The New CD Oriental Chilli Flavour


The Diet Guy
So what does everyone think?

It is thicker than I thought it would be and has a nice gentle aftertaste.

Marks out of 10 ---> 7
I tried some at my CDC's on Tuesday and it's bloody lovely!
I got 10 packs of it!

Definitely 9/10!:D

x x x
Hmm I'd be interested in what people think too - I've got some for my clients but don't really want to try it myself. Am still getting over the ONE LL Thai Chilli that I tried last October - yuk! lol
My cd counsellor didnt have any of them, But like isobel cant face it after the LL chilli one!
I've tasted the LL Thai Chilli and our Oriental Chilli tastes the same :( but I still liked it :)
I hated the LL with a passion! Had some on my first day and nearly stopped the diet.

But this is actually quite nice! I can see the similarity BUT it hasn't got the weird chemical taste that the LL one had.

Have made up a few for clients to try - hence Fiona having 10 LOL but Mum and I have had the rest of the box since Tuesday. It will certainly keep me on the straight and narrow far better than any shakes or chocolate bars

Iquite liked the LL Thai Chilli but this beats it hands down.