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The Tantalising Tuesday Thread


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Morning all,

Just going quietly mad here feeding the children but waiting for my shake until after weigh in. As the weeks go on I get more apprehensive about weigh in - I know its going to slow/plateau at some point and dread it each week even though I know i've stuck to it!

Anyway after weigh in its back home to tidy the kitchen and the craft area - a job that never seems to finish! Have to get to the bank at some point today and sort out some accounts for a friend. Looks like that will keep me busy.

have a great day and keep smiling
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morning :) didnt have a great evening ,, after an amazing weigh in and drop into the 10 stones .. we had a valentines chinese ( planned ) and I chose an omelette , which is almost on plan so not much harm ... the problem came that our usual takeaway was closed so used a different one .. and it was aweful , so I couldnt eat it ....... so ended up with a bowl of cereal and 3 biccies !!!!! Not great but no bigge either ... back on track today and minimal damage i hope .. was gutted .. not the romantic valentines evening I planned :( ah welll ..... its gone now

Today got no plans at all ... taking Elena to pre school in a min and will be looking after hubby who has man flu ... it does make me mad that when he has a cold , he cannot do anything ... not even get the kids in their PJs .. but when I am ill , he is off to work without a second thought on how I am meant to cope ... :sigh: ah well thats men for ya !!!!

:sigh:I am hoping to go to the Dr soon to talk about getting my contraceptive implant removed ..... no nothing exciting like trying for another baby ( :cry: ) but I hate it as my sex drive is now non exsistant , when it was very high before ..so kind of defeats the object of its use ..... athough I suppose it makes it work well !!!! Now I am slimmer they should let me go back on the normal pill( I was too fat before !!) so fngers crossed xx
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Morning all, thanks for starting the thread Setas....I needed somewhere to confess a tad of naughtiness.....mainly due to the wine!
Saturday had my cd lunch and breakie, then my s-i-law came round when DH and pal at pub watching rugby. My s-i-law having tough time at the mo so offered her a beer and yep had my arm too easily twisted to join her.....so by time the men back fro the pub I begged a portion of curry and the carbs to go with it.
Sunday went to see Dad, really brings me down and was raining so trapped in, M-in-law for tea (as f-in-law in one of his lows) and wanted to be a grown up and join them for some wine with my soup dinner, also had some chicken as drinking.
Monday Mr T cooked gorgeous fillet steak, with just a salad for me, and literally a couple of glasses of red.
So today I am 3lb heavier than Saturday morning, but to be honest I did show some control with the food, which has amazed me, as if I blipped last time it was usually bingey and out of control.
However I realise it was the demon weekend tipple that led to my mistakes, pathetic really. So I'll stock up on coke Zero for next weekend, as the following one is planned Saturday off as our valentine's date out! I would love to be 10lbs lighter by then, as it would put me in the next stone down.
However pms time is here for a good 10 days I should imagine, so anything can happen weight wise.
I am not beating myself up, like I did last time, as all it does is make me head towards binge/starve, whereas I know I did show some control with my food, which is huge progress......and now I just need to resist weekend tipple temptation if it comes my way(and not use my dad's dementia as an excuse).
katie, good luck at the doctors, am sure you will have no problem getting the pill now. Hope the man flu clears up soon, nothing worse! x


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Morning everyone well I had a lovely valentines chicken salad last night I also had 2 small glasses of champagne, I enjoyed it but got my tummy was in a mess never again! So back on plan today and litre down already!
Got a bloody mouse in the loft it woke me up at 3am rustling around! Will catch it soon!
Just finishing my bar for lunch early one today I'm a tad hungry! Then going to look online. For a evening part time job, need the cash and the time on my own love my family but need something of my own! And I've never been confident enough to apply for jobs before!
Happy Tuesday all xxx


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S: 19st9lb C: 17st8lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 2st1lb(10.55%)
good luck with the job hunt Lancs girl - I'm really tempted to do the same - could do wiht the money - but hubby works away a lot so would end up paying out for a babysitter - which rather destroys the purpose of doing it!!

I tired the berry drink flavouring today and the vegetable one - OMG they are yummy yummy. Bought a berry one but no vegetable one in stock til next week :-(. can't believe I have gone 20 weeks without them - what a loss! 15 mins and I'm going to try my first mix a mousse too - should be interesting.

Managed 4 lbs off today so very pleased with that - brings me to within 2 lbs of the 7 stone so fingers crossed for next week.

Mrs T its good that you showed control towards the food - thats going to be the biggest challenge for me when I get to goal i think.


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Just having a lunch break with a nice banana bliss brick ! My hubby & I decided on no food rewards for Valentines just a card and we stuck to plan which was good probably helped that he was working last night tho. I do feel good for not having anything to eat or drink that is not on plan. We are going to do something special for Easter as that is a realistic goal for me x


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S: 19st9lb C: 17st8lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 2st1lb(10.55%)
Thats great Mellie - you should be there by Easter too - how exciting!


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Hey everyone....
I feel quite cross with myself today... I was going really well until I gave the little one lunch... hot dogs... and flapjack for pudding... I needless to say, had far too much of both... bummer. No 100% day today. But I will get back on track...

Well done to all the loveliest peeps on here doing so well...


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Hello everyone. Hope you're having a strong day!

I'm still 100% but was feeling fed up with it all. Feel a bit better now.

Feeling the pain of my earlier power plates class! That'll teach me for being enthusiastic! Hehe! Got class tomorrow too, so might need a hot bath treat tonight!


yummy mummy in the making
S: 22st3lb C: 22st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Heard alot about those power plates do you know if you can hire them
To have at home?


this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)
Ooh....not sure. I know you can buy them (eg argos has one for 150). Though tbh I'm not sure how powerful it would be and I wouldn't know what to do if I hadn't been to classes. Though I guess it might come with example exercises or you could Google it!
Hey everyone
well done on the weigh in setas. I also get really nervous before weigh in, sometimes i cant sleep the night before! Not that it will be a problem this week i am on nights now till my weigh in fri afternoon, Start tonight and just cant decide what to do with myself today tempted to go for a swim but dont want to tire myself out before tonight! But then dont want to waste the day. getting the water down myself at the moment while i ponder! Hope everyone else has a great day.

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