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Things I Want To Wear When I Hit Target...


Always comes back to MMs!
1. TopShop jeans
2. Wellies
3. Dresses... lots of pretty dresses!

Just doing the visualiation exercise on SW website for my midweek motivation... in it I'm always at a music festival, wearing either a flowery dress (sleeveless!) and funky wellies, or TopShop jeans and a vest top... and a massive smile!

Just wondering what the "At Target" you looks like?!
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My husband is buying me a dress from Coast- a proper grown-up sophisticated, fitted little black dress which I have never owned (or dreamed of owning)

I have always gone for bright, flouncy stuff in the past- bizarre that when I get to target I want something really understated and elegant

Can't wait
I just want to be able to walk into my favourite shop Jane Norman and pick up whatever i like and know that its going to look lovely on me. I am too big for this shop but everytime i see the clothes there i go off into dreamy land. Also the small shops like Pilot etc, Want to be able to walk in there without the sale assistants sniggering to themselves ( another reason why i want to lose weight, it was so upsetting) this was ages ago but it sticks in my mind. I also want to get rid of my awful black trousers, I will never ever where a pair again once i hit targt unless i have to. spent far too many years hiding my bulges in them.
Pretty similar to the OP. And I want to be able to fit into H&M trousers/jeans (Right now, even a size 18 doesn't fit!!!)


Always comes back to MMs!
I would LOVE a dress from Coast! An a ridiculous pair of heels :eek:) xx
i want to wear some straight leg jeans tucked into some knee length boots (that can do up - a distant dream !! ) :)
I want to wear fitted tops without any spare tyres showing, especially when I sit down. I tend to go baggy for tops at the moment so the bulge doesn't show when I'm sat down.
a bikini was my ultimate dream as well. I hit target in November and this year am off to Florida with OH so will be sporting a different one everyday. Thank god for Primark! xx


Always comes back to MMs!
Choccie that sounds brilliant! Well done you! xxx
I'm getting near to target and have just bought a bikini which is something I thought I'd never buy again. The bottoms aren't skimpy but go up to just below my belly button so they cover up the worst part of my tummy. My belly button hasn't seen sunshine for years and years. I think I'm just brave enough to wear them in the garden but I'm not sure about the beach. Perhaps if I lose a bit more weight by August when we go away.
haha i have to agree with the skinny jeans with boots comment. I was able to do that this winter for the first time in ages AND the jeans were from Topshop which i've always avoided because their sizes in jeans always seem small (i've got big legs in comparison with the rest of my body anyway). Keep going it's honestly all worth it in the end!
Wellies that don't leave red welts on my calves, lingerie instead of underwear and something, anything from Per Una and/or Monsoon.


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I'd like to wear a pair of jeans that actually fit me properly and actually look good - at the moment I kind of look like a muffin top. I love the clothes from Next too and I know they do plus size but I'd love to be able to buy the regular sized clothes.

I'm also looking forward to being able to go into Asda or Tescos and buy clothes from there instead of Evans or Simply Be. :eek:



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I don't get thongs!!! They look very uncomfortable and I'm sure if I was to try to wear one now I'd lose it and spend all the time trying to pick it out of my (_y_) :wave_cry:

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