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The Thoughtful Thursday Thread


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Hi all, hope you are all well today. Thought I'd kick this off today as am feeling very pensive and am evaluating a lot of things, realising how lucky I am.

Had a little bit of an emotional wobble yesterday when I was cooking spaghetti bolognaise for OH and Little Man (his favourite) and I realised that I was cooking it it was so much harder to do when you couldn't taste it and this got me down a little, i then went and had soup which I clearly half-arsed made as it was grainier than normal and I didn't enjoy it at all which just made it a bit worse but spoke it all out with OH in bed and she told me she was so proud of me and that having lost nearly two stone already it made it easier to love me because I would let her love me, she said that I was taking compliments from her more without shunning them or ignoring them and that some of my confidence was coming back. It made me realise that emotional wobble or not, it is all going to be worth it in the end.

Does everyone have a lot of support at home? I don't know If I could do it without x
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Aww your OH sounds lovely Em :) mine is really supportive too and pays me lots of compliments, which he has always done to be fair I just never wanted to listen, like you. I would constantly tell him to go away or stop it, must have been really sad for him to hear that all the time. I think he's more keen to get me back in my sexy underwear and not my enormous granny pants that i refuse to stop wearing since having the baby…they are just tooooooo comfy! lol They look so stupid since loosing the weight I can pull them right up under my boobs..always get's him in the mood..NOT!

I'm really chuffed today I just walked up to the next village which is about 2 miles away and back and then walked right up the huge hill to my house without stopping..granted I nearly passed out having an asthma attack but got home just in time!. Before I piled on the weight I loved walking and me and OH would often go on this 11 mile walk around the Brecon Beacons (huge mountains in Wales) but I really lost all my passion for it and couldn't even be bothered to walk to the shop at the end of the street! However, when I broke my ankle last Sept and couldn't walk for 2 months I vowed that all that would change and now my ankle is almost healed I feel ready and it feels so good!!

I've always said this will be my year…and finally I think 2011 could be the one and I'm sure it will be yours too Em xx Your doing amazingly well :)


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Your all so lucky if you have the support at home... I find it harder when i am at home with my partner. I totally rely on you guys.


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afternoon ladies, its a beautiful day, the sun is shining...... and im sat indoors watching kids movies, lol

madam is starting to pick up now so shes on the mend and will be back at school monday for the good of my sanity, lol

2 litres of water down now and am on my way to grab my first shake of the day and read some more posts
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I had a wibble after weigh in today, even though I was elated, I felt a bit teary and very hungry. My hubby called me up especially in the hallway at one of the schools he teaches at to whisper how amazing I was doing and how proud of me he is, bearing in mind he is on day 3 himself. I had a bit of a blub, but now feel so much happier.

The weight loss is already really noticable, so the compliments are beleiveable, before now, I thought/knew it was just a half hearted meaning behind them...


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Afternoon all, my other half totally supports me, but from afar (he works on the other side of the world) which can be tough when you need a well done cuddle or hug so l really would be lost without the support l get here:grouphugg:lm off to celebrate st Patrick's day lm going to the parade with my little legs ''ds'' good luck to anyone weighing in and everyone else have a fab day
hello ladies , my hubby is supportive even though he really doesn't understand ! He is one of these annoying people who only eat because they have to and he gets no enjoyment out of food at all , so he finds it really hard to understand what all the 'fuss is about '

I have had another great day on 1000 plan and off to take my 4 year old DD to her first ever swimming lesson , then tea and I am back at work tonight !!


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one of my male friends is the type who only eats something if he truely feels hungry, never eats sweets or cakes, biscuits etc because it just doesnt occur to him. i made him get on my scales the other day and he weighs 8 stone. seriously, how is that possible
Happy Thursday!
Before I decided on cambridge I was thinking about a few other programs. I wanted something that I didn't have to think about. Cambridge is just that! I love it (so far)!


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You know, one of the main moivating factors for me is GETTING an OH, I have never actually had a proper boyfriend :( and a lot of it is to do with how I percieve myself, I just don't believe any man would find me attractive this large. Sad but true. I hope when I've got down to a weight I am happy with I'll feel more confident about approaching and talking to men x


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Happy St. Pat's Day!

My OH is pretty supportive, in fact he started a diet the same day I went to my CDC. He has lost 30 pounds to my less than 20 by doing the South Beach diet. I am very proud of him, and me -- since I have been doing all the shopping and cooking for him! (After the first week on CD I am okay with food for the most part.)


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