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The Weirdness of Weightloss. . .


Fighting Demons....
Has anyone else encountered this???

A couple of years ago, I weighed a stone less than I do now. I have in my possession a white denim mini skirt that did not fit back then. However, it now does fit!!

I don't get that! I weigh more now!! Have I just lost the weight off different places or it that myth about muscle weighing more than fat true!! I'm definitely more fit than I was then.....


B x

PS: Super happy it fits tho. Yey me!
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Don't worry, be happy :)
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Hey Bekimo,
muscle doesn't weigh more than fat after all 1lb is 1lb whether fat, muscle, feathers etc.
However if you have one lb of fat and 1lb of muscle the fat will take up a greater area than the muscle. Think of it like bricks and feathers, you would only need probably one brick to make 1lb but you would need loads and loads of feathers to weigh that same lb and which take up much more room.

Anyways sorry for the lecture, congrats on getting into your skirt i bet you feel fab, your weight loss is fantastic keep upp the great work.x


nearly there!! :)
lol i was thinking the same bout the weight of a lb of fat and muscle.

but ye i no what ya mean. i to had this issue. think its just ur lossing inches to so although u might be heavier, that part of u is diff sized than when u were that weight before!!

weird how our bodies carry it though at diff times aint it!!
oh and congrats on getting into it!!


Is back in the saddle!
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I lost 4 stone at the begining of 2007 from totally different places to where I'm losing it now. I'm aiming for about 3 stone this time, the bits over that will be a bonus, but things are certainly fitting me differently than last time. Not sure why either but I'm happier with this time around!!

Perhaps it's like you say, being fitter this time is showing. We have 2 dogs and Wii now!!!


Fighting Demons....
It's dancing and moshing that's done it! I'm definitely losing more on my lower half, and still have my boobs. They went first last time!

Perhaps I wont need my boob job fund after all!!

B x


Surgically happy.
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The thing about muscle weighing more than fat. When people say that, they mean that the same size of muscle, wieghs more than fat. So an inch square of muscle weighs more than an inch square of fat, due to density.

Just like a brick weighs more than a brickshaped pile of feathers.

I reckon you've just lost weight in different places, Beki. When you were a stone lighter, your weight may not have been as evenly distributed (or even that it was more evenly distributed!).

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Yes, but I think I know why mine doesn;t add up.

The lowest I can remember weighing as a young adult was 140. I wore a size US sz 12, which is a UK 14.

Now, I weigh 149 and wear a US 8/10, and a UK 10/12. I couldn;t quite figure out how that worked....but I think, if I were to have a tummy tuck, and other loose bits nipped and tucked, it would probably be about 10-12 pounds of skin removed.

So for me, I think that may be why it doesn;t add up. :)

I really want to get to 140 again, even if just for one day - just to put my foot on it. Its a significant number. Its what I weighed when my ex-husband told me he would be nice to me again when I wasn't so fat!! 9 pounds less then now! So its a symbolic goal - but taking the above into consideration, I am not sure if I will get there. Its a half hearted challenge really. Just to stomp on it and throw two fingers up at him. :D
it really is wierd. I fit into things now I never did in the past. My legs are much thinner (but I don't do as much weight lifting as I did in the past so it could be that my muscles are just smaller)
My boobs are heaps bigger now than when I was at my thinnest at 18. I guess it all spreads into different places the older you get!!


Gold Member
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ive noticed this too - very strange!
daisy x
Who cares..................

It FITS. And we are all slimmer than we were before.
(You may have noticed I'm not very good at stats and scientific things !!!).:cry:


Fighting Demons....
It FITS. And we are all slimmer than we were before.
(You may have noticed I'm not very good at stats and scientific things !!!).:cry:
Oh you make me giggle SB!!

I am wearing my skirt on Friday night. With tights not leggins. I think I may be going mad. The legs being out and everything. Eeek!

B x

:DI did that last week. It was scary, but it did feel nice. I was worried I was too old to wear it. I asked my friend if I looked like mutton dressed as lamb and she said


Is back in the saddle!
S: 15st1lb C: 14st5.8lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st9.2lb(4.36%)
And we will want pics of course Beks!!!

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