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Thinking of defecting to Exante


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Help me out guys!

I'm thinking of defecting to Exante, purely as it is half price compared to lipotrim.

Is there anything that I should consider?

I know I won't have the supervision, but to be fair that's just a weekly weigh in, my pharmacist didn't seem to know much about lipotrim anyway, one example being his advise to make it up in the morning then sip it throughout the day, rather than drink it quickly.

I don't want to leave so early but just feel the price difference is a big deal, it is mostly skimmed milk powder after all LOL

Convince me otherwise!
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I was considering same, but I have heard people say the shakes on LT are much more filling than the ones on exante so now am thinking of staying with LT. You're probably not supposed to, but I am considering getting some exante off ebay and substituting for LT shakes whilst I decide what to do.
I have to admit Ive not heard anyone comment on the shakes like that, if anything Id think the Exante ones would be more filling as theyre more cals etc.

I have to be honest I dont find any shakes filling... theyre just a drink/fuel and nothing more

You can order a weeks pack of Exante I think its £37 which allows you to try everything then go for the cheaper monthly ones


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have you tried both LT and Exante shakes starlight? I tried an exante soup today and was still hungry after, but then I may have still been hungry after a LT shake, I was absolutely ravenous (is this normal for day 13 or should the hunger have gone by now?)


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I'm on Exante at the moment to lose that last stone, I take 2 shakes,2 snacks in between the shakes and a low cal meal at night and manage to lose weight. I'm not really hungry with the shakes but you should only use 200ml as this will make the shake a bit thicker and more filling. Cannot say how it is to be on 3 shakes as I don't have that much more weight to lose.


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That sounds good I may try that. What do you have for your snacks? I am thinking of having the three shakes/soups/bars then a low cal meal at night. I've tried to do the 100% TFR thing and it's not working - I need some food. So even though weight loss will be slower, hoping this option will suit me better


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It depends on how I feel, normally it's like some slices of ham/chicken, tomato or cucumber, 0% fat greek yoghurt with some strawberries or even a rice cracker with low fat pate. My gym has this 12-week diet plan that tells us to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day to keep your metabolism going as long as you eat the right food and of course small portions.


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what DL tells you to eat is 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. A lot of people at my gym who have followed this 12-week program, have lost between 12-24 lbs but a few have lost much more. As I want to lose about 14+ I'm doing this in combination with 2 Exante a day.

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