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****the "tomorrow tomorrow" Tuesday thread****


this time - the last time
Good morning.

How is everyone's week going?

Although tomorrow will be my week 9 WI, and I have been 100% all the way through, I still crave a lot of food.
For example, again this morning I am craving a McDonald's breakfast (could it be much worse!)

I seem to have got this far by promising myself that if I'm still craving for the same tomorrow, then I can have it.

Luckily, tomorrow has never turned up.

Amazing that even after 9 weeks, I am still only living day to day. Is this how I'll have to be forever? What if tomorrow arrives and I give in? A scarey thought.
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Goodmorning sweetie!!

I think on diets like these, life stands still for a while until your done.., so you end up going day to day in
a kind of foodless blur!

You should be so absolutely proud of yourself... You havnt eaten food for 9 whole weeks!!!

I wish I could describe the utter disappointment of mcdonalds breakfast !!! I used to live for them... Now I'd rather have poached egg on toast! Gutted I was on my break was soooo excited and then gutted lol



this time - the last time
LovelyLauren said:
I wish I could describe the utter disappointment of mcdonalds breakfast !!!
Thanks! I'll remember this! Good to know! (not sure I quite believe you yet though! Hehe!)


I ♥ CD !!
morning all busy morning for me .
9 weeks is fabulous without a slip .it's very hard to resist cravings for forbidden food on any diet never mind CD, but it really isn't worth it you will feel so bad about it and then having to get back into ketosis again just think of why you started CD in the first place , :D:D:D


Working on it
For me right now it's more like I'll do the cleaning tomorrow or I'll do the hoovering tomorrow! On day 4 of the SS plan and have no motivation or energy what so ever, someone please tell me it gets better!! Had a real wobble yesterday, had my first shake at about 11 and then popped out, I ended up being out until 17:30 with no tetras and I couldn't put away nearly enough water... I felt so ill I had to sit down in the car park outside my flats before I fell down! Silly Emma! I'll know next time to be more organised and prepared! I've got weigh in today so hopefully that'll show something although it has been TOTM week! But it does all need to get shifting if I'm going to meet my March goal! Was looking at holidays as well last night and hoping to go in July so fingers crossed for some serious weight loss by then!

Good luck to all for WIs today and for a 100% day whichever plan you are on!

X x x
morning :)
Jayellekay .. well done on 9 weeks thats fab , and yep you keep telling yourself you can have it tomorrow , Lauren is right , you do need to keep taking it a day at a time but those days soon add up :D and i will agree with the fact that some of the things you love not being the same after SS ... I craved pepsi max for months and then when I had one it tasted aweful .....

Emma , its a good idea to keep a bar/tetra in the car / bag for times like those .. and if the worst comes and you dont have anything then eat something from the SS+ food list like chicken and green veg
hey :D well today is going ok for me so far on 1000 plan . I have managed to have 2 pancakes totally on plan and actually managed to stop at 2 .. which is a hige achievement for me .. I would normally have about 10 !!!

I spent the morning cleaning ( its like the first week on SS .. distraction ) , popped to tesco for pancake supplies , then made lunch for the kids and my parents , then pancakes , then took the parents and kids out for a lovely walk in the sun :D

Now having a chill on the sofa with the laptop and planning tea for me and the kids :D


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Well done Katie - I am in awe - I really am dreading the return to food! Next week is week 24 for me which i guess is technically my AAM week, but I am so desperate to get into the 11's that i don't want to mention it to my CDC and hope it slips past her as well!!


this time - the last time
Wow - week 24 AND 'into the 11's'!!!

How much more are you hoping to lose??


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My goal for now is to get to 10 stone 9 - which will be a 9 stone loss (BMI 22.65). My CDC wants me to stop at 11 stone (BMI 23.5). I will be ignoring her there!

I expect that longer term I will want to drop down to about the 10 stone mark which will make me a comfortable size 12 and a BMI of about 21, but for now will be more than happy to get rid of the next stone and a half! When I am not fat I am tall and shapeless - no boobs,no waist, narrow hips - really shapeless (but boy am I looking forward to that!!) and really skinny (nor nice shape just skinny) legs and arms - I always think my legs look like chicken legs - and a small frame (just like my mum - she is 2 inches taller than me, feet 1 1/2 sizes bigger and she weighs around the 9 1/2 and is a comfortable size 10)

It feels really slow at the moment - its not - still losing an average of a stone a month, 3lbs a week most weeks but it just seems to be taking so much longer.


this time - the last time
It probably feels like a long time as 24 weeks is a long time! Wow! More than 5months! You've done so well though!

You're so close! You could get there by Easter!

I'm already feeling like at 3lbs a week this'll take forever! Stupid I know, given that it would take much longer on WW or SW. Hoping as I get smaller, 3lb will feel like a bigger loss - as I'll have lost a bigger %. Well, that and hoping I have a few 4 or 5lb losses along the way! CD makes me greedy!

Keep going, keep posting your pictures. You are a huge inspiration to me, and I'm sure to others. Keep focussed. Your most recent picture is unrecognisable! And you look amazing!
Well done Katie - I am in awe - I really am dreading the return to food! Next week is week 24 for me which i guess is technically my AAM week, but I am so desperate to get into the 11's that i don't want to mention it to my CDC and hope it slips past her as well!!
awe ?? :whistle:
I failed big styleee my first day of 1000 plan .. BUT I am sure you are very like me and just dont give up .. keep getting back up dusting myself off and trying again :D
Dont be scared as AAM week , 810 is a great plan I loved it and you still have the strict control like on SS ... i find 1000 much harder as its much less controlled .. and so am I !!!! You will be fantstic hun , you have come soooo far :D


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bless you - yes AWE - totally - ;-). You might have wavered your first day of 1000 but you acknowledged it, dealt with it , put it right and sorted yourself out ..way to go. I guess thats what i'm really scared of - the first wobble and then going off the rails. I know it will happen at some point I just hope I can sort it like you did.

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