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The Plan

So after a lot of thinking and some tears (shameful, I know) I'm now on day 2 of refeed. I'm still not impressed by it and yesterday I felt uncomfortably full but I know it's for my own good.

Gonna give myself a proper rest and eat sensibly whilst away. Then, two days before I fly home I'm going to attempt TFR again with the aid of salt tablets in an effort to stabilise my blood pressure. Hopefully by the time I return to work I'll be back in ketosis and kicking arse again!

The first time I get a blackout though (if it happens at all) I'll have to seriously rethink my future options.

I'm hoping and praying I don't gain too much. Was terrified of getting on the scales this morning but made myself and somehow it said I'd dropped 2lb. That'll prolly catch up with me today or tomorrow though.

Going to do some exercise before work. It sounds ridiculous and neither the boyfriend or my grandparents can understand but I'm terrified of gaining. I tried to explain 'Imagine you worked hard to lose almost 50lb - how would you feel about undoing all of your hard work?' but none of them seem to understand.

~Gem xx

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is loving the soup?!
(((hugs))) I don't think it's silly crying at all...as someone who has lost and regained 50lb I know how serious it can feel.
However, if you stick to refeed properly, you won't gain weight. Most people still lose some on their first refeed week!
Thank you sweetie. I've never lost so much weight before which is probably why I feel so protective about my losses lol. Had an argument with the boy last night as he dared to suggest my not wanting to gain was relative to an eating disorder. No... that's just natural!! lol xxx


is loving the soup?!
I think it's completely natural after doing TFR for so long...in all the refeed threads people seem to struggle with the feeling of fullness and are convinced they are gaining pounds...but as long as they are sticking to it, they are not. And you have a strong plan and are going back onn TFR very soon so just keep focused on that...and enjoying your trip of course. x


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I know what you mean Gem and I don't think you have an eating disorder, it is natural to be protective of your loss and feel trepidation about stepping back into the world of eating :D
hugs hun you are not silly crying. good luck in what ya do hun and stay heathy. xxx
Hey hun, i really wouldn't beat urself up about it, enjoy eating ur healthy food and remember it's just to make you better until you can restart TFR in a couple of weeks. the important thing is your health, and if that means putting your diet on hold for a couple of weeks then so be it. have a great holiday hun xxx
As your BMI is now in the normal range, do you really need to TFR again??
Yes. I'm only just out of overweight and originally planned to use TFR to get down to a BMI of 20-21.
Awww honey as everyone has said it is ok to cry, I can understand to a degree how you are feeling !

You have done amazing to get as far as you have, consider this just a blip in the road !

Good luck honey x x
Hi, I think you will be ok with refeeding because you are so determined and will do it properly. Sorry the boy and family don't really understand but they are probably just concerned about your health, and if you haven't been on it I don't think you can understand how scary it is to come off lipotrim, even for a planned break like you x
I think refeeding will do you a lot of good actually hun. It will probably give your metabolism a bit of a boost and once you go back onto TFR again you'll feel better and see good results.

Your fears of regaining are completely natural. Having lost 64lbs and regained 27lbs is the most depressing feeling in the world...Im sure you wont, you have sexy Topshop Jeans to wear! :)
Thank you everyone for your lovely words. Feeling a bit better today. Still scared of gaining but I think that's a good thing as if I wasn't scared I'd probably stuff myself with gay abandon! :eek: xxx

Orrr hun...it really is natural to feel like that after TFR for so long. You'll be fine hun and soon will be enjoying your food again. You've done really well.


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my mate has kept her weight off within 2-3 lbs for months now, and she isn't always 'good'.

with your resolve I am sure you will be fine. just take it easy, just like when you started, take it a day at a time.

i'm scared too, I dont want to let it slip again and put weight back on - I lost 25lbs a number of years ago and gained that and another 30lbs on top back on! so i know how you feel.

the mistake i made (like many others I am sure) was to think its ok all of a sudden to eat the wrong food every day. if you can remember that healthy food is for every day, treats are for maybe every week or two, and fast food/high fat/large meals out etc are for special occasions. try and set yourself some realistic 'rules'. may sound daft, but as someone who has messed up before, it think it can help until maintaining your weight becomes a natural habbit.

i.e. (keeping the following new habbits)

  • i used to eat at the cinema, and get high sugar soft drinks - now i'll stick to black coffee and possibly one of my flappies/maintenance bars if i've not eaten before hand.
  • when meeting friends for coffee i'd have a treat - cake, pastry or chocolate etc - now I stick to coffee
  • when visiting family I take a shake, when i was eating i used to take mom shopping and we'd have a 'fruit feast' or i'd make one of my special salads, i'd prob do the same again and avoid raiding dads chocolates!
  • i have gone without the stuff that made me fat in the first place for so long now, i really dont want to get back into the habit of eating it again (for me it was alcohol, sweets/chocolate'desserts instead of meals and eating between meals so i was not properly hungry for meals at meal times) so in future i will be shunning this behavoiour from myself. almost it being ill-mannered to myself. (said with a stern head-mistry look lol)
what were your weak points? takle those mentally and you will feel far more prepared and in control.

its not necessarily gaining weight that scares us, its losing control again and knowing where that leads. if you can keep a sense of control, even through 'rules' till you get used to maintaining, then i think you will feel far better.

remember the key to success with anything comes down to three simple things:

  1. knowing why you want it (whatever it is)
  2. taking personal responsibility for what you want.
  3. having self discipline to do what is necessary (or not do as the case maybe)
come girl, you are rainbow brite! you can hack this!!

Its the right thing to do, your health is so important, and you are so inspirational and positive, we all know you will not slip...enjoy the refeed, and try not to worry to much...good luck hun..:)

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