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the little things!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
thought i'd start a thread on all the little changes we take for granted as we lose weight.

i've found that my knees don't hurt anymore and i don't waddle as much as before. i don't stick a pillow infront of my belly as much as i used to when i watch tv.

i was sat at work yesterday and realised that i can now fold my arms under my boobs rather than sit awkwardly to hide my stomach by crossing them on my gut! it made me feel quite slim - even though i'm not! lol
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omg i used to always sit with a pillow in front of my belly watching tv!!!

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Went to WI the other week and found I had lost 2lb, really was'nt expecting a loss, any way I sat down waiting for Image therapy, and happened to look down at my chest, it suddenly became clear where the 2lb had gone!!!!!! so the "little things" in my case MK, are my boobs lol.


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I find I don't get heartburn all the time because I eat less fatty foods. Oh the relief :D


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I have so much more energy and I'm not afraid to walk into a room full of strangers on my own which is something I never used to have the confidence to do
I dont get tired at ten o'clock anymore! xxx


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Well as I am sat here in my karate kit I know that I would never have walked into that academy when I was at my biggest and now I am 4 belts away from my black belt


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Oh my god soo much when you think about it:
  1. Sleeping so much better and longer.
  2. Smaller boobs (but still a dd:eek:) but can get nicer bras.
  3. Smaller feet so much nicer shoes.
  4. Wearing a dress! that was a shock for most.
  5. More confidence
  6. Stand up for myself (im a right little ***** now:D)


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No more heartburn, I can cross my legs properly and I don't get so hot at work now (it is very stuffy there). I also don't feel a failure now and have a bit more confidence.

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