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The one piece of clothing that you want to get into...



Go on smile! =)
Owww good thread, this is what im hoping to get into :p I already bought them lol

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They are fabulous Red, oh I so want to get into a pair of skinny jeans
Oooh love the boots! And those jeans are fab!

I think mine would have to be a pair of skinny jeans with brown knee-boots over the top, a tight white t-shirt and a wide belt :) simple, but something i wouldn't dream of wearing at the moment!


Go on smile! =)
You will get there beki =]
We all will!


Go on smile! =)
Hopefully this year my nephew wont refer to me as father christmas lmao, so yea we all will x
awww! father christmas rawks! :p


gunna be a fatty for ever
some thing along the lines of this with some proper killer heels!! :D:D:D
that's lovely kae! :D

Mine is a pair of jeans that I've had for years but never worn I bought them to show a friend copy right enfringment and they are the only clothes that I have never really gotten into, but have always kept... they aren't even that nice... but they are a tiny uk size 14 hahaha
Loving some of the above items, Red those jeans will do wonders for yer ass :p

That dress is killer!
And those boots... *drool* ((Spot the shoe addict))
haha my kinda thread but seriously i cant pick just one thing sooo ill show you the kinda things i will be wearing :)


and more :)

i really love skinny jeans and huge heels they look great together andddd i love hat and shirt loook.


and last two things i found lol... :)

come on you cant seriously ask a girl this question and not expect multiple answers lol..

there done id wear all 12 things =D.



gunna be a fatty for ever
oooooooh kae can smell a shop a holic heheheh!!

fab choices punkii!! i love skinny jeans and heels woooop!
I'm very boring and practical I'm afraid....my goal as I've said in my sig is to be able to buy a pair of trendy modern wellies and to get into my size 10 jeans again that have been sitting dormant in my wardrobe since I moved to Skye.
Bless you and your wellies x

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