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theres always summet to mess things up!!!


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right as some of you know, i came off LT for 3 days 4 my 21st birthday and found it very hard to get bk on n seriously considered giving up, but then i finally got my willpower back n im on track again. i mean my lil piccie dwn there is wot i lost ater 2 stone im dead chuffed!


my partner has been made REDUNDANT!! which means i absoloutly cannot afford LT!! i am so dissapointed bcos i got myself all back on track n now i hav 2 come off it :(

has any1 any suggestions how i can keep gettin the weight off n dnt go bk 2 my old habits?? so scared i'll put it al back on!

any diets out there that arnt alot of money?? i have a gym pass aswell so obviously will be using that alot!!

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Aww sorry to hear bout this babes.

Ok here's what I think you should do. Follow a good diet plan. Go by a eating 1500 calories a day, I heard for women, to lose weight take off 500 calories from the daily intake which is 2000. Just eat healthily. Try this site

Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program

Join this site and make a food log. It calculates the amount of calories you use up in a day and do lots of exercise. Give it a go.


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I don't suppose LT is available on prescription from your Doctor's is it?


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After LT I found weight watchers points the most effective.Much slower loss but still down. Can you cut the LT to 1 or 2 shakes per day and eat a low fat/carb meal in evening? that would reduce the payment. I know it is expensive. I have had to shave 20 euro per week off my childrens food bill to go on to LT.Hopefully they are healthier for it!! Exercise helps too darling. good luck. you look great, Im sure you will find something and keep visiting the site for encouragement.


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Stef, I'm sorry to hear about your OH's redundancy, i hope things pick up for you soon :(

I too have had things stacked against me in this diet, but I don't want to give it all up. I've switched to the regular and am having the shakes during the day and a small tea. I have signed off with the lipotrim lady but have half a weeks supply left. Also I have alot of W8 sachets left so will use that until i run out, then I am on my own.

Good luck whatever you decide, and one way or another we are all here to give support. xxx


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I don't suppose LT is available on prescription from your Doctor's is it?
No its not :( You can go to your doctor, ask for it and he can prescribe it but it will still cost the same!!!! :( bummer hey!


Here we go again!
Sorry to hear about the redundancy Stef, you never know he may get another job very soon and you could stay on LT. My hubby was laid off in January but got a job within 5 weeks.

Hope he gets another job real soon and that it all works out for you.


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what about slimfast? Sorry to hear about your oh redundancy


Here we go again!
Forgot to say, your photos are amazing already. You look so much smaller and that's after only 2 stones. Well done you.


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sorry to hear that news.

I'm sure, with some serious research you can come up with a diet that suits you if you really can't continue with LT. And who knows, you might be able to start again soon. Best of luck to you and your OH.
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Sorry to hear your news about your oh being made redundant. I've been through it 3 times and it is horrible.

It does very much depend on your local health authority but you CAN get LT on prescription.

Unfortunately it isn't available where i live but i do know it can be prescribed.

If you can get free prescriptions you AND it is prescribable (? spelling!!) i would have thought you should be able to continue with LT for free.

I don't know anyone who has done this but it's got to be worth investigating!


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If you are calorie counting have a look at Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss

Its free and gives you targets for your wanted weight loss etc.

Sorry to hear about your OH redundancy.


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First of all - sorry to hear about your oh's redundancy. It's such a shock hearing news like that - I was made redundant 5 years ago.

Firstly - take a good look a finances and decide what's to go and what has to be paid.

Then see what you have left over for food etc. There's a good money saving website by Martin Lewis and they have some good support forums for saving money and eating healthy.

Wishing you well.
Sorry to hear about your OH redundancy, such a blow and it seems to be all we are hearing about recently.

I can only sympathise with what you are going through now and I too would have been gutted to have to come off LT when we can see how well it works. As above, have a good look at all your finances and what is luxurious and what is beneficial and re-calculate. I honestly think when you first think, £36 it seems expensive, but when you count in all the little snacky type treats, drinks etc, and the fact that you cant have anything else except teas, coffees etc, its not so expensive after all, unless you life in Ireland where they are being ripped off. (Not even looked at where you live yet, so sorry if you are in Ireland).

Hopefully something can come up hun, but if you do have to leave lipotrim, I would try something basic like calorie counting which you can do even if you have no books just by typing into google how many calories in 1 apple etc.

Good luck and I hope your OH can find another job very soon. Your pics by the way are showing a great change, well done on your loss so far.
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My heart goes out to you both. My pregnant daughter and her boyfriend are in a very similar predicament, and all the family tries to chip in with what they can to help out. There are redundancies going on where I work too, much the same as everywhere else, but all I can say is be supportive and try your best to be positive, hopefully your OH will be back in employment very soon. When you are sorting out your budget, you might find if you really cannot afford LT any longer, plan to make very nutricious, low calorie vegetable soups. We only need small amounts of protein, as long as you increase your vegetable consumption and buy whatevers on offer that particular day you shop. Try and not be tempted by eating lots of cheap carbs, like cornflakes and white sliced bread. Dont forget, this nation was the healthiest in the 2nd World War of rationing!!!
sorry to here that hope he can find something soon. why not give slimfast a try, its a fraction of the cost but your still having the shakes. the weight may not come off as fast as LT but its worth considering. good luck whatever you decide to do.


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Good luck with whatever you decided to do, great pictures you can certainly see a difference, my OH was made redundant and although its not easy you do seem to manage somehow, i hope your OH gets something else soon, mine has gone self employed as a driver and is getting 1 or 2 days a week which is better than nothing.

Our chemist are selling slimfast tins with 12 servings for £3.50 which I think is half price and is very similar to LT which is something I was considering 2 servings and a small tea.

Hope things improve shortly for you both.

Jo x


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that's really bad news, I'm sorry for you.

Weight watchers is brilliant plan if you stick as rigily to it as you can -and if you can do Lt you can do anything!!

There's also celebrity slim which is similar and cost 25 quid here. Still pricey but cheaper at least. Good luck, you've done amazingly well so keep up the good work!!
Sorry to hear of your news. Fingers crossed he finds something else soon.

Why don't you try Slimming World. Obviously it'll be slower than LT but it does work. I did it when I was pregnant with ds and got to 6 months gone with no weight gain - despite the obvious bump.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.
P. x

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