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The *Tireless* Tuesday Thread (TTTT)!


Why Be Normal?
Hi All --

I was waiting for the daily thread to pop up and then I thought, "Hey, I started the Tuesday Thread last week." So, I'm doing it again.

For me it should be "Tired Tuesday Thread" -- my DD (age 11) has a ferocious tummy bug and was projectile vomitting all night (past midnight).

Has that put anyone off their food cravings? Because, if you want, I can can go into detail about the appearance, quantity, carpet cleaning, and worst of all (CD enhanced sense of smell be damned) the aroma. It was all I could do not to join her. ;)

Anyway, we are home watching Sponge Bob ATM. I am going to try and read the book I should have finished by now.

I was able to get my husband booked into her dental cleaning and exam appt. (We are private and less than 24 cancellation can mean "pay anyway".) But there are no openings before the 11th -- and she should have her teeth cleaned and examined before her braces go on. And, we waited ages for that appt. I am not going to change that. Besides I think the "tin teeth" smile will be cute in her 12th birthday pics on the 16th.

Oh well, it is not as if I do not have millions of things to do in the house...

And she seems much improved this morning. She has kept down some water and a dry waffle. Fingers crossed that it is over for her and no one else in the house gets it.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

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So fed up! Fed up of having no money and more things piping up being need to paid! Decided I want to apply for a loan, buy cant find anywhere?! I don't work but my OH does! I'm so down about it ATM, arghhhhhh anyone have any ideas where I can find one? X


Why Be Normal?
Aw Kimmie,

I'm so sorry. I have not forgotten being young and struggling. And, we did not have two children ATT.

Would it be possible for you to work hours opposite your OH? So, you would not have to pay for childcare. Or is there a family member that would watch your children while you worked part-time? Or what about being an Avon, Kleeneze, or Betterware rep.

I do not advise borrowing money, esp. when you have limited means to repay -- you often just end up digging yourself into a deeper hole.
I recommend that you sit down and figure out how much you have available to pay on your bills; then, look at what you owe, figure out what percentage of each bill you can pay ATM, and contact the creditors and try and make a deal.

After you've done this, you need to be as conservative as possible to try to reduce your debt load. A consolidation loan might be a good option -- only if you can lower your overall interest average and payments, without extending the lifetime of the debt. But your OH would need to apply for it, as you have no verifiable means of paying it back.

I have done some debt counselling/family budget planning as a volunteer in the American Military Community. I also have a business degree than included accounting courses.

good afternoon ladies :)

Mm - I hope your daughter is feeling better , it sounds like a nasty bug and she must be worn out ( and you too ) hugs to you both :hug99:

Kimmie , Mm has some wise words , a loan is not the best idea , BUT if its what will help you out then i am sure you will find one , maybe apply at your bank ? it may have to go on your OH's name as you will struggle to get one if you dont work , or try googling 'loans for unemployed ' or similar ??

I am having a good day ..... still feeling amazing about getting to healthy BMI , my head has no where near caught up with my body .. i still feel massive and think it will take a while to change it ..... that is why I spend a lot of the time looking in mirrors / windows . any reflective surface ... as it reminds me that I am 'slim ':eek:

I was very tempted to have a 'treat' for my achievement , looked at chocolate , cakes etc .. BUT then i thought that that was the slippery slope to my old ways .... so I bought an atkins bar ( slightly more cals and carbs than the CD ones , but sooo worth it ) and had that instead of a CD bar .. so I still had something yummy , but made a choice that wont sabotage my hard work :D

I was at work last night on night shift and have just got up as i am not working tonight . I am taking my mum to the local garden centre to spend some vouchers I got for our wedding in august .... looking for a nice ornament or home wear type thing .... I love going to the garden centre , its a big one with loads of lovely stuff ( not just boring garden stuff :) )

I have just had a porridge and will have my 810 meal of grilled chicken breast with stir fryed cabbage and mushrooms .. then an ice cream tetra late this eveing :)


please try again
So fed up! Fed up of having no money and more things piping up being need to paid! Decided I want to apply for a loan, buy cant find anywhere?! I don't work but my OH does! I'm so down about it ATM, arghhhhhh anyone have any ideas where I can find one? X
i dont know your circumstances but have you thought of a budgeting loans from the social?
they take the money back a bit each week from benifits ( mine was taken out of my IS, others have it taken back from CTC or CB )

its interest free and since its taken out you know its being paid

otherwise call the folks you owe money to about a payment plan, most are receptive to it as them getting something is better than nothing and it means that on the months you have more money you can pay a bit extra to get the balance down

unsecured loans are harder to come by these days as banks are jumpy about lending


please try again
@ mel, hope your daughters feeling beter soon

@ katie, enjoy your day you lovely slim thing!

dont know what to do with myself today, want to get out the house but dont know where to go beyond there, lol

kinda stressed as straight after weigh in tomorrow i have to dash to the council and see a court officer to talk thru my persistant none payment of rent..... i did owe them £12.80 when the letter was sent, am acctually in credit by £30 now but they want me to fill in paper work stating all my incomings, debts and outgoings and im sure as heck not giving that to the government, its none of thier buisness
It's rent to landlord who wants 300 a month to pay what we owe (about 1100). And taylors preschool (320) that's stressing me out, can pay everything else :( but before all this started we booked new York which still has 1200 to be paid by march (which it will be) as OH is paying 600 a month which leaves 400 to pay everything I.e tax,food, petrol ect. Then after that's gone we live on my money (130) a week. Seems alot but doesn't last when go so much to pay for :( ohwell we will sort it out lol


Why Be Normal?
Hi Claire -- I hate that. It'll cost them more in man hours and paperwork than could ever possibly hope to collect. UGH! Governemtn inefficiency and poor decision making.

@ Katie -- have you considered carrying an extra little purse and every time you considered buying something to treat yourself like a candy bar, etc. that you put the money into that. Then when you have enough saved get yourself something that the slim you would really enjoy. Could be a manicure to show off your non-chubby fingers, a new scarf to draw attention to your face and recently uncovered cheekbones, etc.



please try again
i know its daft mel, there threatening to have me evicted and have me pay court costs and the like of several hundred pounds and all i owed them was £12.80, geez a polite reminder that rent had gone up and i needed to pay more each week woud have done it, will be making sure i over pay them each month now to keep a buffer zone in place

Contact your Citizens Advice Bureau. There are channels for complaining about harassing gov't agencies. Also, is there some sort of support group for your daughter's condition... you might contact them and they might take up your fight for your daughter's sake. And, see if your GP will write them a letter about how they are affecting your health... etc.

Few chose to mess with me. ;)

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