They made me come home!!


Gone fishing
Just stopped by an internet cafe.

Having a fab time.....the best ever. Way too much food here and everything has gone on my stomach! So have outgrown trousers.

British Airways lost our luggage and didn't find it again for 3 days. Blooming nuisance as we had such little hand luggage (concerned about restrictions...we packed everything), so little money, no cameras etc.

When they returned the cases, I'd already grown out of most of the clothes :eek::D

Managed to get control of the food issues without depriving myself, and doing loads of walking, so it'll be fine.

Oh well. Really having a wonderful time. Loving it.

BFN. Missing you all.
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Luvverly to hear from you weather here is the pits.

Glad you are having a lovely time.

Its a pain about the luggage but at least it turned up.
Ohhhhh.....I am so jealous!! I spent a yr working in Canada..about an hour from Toronto.......oh wish I was there!!!:p

Anyway Have a wonderful and never mind abut the tummy...CD/LL will be here waiting when you get back!!:)

Have fun!! hugs Lou X
So glad you're having a lovely time, hun! My mum lost her luggage with BA too on her flight over here - some rat had nicked my fags out of her case too - how rude! lol

lots of love
That's awful Izzy Wizzy! Fancy nicking the fags! Clothes and money yes, but taking the ciggies is really below the belt stuff!

Anyway...still in Toronto. Absolutely loving it. This has got to be my bestest holiday yet (not counting honeymoon, which was great but only because of the company).

Did Niagra falls yesterday. What a brilliant day. Now going shopping but popped in here first.

Loving the shops. I usually hate shops, but loads of clothes that I love here and they fit :)

So pleased I lost the weight, it's just made so much difference to everything.

Happy, happy, happy :D
Hi Karrion:)

Good to hear you sounding so happy on your hols girl!! Even nicer that you wanted to share it all with us:D

Have a blast!!!!

Hi Karion,

So glad your enjoying yourself and that you are having a bit of retail therapy.

Sorry to hear about the lost the sound of it, the holiday is making up for everything.

Missing you here :)

Love Mini xxx
Sorry to hear about the lost the sound of it, the holiday is making up for everything.

Back again ;)

In hindsight, I'm surprised we were so relaxed about the lost luggage. Bit of a story there that I will share on my return :)

There's been a lot of lost luggage since the security problems I heard on the news.

Anyway. Spending too much money. Another great day shopping yesterday. Having a few too many menieres attacks which is trying to put a damper on things, but determined not to let it spoil the holiday and besides, they aren't serious attacks so holding on in more ways than one (and with anyone passing who wants to be grabbed by me :D)

Still really having a good time. It's so good to have DH and youngest son to myself without one of us being distracted by our worklives.

Doing so much walking!! My DH is nuts. Reckons if you can walk it in 2 hours or under, no need for public transport :D

Nevertheless, it's been fun and I like walking so can't complain.

Missing you all.
Thanks DQ. Really on a high at the moment.

Haven't felt this at ease with the world for many a year :eek:

OMG though. There are loads of mirrors everywhere. What a shock! Won't be missing them when I return :D

Having a carb fest each morning which is scary, but dead nice. Slightly concerned that I try to get down before the other 2 men so that they don't see what I eat:eek:

Honestly though, not really eating a great amount, but they only what an apple for breakfast...makes me look a right pig when I go for a couple of slices of toast:eek:

Whoops must go. Time up.

They made me come home!:mad:

Told me my two weeks were up and I'd spent all the money, so I had to return. How unfair is that:mad:

Just when I was getting into it too.

Caught the plane last night and just as I was ready for a sleep they said it was now morning UK time and served up breakfast.
The suitcases are frowning in the corner, but hey...they can stay there until zombie Karion comes back to life again.

Lots to catch up on, so please stop posting for a couple of days to give me a chance :D
Welcome Home karion Dieting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!!!:D

You have been so missed by all of us here and I am delighted you had such a fab time and it is a great sign that the time went so quickly...

If you have any photos it would be lovely to see them.

Talk soon

Love Mini xxx
Who were the nasty people that made you come home?I'll get them for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DH, cos he's said I've spent all the money. Youngest son cos he's missing his friends....and probably the bank manager when he looks at my account :D:eek:

Got so many new clothes, DH is having to reorganise the wardrobe so he can add another rail for me :eek:
Oh what meen men you live with,well not bank manager but then who knows what ever floats your boat as thay say !!!!!!!!
Why do you need another rail?????? Just throw out hubbied cloths!!!!! hehehehehe
Sounds like you had great fun now think of the fun you can have showing of those new cloths on your new body mmmmmmmmmmmm
Love Libbie x