THE most motivating tool ever!


Got a life thank you!
I just had a picture done from and the results are amazing.

I want to be that thin person (and NOW) it is totally amazing.

It costs about £20 but if you are struggling I honestly can't think of anything more motivating that seening what "could be" - I have one stuck on my office wall, my office fridge, my home fridge and the door into the kitchen (so that I can turn right around and walk out again as the chocolate is kept in a cupboard not in the fridge!!).

I 110% recommend this, it is amazing. I asked to be made 9 1/2 stone which is four stone off from here although actually I plan to stop once I hit under 10 stone.
Wow sounds fab flopster how long does it take to do.
I would love to have one done cant afford it at the moment though.
It took a couple of days. You just submit a photo to her and she sends it back a couple of days later.
WOW! Its great, I think I may have to invest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great boost, it would look great on the fridge!
Wonder how easy it is to recreate yourself, have a go later and if it comes out rubbish I think I might buy one after my first stone lost!
Hi Angela

I tried to do it myself but I am not brilliant at photoshop and I couldn't get it right at all.

It isn't going on the fridge door because there is nothing in the fridge that is in my danger zone. It is on the door leading into the kitchen (the chocolate and crisps are in the utility room) and next to my desk at work because it is the stress there that makes me eat!