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The umph I needed


I want to be fitter again
Being so near to target has given me the extra incentive I needed to help my weight loss. At last i am loosing about 2-3lbs per month which is fine at this stage but this week I lost 2lbs !! Less than half a stone to go now. So pleased, so had to blow my own trumpet . Don't have OH so no one to share it with but you wonderful people xx
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Thanks BR for sharing it with us!! I was just wondering how you were doing when reading your response to my red day thread and saw your weight loss!! Wow, 5lb to go must be soooo exciting!! If anyone deserves to get there it's you because you've been so dedicated!! I knew you'd do it and you very nearly have!! You must be dancing around your bedroom in your undies ALL the time- I would be!!! You are SOOO going to do it in time for your holiday in June- I can feel it in my bones!!! ps thanks for the tip you gave me for red days!! I try not to snack too much on things that aren't sf or hex's but it's a challenge when on shifts as I have to have things at hand to grab that fill a gap for a few hours!! I'll try my best!X


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Thats fantastic, you really have worked hard at this and finally appear to be having the positive outcome you wanted...

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A huge "WELL DONE" to you! I KNOW how good this feels, AND how frustrating this is when you're not getting the results at this stage! I'm kinda in the same boat! I only had 2lbs to go, to get to target the week before Christmas, and going off on holiday for a month ...... I'm still there! Not on holiday! At the 2lbs to go 'til target .... grrrrrr..... I put 8 1/2lbs on during my month away, had a great time, right enough, but the weight just keeps going on, then a wee bit off, then a wee bit on again ..... I know I'll get there though, and I feel brilliant being so close! I hope you get to your target in time for your holiday!

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