Things I have learnt about myself!


Tomorrow is day 70 for me on lighterlife, and I have been thinking of the things I have been challenged with on this journey. I thought it may help others especially newbies if we each list the things we have learnt about ourselves on this journey. Things for me at least I may never have noticed otherwise. So feel free to add to my list, I may even add more myself as they come to mind because I can't remember much tonight as my brain has turned to mush!

1. For the first few days my husband goes away, I wander around searching for stuff to eat. The first few days of readjustment for me means loneliness and stress and its obviously a trigger for me.

2. I really do play games! (week 10....?) I didn't realise it before but I do fall into the trap all the time. I am going to try and be mindful and do it as little as possible.

3. I have a problem with self confidence. I knew this already but I am now starting to realise the impact it has had on my life, and the vicious circle it has created for me. ie feeling less confident the bigger I got, and feeling less and less able to do anything about it the bigger I got.

4. I have gone 70 days without crisps, juice, chocolate or any other 'treats'. I evidently don't need as much of them as I thought to be happy....because I am really happy at the moment!

What a great post. It is a big journey of self discovery.
Well done on the 70 days.......not easy.
You are doing brilliantly.....


Mags -you do sound wonderfully happy - I'm so pleased for you that you're rediscovering yourself!

Funny how the real us emerges out of our fat suits!

That's a great piece of self-analysis, I'm not sure I could be so honest. Congratulations on the loss, another week and you'll hit half way point.
We're all different, I don't do the loneliness thing (in fact I eat less on my own) but there's another major factor for me:

I eat to procrastinate, I don't want to get on with what I should be doing so I eat something. Then I still don't want to do it, plus feel guilty about not doing it and eating instead, so I eat some more.
Hey Mags,
Glad you have learnt some useful stuff on LL. I feel that I have too. Can identify with the things you say. My triggers are many, stress, boredom, can't bear being alone for too long, anger etc.

I also realise that I have many core beliefs that just are SO not true. If I am going on a long journey my belief is that I should eat loads beforehand, stack up on snacks for the journey etc. I just don't do it anymore and realise I never needed to do it but the belief was so strong. Also loads of other core beliefs that I have challenged.

I always feel sorry for people on here who have bad LLc's because mine has been great and she constantly challenges us. It has made me think. I was really spectical about the counselling at the start but I think its this that has made things change around for me.

I would hate to do foodpacks and not really have things change for me on a psychological level. I think i would just go back to bad habits.
Melissa you are so right!

I am so pleased I have the counsellor I do because I am convinced she has made this possible for me.

Theres nothing really magical about the diet at the end of the day, eat 500 cals per day and you will lose weight, changing your life forever? thats a different story. The secret lies within our behaviour/beliefs and thought processes. Deal with whats going on in your head and the success will follow.

It really is such a shame that all the LLC are not like ours.

Hi Mags

This is a fantastic post and well done on not only getting this far with your abstinence but also in your self discovery and changing your perceptions.

I hope you don't mind but I am moving this thread into the Bring Your Head Inside Forum so that those on other plans can also benefit from your insights.

Fantastic! :)
:) its ok I am glad you moved it if you think some people could benifit!