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Hi guys,

Just wondered what you are all thinking about/doing to fill up your time?

I have found that i am having a lot of pamper nights lol, hot baths and treating myself to nice smelly stuff like bath bombs from lush and really nice body moisturisers so i feel better. Also reading a lot which i do anyway as i love books. Also really looking forward to my holiday in May and can't wait to go clothes shopping just before i go :) I have already found that most of my clothes are to big for me so going to treat myself to some new ones soon, mainly work clothes lol!

I also have a wedding to go to end of June and really want to get into a dress for that so fingers crossed :)

What are you all up to?

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Hi Echo159,

Reading, watching movies, minimins, planning a holiday for when I get to target. Exploring anything that pops into my mind.

I thinks sometimes laziness can let us turn to food rather than making the small effort to do something else. And compared to mindless snacking, almost everything else gives a beter long time return on the investment.


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Hi Turquoise, yes i agree. I have also booked myself in at the gym for Friday night for a review session as i haven't been since Nov :) xx


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Hiya :D

I am going to try and keep myself busy coming on to this site haha. Reading how much people have lost will keep me going hehe! I start the CD 2morrow and also cant not wait till my clothes start to feel slack. I am going away to see my mother in Cyprus on October so i hope to be near goal by then hehe! Cant wait to shop shop shop. My bf said he will take me away when i reach goal so thats another little insentive :) good luck your doing really well xxx


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I've got my crafting and puzzle books. Just got to keep busy!


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Reading, watching TV - the soaps, comedies and chat shows, and really like the Popstar to Operastar on ITV friday (trying to keep away from the shopping channels) minimins of course, watching old clips of the music from the 80's on youtube and at least one trip a week to theatre, cinema, ballet etc.
Pampering sessions are always nice, like foot spas at home, face packs, deep conditioning hair treatments and hopefully as weather improves, going out for a walk in the neighbourhood. Although I am London suburbs, I can walk down to local farms which is nice.
Used to read the gossip magazines -at least 2 a week- but got so fed up of the same stories about Katy/Jordan, Kerry, Cheryl etc

As the weight comes off - I have gone from just over 14 to 11:5, sorting out the wardrobe, getting rid of old stuff, bringing out the smaller sizes or buying new stuff.

Wow, there's no time for eating, lol!


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Gosh your all doing so well :) and good luck to you Tasha your gonna do great :) and Blingbabe you have lost so much wow that's fab, you go girl :) Nelly you have done really well to hehe it's so nice to be able to chat to like minded people on here :) Can't wai till i get weighed next Tuesday :) xx


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Thank you echo thats lovely. You have had a good first week i see and lost 5lb wow thats great!! Your doing really well sticking to the diet, hope i do as well as you :D xxx


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Ahh thanks hun, i'm not on SS though, i'm doing a shake for breaky, soup for lunch and a healthy meal in the evening but it still works :) Good luck xx


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im planning to go to australia too see a special someone :)

and in the mean time ...modding a bunch of chatters and getting re-addicted to minimins :)


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I've dusted off my Wii and bought EA Sports Active so I can do some exercise while OH eats... it's hard to think about stuffing my face while I'm trying to keep my balance inline skating on the Wii board lol!

I'm also a Lush addict so it's lots of lovely smellies for me too, tho OH complains about finding petals etc in the bath. I know he won't be complaining when I'm gorgeous, slim and sexy tho ;)

Other than that, it's mostly reading all the inspirational posts and chatting to you lovely ladies on minimins :)


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I cant believe how addictive this site is!!! Only day 2 and I have already spent the first hour in work posting and reading on here!!! Good job no one else can see my screen so had better go before I get caught

Hurray for Minimins :D:D:D:D:D