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Consolidation The week I thought I gained it ALL back!


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S: 10st4lb C: 9st2lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 20 Loss: 1st2lb(11.11%)
Hi there everyone I had been away from the forum for a little over 2 weeks as I went on holiday to celebrate my birthday and my friends birthdays ( the 3 us have them within 10 days ).

As I started my trip I decided I was sticking to conso no matter what because I had lost only 6 kilos and was sure they could come back in a blink if I misbehaved. I decided my gala meals would be our birthday meals and thought it could all be achieved with good will and strong resolution.

I was wrong... I lasted a couple of days. I was staying at a friend's house and the first thing she said was she was not cooking one thing for them and another for me... so fair enough, I went shopping.. got my eggs, fat free Greek yoghurt, splenda, smoked salmon, cheese, chicken etc...

I guess I did very well for about 4 days... the other 10 abismaly bad!!!!:cry:
My friend kept on telling me how ridiculous I was.. on holiday, on a diet, our birthdays etc and blah blah blah... so I fell off the wagon and I fell hard, specially towards the end of my holiday... wine, alcohol, fatty meals, desserts ever day..you name it i had it... and plenty of it.

So of course on the way back home the guilt... wondering how much Had I put back on? oh no... to start again.:(

So when I came back home I decided to wait for a day and a half of deflating after a long haul flight before stepping on the scale. I ate normally including my oat bran, omelette, some pasta, Salmon. so normal Conso ( including my once a week naughty carb )
This Morning, scared I went for it... and surpirse:eek: I have only gained 200 grs!!!!
What a relief!!!! I was only half way through Conso so now I can see that Stabilisation, eating sensibly, will def. work!

I thought I would share this with you as I know a lot of people are concerned about Consolidation and stabilisation. I know that people are different and some gain weight more easily than others and I am not advocating by my above behaviour but I think this is one example of how obsessed we can become with our weights ( it doesn't matter how little or how much we have of it ) that we cannot see ourselves eating normally again without thinking is all going to come back.. then we feel the guilt afterwards etc.

I am back to having my lovely Conso eating plan back... no stress, and I am moving forward with a healthy eating habit.

The good of this is that I have now the confidence that I will not put the weight back on by only sniffing a cake :p

and the bad is ... my forehead ( which had miraculously cleared up after 2 weeks on the dukan diet ) is bumpy again after my derailment :(

Happy eating every one!:)
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