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thinking of doing lipotrim/bad breath


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hi everyone x
currently doing sw but thinking of starting lipotrim on wed.i did do it just b4 christmas but gave up purely because of the bad breath problem.any way of combating this besides never breathing or talking to anyone lol?
sw doesn't seem to be agreeing with me this time around and i've sts even though 100% stuck to the plannow lost all motivation to keep at it and have been looking at ppls losses with lipotrim and think it sounds great x
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well the bad breath thing - i think most people on here use the listerine breath strips, or carry a tooth brush and mouth wash around with us!!

sorry to hear slimming world has been disappointing for you! i hope lipotrim makes you happier!! xxx
Good luck with LT. My bad breath combatting is as sarahlou says, i carry a small bottle of mouthwash with me. Brush teeth and tongue regularly, keep on using dental floss even though you're not 'eating'. I've never got round to ordering the listerine strips and never seen them in the shops during my time on LT.

Nobody has yet recoiled in horror from my breath :)


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can you use any mouthwash?
your doing fantastic with your losses btw x
nope, it's quite specific - listerine original (pretty grim, but does the job) and i also think corsodyl and something else... i stick to listerine original. blooming expensive though, all of them!!

i'm guessing the same parent company makes all of them and LT, lol.


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Nobody has yet recoiled in horror from my breath :)[/QUOTE]
haha well when i was on lipotrim before,only for 3 days,a friend asked what that funny smell was.explained it was my breath and about lt and she said it smelt like someone had sh*t in my mouth!finished doing it that day out of horror :cry:
I was doing Slimming World before I started this but I felt I needed something drastic to shift the bulk of my weight. It's the best thing I've done - I would definately recommend it. I've not had a problem with bad breath - I think drinking lot of water helps. You can have the Listerine Breath Strips - I've not had them but you can buy them on ebay.
a friend asked what that funny smell was.explained it was my breath and about lt and she said it smelt like someone had sh*t in my mouth!finished doing it that day out of horror :cry:
Who needs enemies with friends like that?! How rude lol :eek: I'm sorry that put you off last time.

Put yourself first though and do this for you :) you can lose the weight on LT and that's almost priceless.
Bugger! I thought you could use any and I`m just back from the shops :rolleyes:

Can you use any Listerine? As I think thats what we have upstairs.

Good Luck Tafflass!!

LiSe xX


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I understand it is mouthwash that doesn't contain alcohol. The Listerine is supposed to be the Original one. Keep drinking water, and give your tongue a good brushing with toothpaste. I haven't had any complaints myself. Praps people have noticed but not said. lol


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Hi Taff

For the first three days you will have a metallic taste in your mouth and I think this has got somethng to do with the ketosis...

It does get better...just keep drinking lots of water and yes, brush, floss and mouthwash. I use Oraldene, which is on the list of ok to use! I bought a small bottle probably around Wk 3 or 4 and I have half left, because I havent needed to use it.

Must admit, my breath is the worst after the soup and my husband just tells me, which I can cope with. But, now I realise and try and brush as soon as possible.

But, water is definitely the key!!! I know I keep banging on about it, but the more you drink, the better your breath is.

Sorry to hear about SW not suiting you, maybe you are just ready for a new challenge!!
As with the weird taste, I think more water definitely helps the smell. My boyfriend says it's not too bad, but, I have to say, I truly pity him having to smell that! I'm a photographer & when I'm taking photos I can, sort of, smell my breath as it hits the back of the camera, but that has got better with time. Lovely! But, definitely well worth it & it settles down after the first week, I've found!

I wouldn't let it put you off though - the diet isn't forever & the results are wonderful! Good luck with whatever you decide & congrats on your loss so far :)



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I have only had one comment about my bad breath and that was after the DISGUSTING soup. When I had a drink to wash it down, the smell went away. So as long as you drink loads you should be okay.
Good luck

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