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Thinking about starting Lipotrim? READ THIS!

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Hi everyone,
I know there are lots of people reading this who aren't actualy on Lipotrim or have just started just like I did before I started so I thught this may be helpfull and hopefully encouraging.
When you google "Lipotrim" to try find information I found you are bombarded with horror stories about dizzyness, weakness, weight regain, depression, hair loss etc etc. I was told by people who had done it and stopped that if I started that I would have to take to my bed for weeks and that there was no way I could carry on living my normal life and work as hard as I do.

Dizzyness, weakness- Well in the first 3 days I did feel quite weak so I would advise people who work Mon-Fri to start on a Friday and your excitment will get you through the day the relax all weekend and spend your time on here. By Monday you will almost be in Ketosis.

Weight regain- Possibly the most terrifing thing you can hear. Who wants to lose piles of weight only to put it all back on plus extra. This can of course can and WILL happen if you don't prepare yourself to completely change your eating habits! But this isn't a Lipotrim only fact, if you were to go to Weight Watchers, get to target and go back to binging, take aways, no exercise the exact same thing will happen. I can not cook an egg so I would more often than not order pizza, chinese etc so I have gotten my mam to show me the basics of low cal stir-frys and have seen loads of great, easy, tasty recipies that I can't wait to get stuck into when I reach target. So regain is up to yourself. Think of it this way, if your strong enough to give up food for however long you are strong enough to replace fatty, processes foods for lovely CHEAPER low cal options.

Depression- This was one that I paid no attention to as I am a happy person no matter what but my friends all began commenting that I wasn't myself for a while. I began hating my job (that I absolutly LOVE) and even told my boss this, she put it down to being on LT but I thought she was being silly. Then I posted here saying how low I was and it turns out it is not uncommon for this, more than likely because alot of food contain an addictive "happy" ingredient and also carbs have something in them which disguise emotions a tad. But as soon as I admitted to myself that it was infact the otherwise wonderfull Lipotrim making me feel this way it all went! I was being utterly blind to any negitive facts because I was so happy with the results. Now I know it's common to get a bit down on any VLCD, I'm prepared to kick that feeling in the balls with a smile and remember why I'm doing this!

Hair loss
- This one I have heard of many times but haven't experianced it myself at all. The word "loss" is very misleading, it's not actually that your hair falls out, it comes out as normal but SOMETIMES(rarely it seems) it just doesn't replace itself as fast when on any VLCD, so it just thins slightly and begins to grow as thick and fast when you come off it. Personally, having thinner hair for a few months while I drop stones is well worth it anyway but as I say this is rare.

My main concern was work, I work as a trainer in a large company and my job entails keeping a group of 12/13 motivated, entertained and teaching them the job for 3weeks at a time, I'm on my feet mostly all day and I've just taken my first external group since starting LT and I've done the best job I ever have in the last year!!
I have more energy than ever before.

So if you are reading this trying to decide if you want to jump on the LT wagon I say COME ON, there's plenty of room(we're all shrinking:D)
By the summer time imagine yourself in little skirts, dresses, bikinis etc.

you wont ever have to sit in a room thinking "I'm the biggest here" or worry will the seatbelt on an plane fit, you wont have to go into a shop and be embarrassed that nothing in there will actually fit.

I still have a long way to go but I if even one person reads this and decides to bite the bullet and become a fellow trimmer it'll be even more worth it than I ever could have imagined!

Good luck everyone!
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Well said Daisy, although I think I'll give the bikini a miss:D.

It's always good to hear from someone else who is doing the diet as they can give great insight and advice. I've heard a few negative comments from co-workers - I say "heard" because they don't have the guts to say it to my face. Unfortunately for them, their mouths are as big as their bellies so I did hear what they were saying: that all the weight goes back on as soon as the diet is finished; that people who lose large amounts of weight quickly get hanging flesh.

The best one I overheard was "They (meaning my daughter and me as we work together) will never stick to it." Well, ladies, I haven't seen either of you for over a week and I've probably lost at least another half stone since then, and when I come in tomorrow in my new, two sizes smaller clothes, we'll see who can't stick to it. Meanwhile, just stuff yet another "diet" bar in your fat, jealous gobs and carry on moaning about your weight - it's what you do best.

This diet is worth it just to wipe the know-it-all grins from the know-nothings' faces.

I read a thread yesterday about there being two types of people and how they see VLC Diets. If you see Lipotrim as a chore, then you're doomed; but if you see it as a positive way of losing weight, then you'll go far.

So if you're reading this and thinking about it, take it from me, someone who couldn't stick to a diet for more than a day: this diet works. And if you do have problems, then log on here and get advice from people who know how you're feeling.

Sorry for the rant! I'm feeling just a little bit evangelical about it.


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Daisy what a wonderful thread, you seem to tell it as it is, thank you. Too many people are very quick to jump on the bandwagon of negativity, and try to dampen down our enthusiasm. As for any new person considering this diet, I am sure this thread will put any fears to bed. Well done for this positive advice.
Henpom, I think you are absolutely spot on when you talk about there being two types of people; I'm a positive person with this diet and don't find it as a chore, I'm loving it, losing weight steadily without any fuss, not wanting to cheat, I can say without doubt it is changing my life. I'm starting to get my confidence back which I lost many many years ago. I posted a couple of days ago about being laughed at at uni for mixing my shakes, well up theirs is what I say, I've lost almost 2 stone and feel great and noone is going to take that away from me. Well done girls for your solidarity. "UP THE LIPOTRIMMERS, HOORAH"


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Hello guys,im thinking of doing lipotrim as it sounds fab!And after reading this thread its made me even more want to suceed in my weight loss.
I have done CD before but when it got tough and side effects came i gave in.(Although it was down to nearly crashing my car due to sight loss)But i feel positive that this time im in the right frame of mind and i know what to expect now.To tell you the truth i found having just soup and shakes wasnt that bad,yeah they didnt taste too great but that made me just want to eat it and get it over with lol.I lost a total of 2 stone in 3 weeks.Which i feel is great and ive always regreted not carrying it on.That was 2 years ago now and this summer i will not be walking round in a big cardigan and black trousers sweating and getting stared it for dressing like winter in summer.I will be wearing nice clothes and feel great about myself.
Just want to say a huge thanks to this tread and site as ive already found more confidence in myself and ive not even started my diet yet!!! lol

Vicky xxx
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That was fantastic Daisy, I would have really appreciated that post when i first started LT as like you said my searchges all came up with horror stories!!!
Im starting week 7 and week great and so much better than i have for a long time.
Feel great that was supposed to say...oops!! xxx
Hi Daisy
I'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow hopefully and desperately need to lose 4 stone....am I reading your ticker right?? Have you really lost 3 stone in 8 weeks??? This is SOOOO exciting!!
S: 19st9lb
Yep Suzy 3st 2bls gone in 8weeks yaaay!!
Still far to go but it's so encouraging losing it fast!
I couldn't manage losing 1bl a week, 3bls some weeks and some not at all or gaining!
How's your first day going??

Hi Daisy

I'm not actually starting until tomorrow..I'm getting myself down to the pharmacy to start the ball rolling first thing in the morning!!! Not quite sure what to expect!!! I've got 4 stone to lose and a special occasion coming up in 8 weeks time - hope I'll do as well as you!!! I'm quite excited about it all!!!!:D
Hi Lizzie, I'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow hopefully and just wondered how long its taken you to lose your weight.. How long should I expect it to take to lose 4 stone?? How are you managing on the diet?? Is it as hard as it sounds? I am actually really looking forward to starting it, and feel very motivated. This site is fantastic, so many successes!!!
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Tomorrow is the day for me!

It is really great to find this website - really inspired me.

I have been to the pharmacy & got the shock of my life 13stone :cry:

But I have my packs ready for tomorrow :D

Have had a headache for a week (& that is eating whatever I want!), so hopefully I won't notice the difference.

Got to get me one of those glitterdolls! They are fab!

Sparklebabe xx


weighs a lot less
SPARKLEBABE good luck and welcome to the forum i didnt get a headache its all down to the amount of carbs you usually eat i think i was never a bread or spuds girls just meat(no pun intended)just remember to drink plenty of water and the best of luck to you x
S: 14st7lb C: 14st2lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 0st5lb(2.46%)
Thanks lillie.
3stone gone - amazing!

I am a definite carb junkie! So we will see what happens!?!?!
Had my first shake (chocolate) for breakfast, and it wasnt too bad! Quite nice actually. I am feeling rather full & that is either the scoffing I did last night or ALL THE WATER!

Well i had my first weigh intoday and am amazed that i have lost 10 lb. The first day of headache is today as realy busy and forgot to drink any water !!!!!!! this webb site is really good as it gives me something to look at instantly at work when the cakes are coming around
S: 14st7lb C: 14st2lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 0st5lb(2.46%)
Wow Sarah - 10lbs - that is fantastic!
Its wierd being on a low calorie diet & not feeling dizzy & headachy - normally I would have a banging headache by now!

Think I might be feeling a bit ??? hungry??? though.


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Hey Every1, great thread!
Im starting Lt AGAIN tuesday iv had enough of being the fat 1 now so gonna give it my best shot, i need to loose roughly around 3 stone!
Im still following WW at the mo, going to have my last piss up this week end and boy will i enjoy it :D

Well look forward to getting to knowing you all x


weighs a lot less
hi ladylipo and welcome to the diet to beat all diets just watch you weight fly off now ive lost just over 3 stone now and its only taken me 7 weeks so good luck you can do it xx

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