buying normal food. Kept spending on pampering treats for my newly emerging bod! :)


Never Ever Give Up!
I'll probably be spending my money on a new wetsuit as we've booked a dive holiday in April this year :)


Fighting for My Health
Fantastic! :)


Never Ever Give Up!
I can't wait Jayne, hopefully I will be able to wear a size 12/14 bikini instead of 18/20.
Just had my last meal it was on reduced shelf lol some sort of french stuff potatoe and chicken gratin and choc cake im having hot choc befor i go to bed then thats it
shakes out amd shaker washed water bought and im ready to go

debz x


Fighting for My Health
Well, my last meal wasn't that exciting really lol. 2 Fried eggs (done in fry light spray) on 2 slices of wholemeal toast and a crunchie! Suppose my curry last night was really my last meal. I just can't be bothered eating anymore! Mad really as in a couple of days I'll most likely be desperate lol



addicted to minimins!!
crazy the way our mind works hey!!....must retrain it..:) xx
Called NLP (neuro linguistic programming) saw a practitioner about something else in the summer and ended up discussing my weight problems at the same time......to cut a long story short I haven't, honestly, cross my heart, had a binge since. I'm sure that's the only reason that I managed to stick to LT and get to where I am today......didn't even have a pig-out over Xmas and New Year:D I did have a few months worth of sessions at about £80 a time but I really did have some serious 'issues' as they say.....

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