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The Ultimate Trouser Challenge


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As a bit of a visual aid and incentive to myself I have set myself up for "The ultimate trouser challenge"

Good old George @ Asda had plain black trousers on sale for £5 / pair, these will be fine for work so I have bought idential pairs in sizes 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 for a total cost of £30. I've held all of the sizes up next to each other and it's been a real motivational tool to imagine my body shrinking down to fit into those sizes

My ultimate goal is to get into the size 10's so at the start of every work week I'm going to see which ones I can fit into, now I am ashamed to say that at the moment I don't even fit into the size 20's (It's Asda Value - must be small sizes :eek:)

So my first goal is to get into the 20's...

Can't wait to update you on my progress

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Great idea - you'll soon be working down those sizes in no time ;)


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And when you are in the size 10s, it'll feel fab to try on the 20s and see how huge they are.
Good luck.
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thats a really good idea, you cant go wrong for 5 pound thats where i get my work trousers from too, hopefully il be going in there soon to get a smaller size. x


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I've done this with jeans! I used ebay though and have a pair of jeans down to a 12 which is where I aim to be. I started at a 24 and am in some 18s, though not quite the jeans I've got on my door just yet! I have the next size down always hanging on the back of my bedroom door for motivation and every weigh in try them on. Is nice to see every weigh in them getting a little bit closer to fitting!
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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
I did something similar when I was doing LL - I was about a 24 at the time and in the sale at Evans I bought the same pair of black pants down to about a size 18 and did get to wear them all ---- would never have thought of doing it all the way down to 10's though, really do think that's a great idea!


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What a great idea. Make sure you keep us updated.


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lol I love the idea. My goal thing is a little different. I want to get from a 32 to a 14 but I fell in love with a skirt and bought it in a size 16 from River Island. I am nearly into the 20's now.
I am pretty much using ebay to get things while I am losing weight. In 7 weeks I will be back in UK for a bit of a shopping spree to get a few things for spring then again in June to get things for summer. Going to try to attach a pic of my size 16 skirt - maybe by september I will be in it!



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I really want to get in my size 14 pants.....and my goal is to fit in a 12 or maybe a 10.


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pretty kool idea there...hope you'll get into the 10 real soon :) x


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Well my first report, after not being able to fasten up the 20's at all the other day.. I am happy to report that they now close :D

They are still very tight and I have a muffin top in them but I can tell the difference already, the pessimist in me says that I much of stretched them the last time I tried them on but I can't wait to get measured on Wednesday to see if I have lost any inches.


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S: 21st0lb C: 18st13lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.86%)
Update number 2 - the 20's are now comfortable and the 18's are as tight as the 20's were 2 weeks ago - if that makes sense to anyone you are far brighter than me, :D

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