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Think I've had a tiny breakthrough re why I don't feel 'proud' & uploaded photo's too


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As I was writing my blog today, I think I've finally made a bit of a break through - so many people keep saying to me you must feel so proud in losing almost 4 1/2 stone, and losing weight etc etc, and in all honesty I don't. I always comment back with, so much more to go, I'm still in big sizes - still classed as obese (although hopefully not for too much longer) etc etc, I just can't accept the nice comments. I look at everyone else's stats on here, and if mine were on someone else's (which I've seen many times over) I look and think wow that's amazing, even those starting out, I think are great, but my own, it's never good enough.
Anyway... as I was writing I think I've uncovered part of the reason why, - this is what I wrote, and it's really hit home...
"it's like I have two people in me, one saying you've done well, be proud! and the other saying, you're not there no way near goal yet, if you feel 'proud' of yourself now then you might give in, you might not get there, so you can't be proud in case you then don't get to goal...hhmmm maybe that's it - maybe that is the cracking point? Perhaps this is my problem in accepting comments, or a part of it? Maybe if I do accept the fact that 4 1/2 stone is a lot to have lost and be proud of myself now, I am just scared of not getting any further, and so being 'proud' of myself is like admitting I can't do anymore? I won't be able to go on and hit my goal, and ultimately that is my worst fear. To never see 10st 1 on the scales and to get a healthy BMI is terrifying to me, and then to never get under that to have a few lbs to be able to fluctuate with that scares me too.
Perhaps I've had a bit of a break through today.
Food for thought I guess for me to ponder on."

I just wondered how everyone else deals with feeling proud of themselves? I actually hope everyone else is really proud of themselves, as I am proud of everyone who starts this diet, as it isn't easy, and we don't give ourselves credit enough (I know I know - the above).

Also, I have finally taken the plunge of uploading a couple of photo's to my album in my profile, I think there is only one 'before' photo and a couple of recent ones. They aren't great as the before wasn't quite my heaviest, but I avoided photo's most of the time at my heaviest, and only took 'face' shots really - I've a few more around, so must update really.

Anyway, sorry for the really long post, just something I wanted to get off my chest and share.

Claire xx
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Double Dee

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Hi Claire

Firstly can i just say well done on your weight loss you are and have done fab!!!! I have to say tho i agree with what you are saying i find it very hard to be proud of myself..... before strating this diet, (i am now on my 4 th week) i did slimming world and had lost just short of 6 stone and has took me 2 years... 3 weeks down the CD diet i have gone over 7 stone lost now.... but i don't see what other people see. When i feel that one area of my body is shrinking i find something else to pick on rather than being proud of what i have achieved. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone, but you have done fab so far, keep up the good work x
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Congrats on your losses so far Claire, well done! I think it takes a while before your head catches up with your body when losing weight (if that makes sense). When I look in the mirror I don't really see a smaller me, it's just the same person looking back at me every day :). But when I see a recent photograph of myself, I can see that my proportions are a whole lot better now than 4 months ago, and it is slowly starting to sink in that I am no longer a fat blob!

The 'feeling proud' is something else that is slowly coming to me and all the nice comments from people around me really help. Not so the comment from one, when I said I was throwing out my big clothes, to hold on to them for when I put the weight back on :mad:. But I chose to ignore that comment and moved on :D. I have not been this weight since before having kids (12+ yrs ago), it just crept on very gradually.

So give yourself a pat on the back and carry on the way you have been going. You're doing great :D.

Soon2bslimmer x :)


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
I just wanna say a big well done to you on your loss so far...Youve done fab. Im proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too. You are an inspiration.


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I agree with the person who says your head needs to catch up with your body.

You've done really well and you do deserve to be really proud of what you've achieved. Your goal of being 10st 1 or less will happen if you are determined to get there. That shouldn't stop you from being pleased with you so far.

I've been on loads of diets before, but this is the first time my head is in the right place for it to succeed. I know I will get to my goal and wear the jeans I bought yesterday. I can visualise what I'll look like when I'm 9st for the first time ever :) I've a long way to go, but you are nearly there... You can do it!!

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