the morning after


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why is it that every time I have a night out I feel really hungover the next day even though I'm only drinking water when I go? Am I just weird or does this happen to other people too?

I've been thinking maybe it could be all the smoke but that usually tends to give me a sore throat and stuffy nose more than anything else.

Maybe its a psychological hangover and not really there I just think I should have one lol.
Could it just be tiredness? That's what does it to me!

Maybe drink plenty of water, take it easy and make sure you don't go too long between packs and fit them all in.

Hope you revive soon.

Dizzy x
Maybe that is it. since I'm on the go for a lot longer than I normally am it's burning up more calories so it makes sense to be more worn out than any other day doesn't it.

good point thanks
Hi Kati

I hope that's all it is too. You could always take some painkillers to if you felt you needed them. Just a good pamper is always good though eh?

Dizzy x