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Things I like about Atkins


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Hello all

I was talking to someone yesterday who asked about why I like this diet, and I thought I'd post the answers here as it made me pretty happy! Here goes:
  • I feel less hungry than on any other diet
  • I now have no stomach problems at all - IBS has disappeared
  • It's a great diet for eating out - I can have seemingly 'normal' meals like steak and salad for business lunches
  • Testing with ketostix is fun; it's exciting to see when they go pink!
  • I have been able to enjoy so many tasty foods - nice cheeses, salami, parma ham, prawns with mayo...
  • I have rediscovered love of a good steak and bearnaise sauce :D
  • The first week loss (though a lot of it water) is very motivating to keep going
  • I don't have the 'rabbit food' feeling you get when calorie counting - no more carrot sticks!
  • The diet sets clear boundaries - great for people like me who find 'some bread' much harder than 'no bread'
  • And of course, I have the wisdom and support of the lovely people on this forum!

I'm sure there are loads more I've forgotten, feel free to add x
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That's a nice post hooya.. I can say the same for most of the things you listed.. and definitely this forum is motivation for me...

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Nice idea for a thread. :)
  • It forces me to cook proper, fresh food instead of eating processed cr*p
  • I feel healthier, have more energy, get fewer colds or bugs
  • I have learned how to cook real food instead of just reheating convenience food. In particular, I've learned how to flavour my food and use herbs & spices.
It's a great way of life I feel. :D
Agree with all of the above, and wanted to add - no more reflux!


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My IBS has gone too! Wowzers! We have found a cure for IBS! Do Atkins!


This is really the time!
My IBS/Intestine spasms have gone too!! No more agony in the middle of the night!

I love eating all the meats I love. Cooking them in every tasty way. I love not being ravenous all the time too. This is for life now!!

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