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The Punisher War Journal-a butt kicking is what I need!!

I thought I’d start this diary as a way of keeping on track, goodness knows I’ll need all the help I can get! Vanity made me join Weight Watchers last summer-I’d met a great guy online and he invited me to meet him, he lived in a lovely coast town and he was gorgeous so I was panic-stricken! I joined WW the day after he invited me to meet him. I followed the Core plan and steadily lost quite a few pounds. We got a new leader the same week I put on half a pound, I explained it was TOTM and she said ‘a likely story’ I was fuming with her, walked out of the meeting and never went back.

I started seeing internet guy and was unbelievably happy with him so my weight was kind of pushed to the back of my mind-even though most of our relationship seemed centred around eating out! And I kind of think he likes his girls a bit bigger, as his new girl (who he started seeing a few days after he dumped me!) is bigger than I am now. I was still somewhat bothered about my extra weight but like I said, I’m vain, so having a gorgeous man tell you how beautiful you are doesn’t really force you to go back to your WW meeting! We split in February of this year and I was absolutely gutted. I’ve since been suffocating my sorrows with fatty pizzas and lots of chocolate and drowning my sorrows with so much alcohol that I’m starting to scare myself.

I’m sick to death of having a permanent hangover, of being tired and breathless just from walking to get the bus to work, and I always seem to have some sort of sniffle or other ailment. I’ve got a beer belly and a double chin-I’m generally a mess. :cry:

The sleepless nights have almost stopped, as has the crying over, well, everything. The pining over the ex, meh, I’ll get there with that one! I’m sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. I’ve been so miserable these past few weeks in this heat. I wanna be able to wear strappy tops and pretty summer dresses and just enjoy the sunshine-enjoy my life. I’ll be 27 in a few months and would love nothing more than to be able to go out somewhere in a slinky little black dress over a flat tummy.

I took action and joined WW again yesterday. The leader, and the other members are all lovely. I’m going to do it this time, I can feel it. I can get to goal, I can lose this weight. I’ve done it before and I can-no, I WILL do it again-and it will be now.

The war on my beer belly starts today! :whip:
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Well I made it through day 1 :clap: I think in part I was helped by the fact that I felt wretched. I don’t know if it’s because I went overboard on my final junk food binge on Saturday or whether I was a teeny weeny bit hungover (my last hangover ever I hope!) I still feel a bit ick today. But hey, if feeling a bit pants helps me stay on track then so be it!

I dragged my dad to Tesco and basically filled the trolley with Weight Watchers and Light Choices products. I spent £40 and I don’t even have enough to get me through to payday next week! Once I get the hang of this points malarkey I’m sure the shopping bill will drop significantly! I was too busy trying not to pass out to even get my calculator out of my bag!

Yesterday’s menu:

B:- 2 crumpets with 1 tsp Flora Light-3.5 pts
L:- Tesco Light Choices spaghetti and meatballs-6pts
Light Choices chocolate mousse-1.5pts
D:- 2 ryvita with 1 tblsp of extra light Philideplhia, small can Light Choices beans- 4pts

Snacks:- Weight Watchers raspberry yogurt 0.5pt
2 clementines-0.5pt

16/18 points

I’m dreading today, simply because work is my downfall. I hardly eat anything when I get home from work, but my mouth never stops in the office! I gave up smoking a few weeks ago so now, instead of going outside for a cig I head to the shop for a bar of chocolate, bag of crisps and can of pop. Smoking may be bad for your health but not smoking is deadly to my waistline! :cry:


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Well done on getting through Day 1... it will get easier for you and you will soon be wearing that LBD...

I'm the other way round to you - I am fine around food at work and have my shakes like a good girl - I'm on CD, but when I get home and have to cook for 2 DSs then the nibbles strike and I fall off the wagon..

We need to get our asses in gear and do this for ourselves... I wrote an entry in my diary much the same as your's on Thursday - Woke up feeling crap - why oh why do we do it ?

Still onwards and downwards !!!



Loser ;)
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You will do brilliantly because you really want to do it!!! I'll be sure to pop by and see how you're gettin on :) xx

Good luck with your weight loss x
Thanks to you loverly peeps for stopping by and offering your words of encouragement. Still feeling somewhat ick today, there’s a tummy bug doing the rounds at work. I hope I don’t catch it-I put on loads of weight when ill, and it’s my TOTM so I really don’t need to be ill. I’m going to cross fingers, toes, eyes and anything else that can be crossed that I won’t catch this bug. :cross:

Managed to make it through the day at work-discovered that if I don’t bring my purse with me I won’t hit the tuck shop. As well as feeling ick, my tummy tum did rumble a bit throughout the day, just a bit mind. And 9 times out of 10 a cup of water did the trick.

Todays menu:

B:-2 Light Choices pancakes with 1 tsp Flora Light 2.5pts
Small banana 1pt
L:- Light Choices Tomato and mozzarella pasta 6.5pts
D:- 4 dark rye ryvita 2pts
2 tblsps extra light Philidelphia 1pt
small banana 1pt
Weight watchers peach yogurt 1 pt

Snacks:150g strawberries 0.5pts
2 clementines 0.5pts
bag of snack a jacks 2pts

18/18 points

Had more of a snacky kind of day today, drank loads of water and still feel ick. Not hungry though! Another day, another job well done :patback:


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snacky days are fine in fact grazing your way through the day works better for some as it keeps their metabolisms ticking along
with your determination it wont take you long to get to your target weight :)


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Best of luck on your WW journey!
I find myself in a weird mood today. Diet wise it’s going pretty well-I’ve purposely aimed to have a low points day because I may be going to watch the footie tomorrow night so I’m sure a packet of crisps or 2 will be consumed. There are some bad habits I don’t want to give up, and my flame grilled steak crisps during the match is one of them! :p

I think I feel so blah because I find myself thinking about the ex. Had a few dreams about him over the weekend, which is weird because he hadn’t really crossed my mind for ages. Maybe it’s cuz my TOTM is pretty much upon me-I was expecting teardrops and tantrums this month for some reason. Or maybe it’s cuz I genuinely miss the big idiot. :cry:Either way, I feel pretty cack today. But I am NOT heading for the sweet cupboard, nor the takeaway and certainly not the wine shop. I am going to battle on through my mental hormones because I know I’ll feel a million times better when I’m back to my old self. Or an even better version of my old self. And yeah ok, it’ll be a nice 2 fingers in the air to the ex when I don’t look like I’ve been eating non stop since the break up. :17729:

I think tonight’s going to consist of an early night, hot water bottle and a good ole crying sesh...:wave_cry:


In the 10s at last!
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Hiya hun i know im a bit late but just wanted to offer my welcome to you!:D

Im 38 so have had many years of the crying over men! As you prob know it does get better & to the point where you think"god why did i cry over him!" As for the dreams well im happy with someone now & the other night i was having saucy dreams about a bloke i dont even know!!

I only work part time so if i eat anything at work its just a snack but if i dont take something with me im almost obsessing over food in my mind! Just down the road is a 3 cooks plus chip shop(BAD!)

So i would highly recommend you take our own food to work,take your purse as it will only drive you mad without it but be good & take ww friendly snacks with you. Im a total crisp fiend & i never thought i would say this but i dont miss real crisps..im hooked on worcester sauce french fries(1point) & snack a jacks (1.5 or 2 points)
Anyhow im waffling now,good luck with your journey x
Well today hasn't been quite the disaster I'd anticipated it to be. I've used all 18 points for the day, which I hadn't wanted to do in case I go out tomorrow. But hey, my friends will know soon enough I'm on a diet so I may as well tell them and stick to my snack a jacks tomorrow!

Today's menu:

B:-2 Light Choices pancakes 1.5pts
115g Light Choices beans 1.5pts
L:- 2 Slices wholemeal toast 2.5pts
small tin of spaghetti hoops 1.5pts
2 clementines 0.5pt
WW yogurt 0.5pt
1 small banana 1pt
1 chopped red pepper 0pt

As for my dinner, I had planned on having just a chicken breast with salad. As I was in the co-op examining the limp manky lettuce I happened upon one of their ready meals-Cajun chicken and red pepper rice. It may have been 6.5 points and cost £3.59 but yummy yummy yum yum! It was massive, filled the whole plate. I washed it down with 1/4 pint of skimmed milk 0.5pt and my salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks- 2pts. I think I may be developing an addiction to those bad boys! :giggle:

I've decided to make it my mission this weekend to create my own version of the co op meal-preferably one that's lower in points!

We were talking about our xmas do at work today- apparently we have to book it in the next week or so :eek: so December will definitely be a Little Black Dress month what with my birthday as well. Of course, I'll have got to goal long before then....


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sorry for being so late welcoming you hunni

the co-op meal sounds fab, have taken a note of it

im am totally hooked on snackajacks lol they are amazing

S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
just cooming by to say hello and welcome you. Best of luck with your weight loss journey, you certainly seem to have the right attitude


Hiya Chucks!!
Morning and welcome to the ww section..:)
You sound very focused and are doing well.

Good luck with your journey you will defo be wearing that LBD for the xmas party...:)
Thanks for all the kind words-I'm so happy that people are actualy taking the time to read my tedious little rants! :D

As I was headed to bed last night-uncharcteristically early I might add, an old friend who I've not spoken to in nearly 2 years rang me out of the blue. He's at uni over in Liverpool and has no intentions of returning to Manchester for the summer so he's invited me to spend August bank holiday weekend with him. He's never seen me at this size before and I'll be damned if he's ever going to. I now have a target date for getting shot of my first stone-August 29th.

That's MORE than enough time to lose a stone if I do it right. A stone is also my 10% goal so it'd be a double whammy if I did it. I just need to keep a positive mental attitude (PMA). :whip:
Oh, and burn my Kings of Leon albums as they remind me wayyyyyyyyy too much of the the ex.

So my new mantra is PMA! PMA! PMA! :superwoman:
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Hey there again - love reading your post, just wondering where in the nw you are - my dad lives up in kendal and i just think its gorgeous...x
Kendal is gorgeous-haven't been there in ages though. I'm in rainy old Manchester, which is an exceptional shade of grey today-it absolutely tipped it down on me on the way to work today! I live near both United and City's training grounds which sucks for many reasons, the main one being I'm a Liverpool supporter!

It also means you've got no chance of trying to get in a nice private jog, there's always people hanging about. Though being all red faced and sweaty doesn't matter so much now that Ronaldo's gone!
Well folks, the positive mental attitude didn’t last too long! Today’s been such a struggle. I’ve been PMS-ish all week and am now surfing the crimson wave. Bit of an overshare but let’s face it girlies, y’all know where I’m coming from. The lads at work got snapped at every 30 seconds and my dear bezzie mate at work got slapped when he suggested a chip butty for dinner-is he insane!?! :mad:
Funniest part (for them anyway) was when I had a major go at a director’s PA down the phone. In my defence, she was an absolute moo cow, and I’m on a diet and it’s TOTM. I’m sure I’m temporarily insane. Those who know me would now be saying errr….temporarily? :8855:

So off I went after work to get my delish Rustlers burger. I though I don’t give a rat’s ass I need junk food. But when I go to Tesco I couldn’t do it! I ended up buying 2 Light Choices baked potatoes with cheese and chive. Oh and I made a fab discovery-Alpen Light Chocolate Fudge bars. They taste just like the WW Rich Toffee bars but according to my calculator they’re only 1 point. BACK OF THE NET!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So the slightly happier me came home and chucked my Biggest Loser dvd on and managed the strength section without passing out and then had a scrummy tea.

Today’s menu is as such:

B:- 50g Bran Flakes with ¼ pint of skimmed milk 3pts
L:- 115g Light Choices beans 1.5pts
2 slices wholemeal toast- 2.5pts
D:- Light Choices jacket w/cheese&chive 3.5pts
115g Light Choices beans 1.5pts
Light Choices chocolate mousse 1.5pts
150g strawberries 0.5pt

WW Coconut Whip bar 1.5pts
2 clementines 0.5pt
Alpen Light bar 1pt
150g strawberries 0.5pt
Tesco fruit snack bag 0.5 pt

18/18 points

I feel totally stuffed, for the first time since I started the diet. I’ve been trying to avoid carbs at night, lord knows why, last time I lost weight I didn’t change my carb habit. I won’t be trying that again if I can go to bed satisfied (food wise that is!) sod it. If it means maybe only losing a pound a week then sod it. No more carb curbing for me! Also, that bowl of bran flakes this morning was my first ever-where have I been? And why didn’t anyone tell my how yummy they actually are?!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
That is fabulous! My lickle sis, also in the throes of cramping, is rolling around the floor crying with laughter at that. And we have made a mental note to avoid buying always! That has made my day. MommyB, you're a star! xx

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