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The start of a long journey ... help needed!

Hey there,

Well! I joined weight watchers this evening and have officially put on 4 stone in 3 years since stopping weight watchers. I am the biggest I have ever been.

Lots of feelings right now... scared I wont succeed etc.

Any tips out there for someone who is a bit of a picker when it comes to snacks!?

I can have 32 points a day but going to try and have 22 points a day for the first week.

Thanks for reading!

PS. does anyone know how to adjust the ticker or get rid of it? I cant remember my PIN.
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Hey hun; if you look along the threads already posted on the main board and also the sub one called points, there are lists of snacky items with points given! LOADS of them! :D we all love our snacks hehe :D

welcome to the ww world! hehe any support or help you need you will definitely find here as everyone is so lovely! :)

you will be losing that 4stone in no time at all!!! just keep at it even in dark times, it will be worth it :) if you have any pictures of when you were 4 stone lighter before keep reminding yourself of that image! it really does help :)

good luck and enjoy ww it's amazing xxx

PS: you may want to write a hello in the main part on ww too! as well as in the food diary section, as many don't see these too often! :) xx


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Hi - welcome back to the world of WW! I'm in a similar position to you - I lost about 3 stone with WW several years ago but have gradually put it back on. :sigh:

Just think though, we lost the weight once so we can lose it again!

My favourite snacks are velvet crunch crisps (1pt) and Walkers French Fries (1.5pts) - couldn't do without my crisp fix!

Once you have your first loss under your belt, I'm sure you will feel more confident that you can reach your goal. You will find this forum an inspiration, I know I do - I could spend hours browsing!

Good luck.


the start

Thanks guys for your support. I have been so so busy, that I havent been on here. Also I haven't been the greatest at starting my dieting this week. I need a good old kick up the arse. Severely. Although I have had a sneaky peek on the scales and I have lost a couple of pounds. So here goes what I have eaten.

Friday 20/8/10
B - Oats so simple with skimmed milk 3pts

- 2x slice of brown bread 3pts
small tin of Heinz tomato soup 2.5pts

- 1 piece of sainsbury hot+spicy breaded chicken 6
300g new potato 3
carrot, broccoli, mange tout 0
50 mls of gravy 1

1 apple 0.5
1 pkt velvet crisps 1
cheese cake 3.5 =23.5 pts

Saturday 21/08/10

oats so simple with 180 skimmed milk 3pts

WW quiche lorraine 5.5pts
Salad 0pts
Sainsbury be good to yourself coleslaw ? 100g or less 1pts

oops... bad girl 4 double vodka and diet cokes 8pts
2 gin and slim 2pts

weight watchers cookies x 2 1.5pts
apple x 2 1pts
1 pkt velvet crisps 1pts = 23 points

Sunday 22/08/10 BAD BUT GOOD DAY

Oats so simple and 180 skimmed milk = 3pts


D out for dinner at Prezzo
Fusilli, mushroom, pepper and pesto ?10pts
Bruschetta, cherry tomato, red onion and pesto ? 6 pts

quavers 1pt
3 vimto bon bons ? 20+ points

Monday 23/08/10 = poorly comfort food needed

Nothing!!! I got up late.

S 2 x wholemeal toast 3pts
2 small fried eggs with fry light 2pts
25ml of happy shopper brown sauce 1/2pts
WW chocolate dessert 1pt

WW Mexican Chilli 4pts
Kingsmill wholemeal roll 2.5pts

2 pkts of velvet crisps 2pts
4 WW choc chip cookies 3pts = 18 pts


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:happy096: Your food looks great - you are keeping within your points too so I am sure you will see a loss on your 'official' WI day.

Hope you're feeling better.

How bad have I been today ....... very very bad! Not only have I had a double decker at 5.5pts but I had 2 slice of fruit bread while I was out. I haven't got a clue how many points were in that! :eek:

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