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thinking of doing atkins

Hi Jen and welcome, have you read the stickies at the top, they are very informative and should get you started.


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thanx jim

jim your posts are whats really inspiring me to try atkins!I tried it a few years ago for a quick fix and it really worked but dont know about long term! :)
It can be a quick fix if you only have a stone or so to lose, but for me it had to be long term Jen, I had slow but steady losses and that suited me. :)
dear me, you Ozziez ;) 14 Bren.


is going to loose!
Thanks peeps. I knew 2.2lbs in a kilo. So 6.3kg's in a stone. that would be lovely in a month is it possible??? I think maybe only 4 kilos for me in a 4 week period as I only have max about 8 to shed.

Coraljen I just started low carbing as of Thursday/Friday last week and then absolutely to the letter as of today and feel really positive that I'm loosing and this could be a life choice for me.

Jim do you ever have pasta anymore?
Yes I do Bren and chips, samosa's, pastry in pies and stuff, just not on a daily basis any more. I had a couple of slices of wholemeal toast this morning.


is going to loose!
Yeah I've maintained 66 kilo's give or take 2 for many years (at least 3). Then work as a teacher became a priority and my dad passed and I slowly abandoned my fitness regime. Over about 2 -3 years 13 kilos have crept back on and I have tackled about 5 of these.

I know what to do when i get back there and it's everything in moderation and perhaps dinner out once a week. I also used to go to the gym that day if I was going out for drinks or dinner and again the following day. Oh and water, make sure when I'm maintaining to keep up the 2 ltrs a day.

I am definitely in Ketosis, tinny taste in the mouth and very stinky breath woo!!! take a step or 5 back from me people.

We all have those moments Laura. I blame my age when I do it. ;)

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