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The Secret Diary Of A Fat Girl..Has Her Mojo Back.. And It's here To Stay!


Violet is shrinking
So after reading through some of the diaries,i thought i'd start my own..

A bit about me
im 30 and i have 2 gorgeous children 4 and 7 :) im a single mum and i love it!we share the house with cats.i have a bad habit of picking the wrong men so ive replaced my social life with a new love,my sky+ box :D

so how did i get into this mess?..i used to eat whatever i wanted,and i never put the weight on,things changed in my second pregnancy.i started having aches and pains in my joints,nothing major at first.i put a lot of weight on in my second pregnancy and i never lost it,no matter what i did it just wouldnt come off and stay off...
weight watchers,slimming world,cabbage soup,atkins,gi, rosemary c,weird detox diets and drinking maple syrup and spice mix potions and nothing.my eating habits were terrible,never had breakfast or lunch.
my joints got worse as the weight on,i slipped a disc some years ago that plays up now and again and i have terrible sciatica.2 years ago i started having problems with my knees,they would swell, sometimes first thing in the morning i could bearly stand up!i just ignored it and carried on.
a few months ago i was walking down the stairs and my knee gave way,i fell from top to bottom! it finally clicked some weeks ago that enough was enough,i woke up in so much pain in my back, knee the side of my leg and my hip..for 2 weeks i couldnt walk, i could barely make it to the toilet.

a combination of over eating,eating for the sake of it had made my joints so much worse.i finally plucked up the courage to visit my doctor.im having blood tests done for varies bone problems and shes testing my thyroid.

i gave up smoking a little over 2 years ago and if i can do that, i can do this.with strength,willpower and determination i know i can do it :D
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Violet is shrinking
Today was my first day on the big blue..ive been so scared and terrified as to what would happen :rolleyes: so far so good!
this morning was tough as for the first time in years i had to eat breakfast.

2 weetabix = 3.2gs fat
cup of tea with sugar

i managed to eat just over half of the weetabix.i didnt count the milk...maybe i should?

3 pieces of wholemeal bread = 3gs of fat
scraped on some low fat soft cheese,its 4gs of fat per 100g..didnt use a lot..
1/2 glass of volvic orange and peach water = 0gs of fat

the low fat soft cheese wasnt that good and would probably be better with a baked potato,and i cant guage how much fat is in what im using so once its gone im switching to cheese triangles!

today, so far so good.feeling a bit hungry now :rolleyes:



Violet is shrinking
i think ive done really well today :D

i had a shape zero yoghurt around 3pm ish,i felt a bit hungry.0.1gs of fat.

3 pieces of wholemeal toast = 3gs of fat
can of baked beans = 2.2gs of fat
ww lemon cheesecake yoghurt = 0.3gs of fat

i would usually have a few sweets or something around 8ish so instead i had

banana and 2 handfull of grapes = approx 0.3gs

and ive had 1.5litres of volvic touch of orange and peach water,which is really nice..ive felt unusually thirsty today :confused:

fat for today : less than 15 gs :)


Violet is shrinking
i wouldve liked to have had a more filling dinner, but for the first day i just wanted to keep things quite simple. im going to get some nifty weighing scales tomorrow so i can weigh portions out.

i plan on having spag bol this week,so need to weigh stuff :)

for the first time in forever, ive had 3 meals in a day and ate more bread than what i do in a whole week...im not sure if thats a good thing or not :rolleyes:

we'll see what tomorrow brings :D
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I just thought I'd say congratulations on your accomplishments today, having 3 meals a day can be a big thing, just know that your body will get used to it and you might find you wake up with your stomach rumbling in anticipation :D Like you I'm not usually someone to indulge in bread... I would have much preferred to eat the slab of butter than the bread! I make sure I stick to either nimble or WW bread, wholemeal or malted versions so they fill me up and the slices are so small they're not a challenge to eat. With approx. 50 cals per slice as well, not much to complain about.

I'm sorry to hear about your recent fall. I hope the doctors can help you with the aches, and extreme pains you've been having. You're doing the right thing though, getting your weight down, that's usually one of the first things that doctors blame any problems on. Or is that just my experience.

Just wondering, when you said to add the milk... I suppose it depends on how much, milk's one of the best drinks for us, providing essential calcium... there must be some sort of allowance to help us get our RDA, some people like measuring it all out (I'm far too disorganised for that but I usually do mention it, even if I don't put how much exactly) and what type of milk it was as well, obviously they all have different percentages of fat, so it's good to jot down sometimes. I actually can't taste a difference now, switching from fresh semi-skimmed to UHT skimmed.

Good idea on the jacket potato's by the way, I bought some this week for lunch one day this week and I'm so used to cheese, coleslaw and baked beans... but I do have some extra light cream cheese I could mash in with it now and of course beans... gotta love baked beans :p Good luck, hope tomorrow goes just as well.


Violet is shrinking
Thanks chinese_lover :) having 3 meals a day is a challenge in itself,but im sure i will get used to it eventually.
I used to watch Gillian Mckeith,i remember her telling people to avoid bread because of having too much yeast,i seem ok though :confused:

arthritis and its variable forms do run in my family and my doctor does suspect thats whats happening,but as you say she wont do much until some of the weight comes off.she did at first think it was the weight that had caused the aches and pains,but i was getting it when i was a size 12 thats soon shut her up! lol...some doctors just cant see past the weight sometimes :rolleyes:

we always had cravendale full fat,and ive gone from that to semi skimmed in milk and in teas.i think im going to start measuring it out as from next week,although i dont really use that much.

i used to love coleslaw on a jacket spud,especially three cheese coleslaw.im going to make my own next week, minus the cheese,might add a few boiled eggs and see if i can get some really low fat salad cream or mayo :)

i agree,you gotta love beans!! :D


Violet is shrinking
Today was my little lads first day at nursery,and the first time ive ever left him.i was blubbing when i was saying goodbye to him :cry: hes only going from 9-11.30am,i was sooooo pleased to see him :D
i did a bit of shopping in asda,mainly low fat shopping,i got annoyed over cheese triangles :mad: lol! and i bought a set of digital scales that i have to take back tomorrow as they are weighing thin air :rolleyes:

Food wise...

special K = im going to say 2.5g of fat


a can of heinz chunky big veg soup = 1.8gs pr 1/2 i had the whole can
2 slices of wholemeal bread = 2gs of fat

ww strawberry tart yoghurt = 0.3gs of fat
banana and handful or so of grapes


chicken arrabiata good food you ready meal = 4gs of fat
bag of frozen golden rice and veg =2.6gs

1.5 litres of volvic with a touch of orange and peach water

im going to have a yoghurt and a banana i think now :)

ive felt a lot more filled today,i dont like soup but what i had for lunch was really nice and having a slighty bigger main meal has made me feel more satisfied than yesterday.

im really pleased with how im doing :D

if anyone thinks i need to eat more or change something please feel free to say :)
I think you're doing great Louise :) As long as you're not feeling hungry then keep up what you're doing xx


Violet is shrinking
Thanks,i love diamonds,im feeling great :)

although since taking the tablets im yawning a bit more than usual and im finding myself wanting to sleep at 11.30pm..which is sooooo odd cos im a nocturnal gal, anything before 1am is early for me...:rolleyes:

a friend of mine keeps telling me how good gossip girl is, so i ordered the dvds from hmv,they came this morning.. i had planned on watching it tonight but the dvd packed up when i tried to play a timmy time dvd earlier :mad::mad:
something else to buy tomorrow, a new dvd player and my cheese triangle mission :D


Violet is shrinking
The Mission; if i choose to accept it...( which i do )

To hunt down and buy...laughing cow purple cheese triangles



Violet is shrinking
So its day 3 and i feel different,like theres a bit of life inside of me or something..maybe its my body thanking me for feeding it 3 meals a day :rolleyes:

Tomorrow is shopping day,used to love shopping day, going and getting myself my weekend goodies, maltesers or a morello cherry pie...mmmmm :sigh: so instead i'll be getting my low fat goodies and some weight watchers yummy chocolate puds :)
Not forgetting the cheese traingles :D

so today...


special K = 2.5gs of fat (approx,going to start weighing)

felt hungry around lunch time but wanted to wait a bit before i had lunch so i had
weight watchers raspberry tart yoghurt = 0.2gs of fat


3 pieces of wholemeal toast with ww jam =3.6gs of fat

was feeling hungry around 6.45pm,wanted dinner a bit later so i had another banana.


good for you pasta bake ready meal = 4gs of fat
bag of golden rice and veg = 2.6gs of fat

going to have a yoghurt and maybe a weight watchers lemon slice...we'll see

also had another 1.5 litres of volvic water


Violet is shrinking
ive noticed that im really under my daily allowance of fat...and that i could have a lot more to bulk out my meals..

may try and have something extra for breakfast so i wont want a snack before lunch.

body is getting used to having breakfast,it actually rumbled around 9.30am for it :D


Violet is shrinking
ooh,still feeling tired..am yawning and its only 9pm...
im yawning now, and its 2pm in the afternoon!


Violet is shrinking
omg Kes,i went to bed at 9.30pm last night,just felt so tired and my head felt a bit weird and i was really cold! the last time i went to bed that early was when i was a child ;)

im yawning now,but that could be youve just said you were yawning,you know how yawning is infectious :D


Violet is shrinking
wouldnt it be great if you could take a pill and wake up slim :sigh:

i had my bloods took today,they managed to get them all this time :) im a difficult bleeder :D

so yesterday i had...


special k = 2.5gs of fat

shape zero yoghurt = 0.1gs of fat


1/2 can of heinz chunky veg soup = 1.8gs of fat
2 pieces of wholemal bread = 2gs of fat


ww pasta meal = 3.2gs of fat
bag of veg rice = 2.6gs of fat

1 ww lemon slice = 0.5gs of fat


Violet is shrinking
going to start watching the calories next week as i havent this week and also start some daily exercise.

im really cold today,guess im definitely coming down with something,the cold hurts my joints too especially my knee and my hands :(

really,really want to loose enough weight to get into asdas warmer clothing,trackie bottoms etc got a new tape measure to measure my various body parts this weekend, i think its a good idea to do that,thanks to the mad chef for the idea :D

so i always go to mums at the weekend with the kids and every sunday we always have a dinner,for me usually veggies,last few weeks we've been having cauliflower cheese with gorgeous new pots....going to miss them this week..my mum is going to do a nice chunky veg stew instead :D her stews are absolutely gorgeous.. she puts dumplings in there too,which im doubt very much i can have :(

cant wait for monday to come,first weigh in :):)
Snacks are good for you as they keep your metabolism going. I usually have an Activia fat free yoghurt or fruit between meals.

I'm also eating below the fat allowence but and sticking to 1200-1400 calories a day.
Mmmm stews......

Don't you will make me hungry as well.as tired


Violet is shrinking
Ive not filled in my eats for a few days,ive had a awful head ache i could barely look at the screen :( but im pretty much ok now so...



Cheerios = 3.2gs of fat


Bowl of special K = 2.5gs of fat


Jacket potato and chive ready meal = 6.0gs of fat
Baked beans = cant remember

ww chocolate pudding = cant remember



Yoghurt = 0.1gs of fat


cheese triangle sarnies = think 5gs of fat
yoghurt = 0.2gs of fat


Chicken pasta meal = 1.r4gs of fat
Bag of golden rice and veg = 2.6gs of fat

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