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The top 5 reasons why I hate being fat

Thought a few of us might like to use this as a motivator for fighting the fat.

Here are the top 5 (I could list 100) reasons for hating being fat.

  1. Never want to go out not just because I look fat but because I'm physically uncomfortable in theatre seats etc etc.
  2. Never feel smart or dressed up.
  3. Even my feet are fat and flow over the top of my shoes
  4. I can't sit comfortably with my baby grandsons on my knee because they don't fit.
  5. Everything I do takes such a lot of effort even getting up after kneeling to clean or do the garden takes a big effort.
Well go on then - whats your top 5.
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1. Having chest pains when I move too quickly - stopped now thankfully!
2. Wanting to wear a skirt/dress that doesnt reach my ankles and be confident enough to wear it.
3. Having thighs rub together when wearing skirt.
4. Paranoid people are talking about me and judging me.
5. Fed up with always being tired.
1 - having a spare tyre when i sit down :mad:
2 - Not just being able to buy a standard size in the shops
3 - Feel like i am judged when eating something like chinese when im out
4 - Feeling self concious all of the time
5 - having to bloody plan everything to stop more weight going on!


Nojo on the YoYo
1. Being heckled on the street about being fat (am down to size 16 from a 26/8 and it's STILL happening)
2. Can't shop in Oasis, Warehouse and Topshop - although some of their ranges go up to a size 16, it's not really a very generous one. Back to Primarni and Peacocks for me!
3. Flying - seatbelts are a horror, the seats are really uncomfortable still and although i've lost enough to be comfy in a cinema or a theatre seat now, i'm still feeling too fat to fly!
4. I want my gorgeous BF to have a GF he can be proud of, although he says he is - I don't feel like he should be
5. I hate looking in the mirror and hating what I see.

I could list loads more, and Mrs V, I second the thigh chafery - urgh!

OMG must add 'eating in public' - I'd LOVE to be able to eat in public and not feel like i'm being stared at.

Oh good post topic, girl! :D
Oooh a good different angle! I like it...

  1. Feeling like I'm being judged every time I eat something in public.
  2. Thighs rubbing together = jeans getting worn between the legs, and the most painful chafing rash in summer skirts.
  3. Not being able to enjoy shopping - not even for shoes, because of my fat feet.
  4. Being told I've got a great personality. Thanks.
  5. People looking at me and OH together and (me thinking they are) thinking 'what is he doing with her?!?!'
1. Having to judge spaces and whether I can fit in/through them - think seats, squeezing between diners in a restaurant, parking spaces where the car next to yours is perhaps a little too close for you to make anything but an inelegant clumsy exit/entering.

2. Feeling like my skin is too small for me, like the Michelin man

3. Only being able to shop in Evans

4. Not feeling feminine - I think the female body is a beautiful thing but I just want to hide mine

5. Feeling like I have a big arrow above my head with a sign saying LOOK AT THE FAT BIRD!!!!


Cambridge Consultant
i hate being fat because

1. i hate not having any energy and being tired all the time
2. i hate my belly hanging down over my jeans and having big muffin tops!!
3. i having bingo wings!!! (flabby under arms)
4. i hate not feeling sexy for my dh and not want him to go near me whilst fat!!
5. i hate the way i look in all my clothes and i hate shopping too as nothing i like fits!!!
1 spending hours getting ready with magic knickers and a corset, then still sit on the stairs crying coz i look fat and end up going nowhere
2 actually being told by my now ex boss that i had put on too much weight and didnt look professional enough to be deputy manager and was made to step down
3 shopping ive spent all my 20's dressing like im 50
4 chaffing thighs OMG nothing worse
5 not being able to chase my son around for longer than 5 mins


Nojo on the YoYo
2 actually being told by my now ex boss that i had put on too much weight and didnt look professional enough to be deputy manager and was made to step down
WHAT???!!! I hope you got a big fat settlement for that, pardon the pun!
Would you all be cross with me if I say 5 reasons why I hated being fat?

1. I couldn't enjoy food in public, I always felt like I should eat salad and then trough cakes behind closed doors.

2. Thigh chaffing - for the reasons Hellie said

3. Always being the fat friend :-(

4. Not feeling confident naked in front of OH

5. Not so magic knickers, shaper tights, body shaper swimming cossies - all just put the fat in other places!
At the moment I feel o.k about my weight, even though I still have a way to go. This is the reason behind my current platto of weight loss I think.

When I'm heavy this is how I feel

1. I feel it holds me back in life
2. My confidence sinks like a stone
3. Everything feels uncomfortable
4. I am full of self loathing
5. I hate not being able to eat like a 'normal' person i.e I can't eat a cake, choc bar, have a glass of wine ever and get away with it.
Good thread!

1. The eating in public thing. It's actually kind of nice to know other people feel like this-even tho it is horrible :(
2. Shopping for clothes and not being able to go into 'normal' clothes shop.
3. Having very little self confidence.
4. Feeling that people are judging me because of how I look.
5. Being the fat friend *sigh*

But, at least we're all doing something about it eh? :D
Great idea!

1. Can't just go into the shops and buy just any styles, I have to really look for clothes that flatter.
2. Exercise is that much harder on the old bones :)
3. Less self confident
4. I have less energy & look older
5. The Buddha Belly!

Ok, now to turn that around into something positive! :D


Slow but sure....
1. Poor mobility (I have rheumatoid arthritis) and being over weight makes it worse.
2. No self esteem.
3. Going out (I've forgotten what's it like to go out socialising).
4. Getting decently fitting clothes and looking good in them.
5. Not being able to take my dog for a walk along the beach (we live right by the sea)

I could name more - but these are my top 5.....
Im being greedy (after all i am a fat chick) and doing more than 5! It includes a few as to why i'm loosing weight!

IM also going to print and stick somewhere in the house

1. Jeans never fit properly
2. No sexy underwear
3. Don't feel sexy full stop
4. I'm not as confident as i'm aware i'm big
5. Health- I feel tired more
6. Can't wear as nice clothes
7. Because it feels an achievement when I have a loss
8. I spent my childhood being labelled the 'fat girl' - i dont want to be that fat girl in my twenties (20 next week!)
9. Diabetes is so high risk in my family, being obese would make it inevitable i'd get it
10. I'm a student nurse, need to set an example and could also understand patients trying to loose weight more
11. Excercise makes you feel better!
12. I won't feel so heavy all the time
13. I can have nice pert breasts!
14. Skin will improve
15. Won't feel embaressed when going clothes shopping with friends
16. Won't get out of breath walking up two flights of stairs
17. My mum and dad are doing it with me, and they both need to loose weight for their own health- me doing it also means supporting them
18. I want to get married, and have kids one day- i may not have that chance being as big as I was
19. What do you think when you think of a 17st teenage girl? Gross- and that was my starting weight!
20. Because I am beautiful, but I need to feel as if I am!


Wishing and hoping!
1) self confidence
2) enjoy fitting into clothes and buzz going shopping
3) feel good naked with my o/h
4) not feeling guilty by eating the correct way and within reason
5) being more rational with my thinking :)
Very good thread:

1) low self-esteem
2) hating looking in mirrors and hating ever having photo taken
3) stops me having relationships with men (single for 10 years)
4) no enjoyment from buying clothes - can't buy "pretty" clothes
5) Don't feel sexy


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