The opposite of a "fat day"?


Got a life thank you!
I know we all said yesterday we have fat days but does anyone have the opposite?

I still have several stone to lose but today I have felt much slimmer.

I am wearing a long pencil skirt that I could barely do up before and a black short sleeved jumper/tshirt thing.

I have positively preened all day long at a meeting (lots of standing up doing presentations today) because I felt slim and good.

Really it is just the long line the clothes created along with the fact that my belly is definately smaller than my boobs now but even still I took my jacket off and stood there with pride.

So come on tell me about your good days - do you have an outfit that makes you feel good?
For me it's being called 'skinny minnie' at work............WOW does that make me feel good

Clotheswise, guess it wearing size 12 trousers and knowing that I really am SLIM now :D
Ive lost almost 4 1/2 stones
with 3 to go.
I am tall with a thin frame , so my upper body is starting to look thin already.
I feel great most of the time ,I fit into size 16
perfect !!!!!!!! I went shopping today, for shoes [ I think my feet are smaller ] becouse I am wearing skirt suits more now.
Its all great !!!!!!!!!
I find myself picking up clothes in too big of size for me now , it makes me smile:)