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The Mystery of the Weird Stretch Marks


Guess who's back...?
Right then you lot - I am a bit perplexed.

A few weeks ago I was at a friends and his dog jumped up and put his paws on my belly... I thought nothing of it, and noticed some red lines on my tum that night and put it down to the dog. They went the next day...

Then today I've noticed them again, and whilst I was convinced they were scratches, they look suspiciously like stretch marks... do you get them from shrinkage??

Also - they are to the right of my belly button - not on a very stretched area - and only on the one side... isn't that a bit odd?

I've cracked out the Bio Oil - but has anyone else had probs with them??

A xx
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nearly there!! :)
these could be some u hadnt noticed u had but were gone silvery.
i noticed when i first started my stretch marks (preg :() went redish again but then faded and are now VERY silvery!!
either that or u scratched urself without realising!!
I have started to notice me stretch marks!! Not impressed!! Im going to get some bio oil. Mine are on my muffin tops and quite red. They are horrid but hoopefully they will fade, I guess I am lucky they could be alot worse its only a few. Some people who have had children have them all over their tummies and backs.

I think it comes with shrikage! Just means your shrinking!


Guess who's back...?
Hi everyone! Thanks! Yeah- I have loads of old silver stretchmarks from 'growing' - mostly on my hips... but these tummy ones are definitely new... I don't even have a belly - always been pretty lucky in that area... just a weird place for them to appear! Anyway - I'm cracking on with the Bio Oil, fingers crossed I don't get more and more appearing!! Hehe!

A x x
i've got some really weird ones just about my you know what! I thought they were from squeezing myself into too tight jeans but nope, they're stretch marks - totally weird place to have them!!
my stretch marks are AWFUL! I have them all over my tummy, boobs, bum, legs, thighs, under my arms etc. Now I've lost weight I look like a deflated balloon with crepe paper skin. I put on my weight so quickly (13 stone in 2 years) I just hope my skin eventually goes back to something near to what it was.
My LLC was saying people who've lost as much as me usually only solve the problem with surgery. I'm trying not to get down about it as I should be happy about what I've achieved and not the fact I'm not perfect.
It's just frustrationg I guess but I don't care. The only people who see me naked are me, my OH and the dog. My OH thinks my spare skin is a quite good fun as it does all kinds of strange stuff (oh the fun we have!!)
As for looking wierd in a bikini- I don't care, I'm on holiday!!
Hope you can get your stretch marks to clear up. I think mine are a lost cause unless you can get extreme makeover to come and give me a total body lift!


Guess who's back...?
My OH thinks my spare skin is a quite good fun as it does all kinds of strange stuff (oh the fun we have!!)
Ha ha ha ha! Rachel! You have a way with words.... hehe. :p

Yes - I have heard that as well about people that lose large amounts of weight... although (and I am sure you know this) it can take 12-18 months for your skin to ping back as far as it will, before you even think about any of the alternative solutions.

yes I'm going to give it time before I get a surgeon involved! Keep slapping on the Bio Oil and see if that helps too!!

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