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The shrinking violets official thread - Team 1

Hi all,

I've posted the names of the original members of team 10, can all of those below let me know their last weigh in weight, their loss this week and their current weigh in weight please before thursday night.

If you don't want to be part of the team for whatever reason could you just give me a shout and let me know as their are a couple of other people looking to join a team.

Thanks to 161ds and soontobelittle gem, your details are logged and ready to submit on friday yay!!!

Come on girls we can do it!!!

Soontobelittle gem

Love H xxx


Mistress of the Dark
awesome! i'm am really fired up now! i sense a big loss coming up for next week...although knowing my loss it will be 1lb lol!!!! x

GO TEAM 10!!! :party0011:
Damn right,
I've just ordered myself a wii fit in honour of our team challenge!! I told my hubby i needed it "for the team!"

Keep glugging and feel free to post on here about whatever you like!

Fingers crossed we should be able to submit our first result this week, how cool would it be if we won. OMG i'm getting far too excited.

Hello fellow team 10 members! Its nice to meet you all!

H - I love your excuse to buy a WII fit I will have to try that one

Come on Team 10
Morning hun,
Congrats on day 11 thats fab!!! you've done soooooooooooo well you should be really proud of yourself, and just think of all the yummyness to come meal bars (super yum partic peanut crunch) and oh yes...water flavorings! I love the berry one and even have been known to mix it with some sparkling water and ice and serve in a wine glass (trick myself that its something different!) You can also get mix a mousse which loads of people love but i can't stand it!!

Congrats on your loss this week by the way, i weigh on sunday as well so can't wait to see what happens next week.



Mistress of the Dark
Hi all!

Just wanted to post some pics on to show the comparison from each of my three weigh ins. Ignore my face.
No makeup + hair not done = UGLY!
Please let me know if you can see the difference. I think I do look slimmer but I'm not sure :sigh: xxx


Hi Gem,

Hell yes! you can see a difference, your face and your hips have slimmed massively!

Well done what a fantastic result from only 3 weigh ins, just think of the pics you will be posting in another 3 weeks!!

ps. defo not ugly
hi gem - what a difference! Also a great idea seeing such a difference each week is a good motivation

Thanks H for your kind words. I have lots to look forward to - porridge the strawberry tetra.. Thinking I may try some crisps today!


Silver Member
am i able to join a team?


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks 161ds for the rep! And thankyou thinkthincd for the photo comments!!! My next weigh in is on Saturday and I cannot wait!!!

It would be soooo good if we won! xxx


Silver Member
good luck for the weigh in soontobelittlegem.x


Mistress of the Dark
thanks smurf! :)
i think our team is full, but i know thinkthincd was waiting to hear back from everyone.

you could always try starting your own team. they are made of 6 people. or even start a thread asking for people wishing to form a team and you will get loads of replies. someone might even offer to run it for you if you don't fancy it.

if you ever need any encouragement or motivation everyone on here is so friendly and supportive. just drop us a line! xxx


Silver Member
thankyou very much. where do i get a pin from for the tracker?
Still not recieved anything from our other girls.... doesn't look like we will be able to post our results this week:cry:

If not i will post them on here for us to see along with our percentages and we will have to join in again next week.


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