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The maintenance journey


loving life
Well I thought I would write my thoughts down about my new journey into maintenance. It all feels so new and exciting and would love to hear other peoples experiences maintaining to :D

How strange it feels to no longer be trying to lose weight and to just be happy with staying the same. After reaching goal last week I have been on cloud nine but I must say it feels very odd to not think -I wonder if I have lost this week?

I am enjoying trying a new range of healthy foods and loving the fact that I enjoy alot of the stuff that I didn't before and vice versa. I don't ever want to go back to eating the crap I used and I am pleased to say that when I have tried a bite of something my Hubby is eating that I used eat it tastes like crap to lol. How did I ever eat like that?

I am concentrating on toning and exercise at the moment and also filling my wardrobe with lot's of new size 12's lol :D.
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Plod, plod, plod.....
Brilliant Zoe! :D


loving life
I am finding it hard to eat my 1500 cals. I can't get myself back into the habbit of eating regularly. Breakfast-great, lunch is oh my god time to eat again and dinner I am not wanting until later and I know it's not good to eat late in the evening so I am making myself have it around 5.30 at the latest. I then still have around 300-400 cals left because I am not managing to fit in any healthy snack's in between because I am just not hungry-grrr. Come the evening I want to pick but I know it's not wise to, so I don't. Anyone else finding this?


Plod, plod, plod.....
Make the most of it Zoe, do you know how lucky you are?!
Well done Zoe!! Nope can't say I've ever found it hard to eat my full allowance on any plan...I have the opposite problem most of the time ;)


loving life
Well I got rid of them today girls-the cals that is. I added a few things in that I didn't think I should ever eat again ie an oz of cheese to make my tuna sandwich into a tuna melt. I have realised it's ok to do this and just because I am eating normal food it doesn't mean I am reverting back to old ways. Moderation and balance me thinks is the way to go lol.


Plod, plod, plod.....
well done zoe, sounds like you have the control you need to maintain.
im starting the 1500 plan tomorrow, got to goal yesterday and im still buzzing and really looking forward to the last step and maintaining, im detrmined not to put it all back on like last time :)


loving life
Well done Mandy, that is great new's xx.
The balance will come over time. You will find your appetite will naturally increase as your metabolism gets back to normal and the eating your calories will come more naturally. Don't be afraid of eating late in the evening as it really makes no difference, I never have my evening meal before 8pm and often have a snack around 9.00/9.30.

Most importantly well done on reaching your goal and keep enjoying your new world of maintenance... it's different but can be equally rewarding.



Laugh in the face of food
Well done Zoe, what an inspiration!!


loving life
Hi Shanny, things are great thanks hun, been busy with the kids on half term though, I'm worn out lol.

Cambridge Head office called me today asking if I want to go up to London for a photo shoot and interview so I am well excited about that. They are calling to confirm details tomorrow but should be sometime in April. I even went a 1lb below my goal weight this week so I was well chuffed. How's things for you? xx


loving life
Ok girls, this is a very soppy story about what my Hubby did for me for getting to goal.

When I hit goal a couple of weeks ago he had been saving his work tips to get me my tattoo voucher so I could have the other stars added around my butterfly and he also put £50 in an envelope to get some new clothes. He also got me hot a pink orchid as that's my fav colour and said I would be getting one more thing when it was ready. Well today I got it and it was a book with butterflys on it and inside was messages from family, my girls, friends and work colleagues that he had gone to and got them to write in there messages of congrats etc. He also gave it to my Sister to take to dancing on ice as she was in the audience one Saturday and got Jason Gardener to sign it, Gary Lucy and David Seaman. It was so lovely and it had taken him over 4 weeks to do. He also got me a massage at a spa for next week.

I feel so lucky to have him as he has loved me no matter what I looked like from the outside, he has always seen me and whats inside. I know that sounds like a cliche but he really has and I know how lucky I am to have found such a special person like that and have them in my life. As you may know when we met I was the size I am now (size 12) but he propsoed to me at a size 18, married me at a size 26 and now I have gone full circle and I have come back to my original state lol he says it's like having a new wife but still the same old me-bless him . I love him to bit's. Ok, sorry you can all be sick now lol.


Trying to stay healthy!
oh wow, what a wonderful hubby you have, that's such a thoughtful present, you truly are very lucky to have such a lovely hubby! and you deserve those lovely pressies too!

Morning zoe what a lovely post hun, you are a very lucky woman indeed and ooohh yes interview with CD that is VERY special and exciting hun.!!

well why not you deserve it ALL xx


loving life
Hi girl's, I had my first maitenance weigh in today, 3 weeks after reaching goal and I am pleased to say I have lost another 2lbs. I was hoping to just stay the same but losing is even better, so I am a very happy bunny. I have kept an eye on my weight on my scales at home and it does fluctuate either way by 2-3lbs here or there which I can only assume is fluid/time of the month etc but this is the first time I have dropped below goal so all is good.

Hope everyone is well xx.
Well done that is excellent news, especially as the hardest bit is maintaining...

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