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Mike 24

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Well, its the night before my weekly weight in.

I'm starting to feel really down. 5 weeks into this diet and I can see the results don't get me wrong, but I just feel really depressed.

I'm a VERY sociable person and if I don't have shows to do at the weekends I'm always out with friends in bars, clubs and out till the early hours partying. Now, I'm sitting in on a Saturday night because I think 1/2 my friends are a bit cautious about inviting me out because I'll be sober and might not enjoy myself. They almost feel sorry for me and I'm trying to get them into the mindset that I can still have fun but its still aquward. Being honest, I don't know if I would be good company in bars and clubs either.... I'm really missing it :wave_cry:

I still get to do the old 'coffee shop' things during the day but its just not the same... I'm really feeling like my social life is going out the window.:(

I feel like food and drink are still dominating my life, but in completely different ways to the ways they were.

I'm also really sick and tired of people feeling sorry for me on this diet! Any time food is around people go 'ahhhh - don't worry, its horrible food anyway' or 'ahhhh are you going to be ok?' Why do people feel the need to do this? Its like this week when I was in a meeting at work and a buffet came out one of my colleagues did the whole 'ahhh' thing and then proceeded to tell the two other people in the meeting who I barely knew about how I was on a diet and couldn't eat 'But he's doing ever so well' and then gave me this puppy dog expression. WHY did she bother? I have a mouth, I can tell people I'm not eating if I want to...frankly I didn't see the need to say ANYTHING :cry:

Also I feel the whole diet thing slowing down now. unfortunately the scales STILL haven't gone in the bin and I still take the occasional peek to see how I'm doing. I know its unproductive. I don't want to eat...I have no intention of doing that...I just feel like crying tonight:break_diet:

Ohhhh, enough rambling... just felt like I needed to write what I felt down
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I'm sorry to read you are feeling down. Nothing I can say except keep going and drive through the despondency. Easier said than done ... I'm living proof of that! But believe me .... apparently it works!


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Dont worry Mike, a lot of us have felt very depressed around week 4 or 5. Of course it does not help to have such "helpful" people around you.

If you feel you can be happy having a night out on water go ahead. You would be amazed how many people have fun without alcohol. It is just that we get to associate a night out with drinking it. Go out, that way your friends will come to accept your diet.

As for that female colleague at work she she mind her own business.

Keep going you are doing so well!


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Ahh Mike,
sorry to read you're feeling soo down - this journey really is like a roller coaster ride - lots of up's and downs...

Maybe you could have a word with your collegues?

Good luck for your meeting today :)


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Hiya Mike, I know how you feel, I had no social life in 4 months, mainly because it was easier for me to hide away a little.
Its hard when you are feeling down, Ive said this before, and if you have read it sorry, but the downs on this diet can make you very down but the ups are far worth it.
Its trying to get an even keel sometimes, but its much easier said than done, just battle through this tough bit, and post your thoughts, I know you wont break the diet, you are too strong for that, but it still doesnt stop the wobbly thoughts and it does help writing them down x


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Hey Mike, hope your WI went ok for ye....

I know I didnt tell people I was doing CD cos I didnt want anyone to be feeling sorry for me, or anyone talking about me, my mind its none of their business-I would definately have a word with that colleague if I were you, she has no right to be broadcasting your business!

As for going out, cant you tell your friends that you are stil the same person even thoughyou are not drinking? I have had a few nights out where I didnt drink at all, and they have been fab

Anyway, hope your feeling better today!


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Hi Mike
A month in is a tough time ... the 'novelty' factor has gone and the road ahead still seems so long.

I don't really have any pearls of wisdom to impart but just want to say you ARE doing well and over a third of the way there. People are well-meaning when they make daft comments but it doesn't make things better when what they say makes you feel as obvious as a nun in a strip-joint.

Now is the time you have to draw on all your emotional resources to see you through this. Your social life may feel on hold but it's not forever wheras if you'd continued to gain weight, it would have only been a matter of time before your fun would have been severely impaired by the amount of weight you were carrying. This way, you're ensuring your fun times in the future will be just that. Think of it as being 'in training' for a much happier and more fulfilled life.

Hope your weigh-in went well and that you feel chirpier soon xx