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Thinking about switching to S+S - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Fighttheflab!, 17 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    As I mentioned in another thread, I am really struggling! I am hungry all the time, and can't stop crying!
    I have said all along that I think I would do much better if I could have 4 shakes a day.

    I have had a look at Slim and save, and see that I could have 4 packs a day, as well as some veg and milk. There is a greater variety of flavours, and it is cheaper!

    I am really tempted to give it a go, as I think it will enable me to get through each day much easier with 4 packs, and therefore make me much less likely to give up....whereas right now I don't think I can go on much longer.

    My hubby has been doing LT with me, but he is now close to goal (whereas I have another 6 stone to go!) so he will be back to eating soon, and I am thinking that I will find it easier to cope with him eating if I am doing S+S.

    What are your thoughts on this? Have any of you tried S+S?
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  3. slim please

    slim please Full Member

    Ive never tried s&s so i cant comment. Personally if i started eating, even small amounts, that would be it. Im sure i would cheat and end up back at square 1. Good luck whatever you decide.x
  4. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    I've done another online VLCD, very similar to slim and save and really enjoyed it. Lost on average 2-3lbs a week, and found it easy to stick to for about 3/4 months, i lost 4 stone in total. I then started to add extra bits and it all fell apart from there. The choice of flavours was lovely, and being able to take a bar for work some days was fantastic. The only reason I chose to do lipotrim this time is to make sure I had the pharmacy monitoring as I was worried about personal health risks and wanted to be monitored.

    good luck with your decision making :)
  5. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    I've done LL before - and while I have never tried Lipotrim, I can't recommend S&S enough! My OH will also be done with all this soon and I still have 4 stone to go...

    Slim&Save packs are DELICIOUS - and since I double up my dinner pack, they feel like a proper meal (so those evening meals with OH when he's on the normal food - won't be a big deal!). A little handful of veg - and dinner choices from Macaroni&Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spicy Spaghetti, Cottage Pie, Chilli Con Carne, Curry... it doesn't feel like a diet at this point, they really do taste as close to real food as a dehydrated pack can be. :)

    Order a small sampler and see how you get on!
  6. and

    and Silver Member

    I tried S&S - yes it tastes like real food...

    But I was hungry all the time, I found it no where near as filling as LT.
    Also cos it's like real food I just felt like eating more all the time. I find LT makes you not think about food so much.

    I did the 3 packs + protein meal option. You get some veg (from a list) and you can also have some skimmed milk each day.
    I didn't bother with the milk.

    I found that I sometimes just had an extra spoon of veg or protein. I was too tempted all the time.

    Also not all the packs are the same cals or carb content - you can actually knock yourself out of ketosis if you're not careful and you're sensitive to that kind of thing.

    So, not for me but most people seem to rave about it.
  7. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    I have ordered the starter trial pack, and will see how I go. Hubby has too. Loving the fact that it's cheaper, and more so for him!
  8. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Awesome! Just remember to do a full day of Lipotrim / or full day of Slim&Save - as I don't think you can substitute the packs as on LL. But I'm sure you know this. :)

    I hope you enjoy them! And do take 'and's' advice on board - it is valuable. See how you feel on the packs in general (i.e. hunger) and if you decide to add a little bit of veg to any of them - keep it very very small! :) It's very easy to start to get tempted to add more!

  9. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    Hi I'm thinking of going on the slim and save diet can you tell me what website you ordered the products from please
  10. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

  11. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Oh man, I'm in heaven! LOLOL!!
    My pack arrived today, and I was like a kid in a sweet shop looking through the packs! I've had a shake, a bar, a meal +veg, and still have 1 left, and for the 1st time in 6.5 weeks I'm full!!! I can't tell you what a relief it is to not be hungry!
    I really didn't know how I was going to continue on LT and was really worried about how on earth I was going to lose all the weight I have to lose, but this has given me a new hope, and completely boosted my morale and motivation to do this!
    I totally admire all of you who are able to go on for so long on LT, and feel a failure.....but I am not giving up on VLCD and will stick with this. Hang in there everyone, and hats off to you all!! xx
  12. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    I'm glad you like them Tina :) They are indeed much nicer than the LL I used to have.

    Just be careful and do not over-do the veg, it's very easy to start adding too much! :)

  13. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Yeah, I had frozen Broccoli and weighed it, then when it was cooked it was under the 200g allowance, but was plenty for me.
    I'm so excited about this! I'm easily pleased, esp after 6.5 weeks of LT! LOL! :)
  14. wonkeydonkey

    wonkeydonkey Member

    hi i have dabbled in ss too - loved the taste of the packs and service was great. I have now started the sml diet (few weeks ago mind) lost 1 1/2 stone on this vlcd so far and think the packs are the same as ss - think the owner used to work for ll (dont quote me on that though)
  15. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    SML do offer some of the same packs as SnS but SnS have added a number of packs by another manufacturer too so they have a much wider range.
  16. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Am so much happier on this!! Am now at -2 and a half stone :D Getting there.....
    Hang in there everyone! xx
  17. Cherry-Blossom

    Cherry-Blossom I CAN do this

    Well done :) Glad you're finding it easier.

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