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Thinking of Dukan instead of Atkins?

Hi All,
I'm a long time voyeur of these forums but have decided to join and ask for your expertise!
I have been doing atkins on and off for about 18 months now...I initially lost over 5st and have managed to keep it off (with some relapses, christmas etc I put over 1st back on - but took it back off by the middle of feb)
I am however getting a bit tired of atkins - my weight is stalling (I still have 5st+ more to lose) and a little bit worried. I eat a LOT of fats on atkins....tend to stick to pork as it is cheaper, snack on things like pork scratchings! This really can't be good for my health long term.
I have recently ordered the Dukan book to have a look at and really like the look of the diet.
My only worry is that switching from Atkins to Dukan will cause another weight stall or even increase.

Has anybody successfully swapped from Atkins to Dukan? Is it even worth it?
Are there more benefits to either diet?
I look forward to your responses and thank you in advance xx
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Sorry that I can't help you with that, but there are some Dukaners here with experience of Atkins and they should be able to give you some advice. If I remember rightly, I think that you won't experience such a boosted weight loss during the Attack Phase after coming over from Atkins. In fact, I think they may advise you to either have a very short Attack period or to skip it - although I may be wrong about that.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the forum. :)


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A few of us have tried both. I've just totally failed at Atkins and am tentitivly trying Dukan again.

Dukan is more expensive than Atkins as you need to buy leaner meat.
There are no cheap off the shelf snacks like scratchings (eggs are our budget savers).

You only have veg on alternate days(or similar patter 2-3-2, 5-5 etc) so transit can be more of an issue.

Dukan is more restrictive than Atkins and can be more boring, you will hear talk of how much imagination is needed on Dukan.

You can have yogurt, skimmed milk and carrots(in moderation), there is no counting (but restraint is required).

You cant have alcohol, pork, lamb, duck, cream, cheese, nuts, seeds along with the usual banned carby stuff.

But theres no counting(other than dairy being limited) and we have to have oatbran which can be made into tonnes of different things muffins, galettes, bread, cake, coating for fish.

For me the advantages are the strictness, and the simplicity, the lack of hunger and (when on plan) the losses.

The disadvantages the limited types of food, the cost, the inflexibility and the bungedupness ;)
Thank you for the welcome, dukandebut :D

jaqys - certainly lots to think about from your reply...I still can't make a decision either way!
I'm worried that the restriction and expense of dukan will lead to a downfall :(
Personally speaking the restrcition is only what you make it. You can easily create meals that are not boring, obviously this does require imagination, it depends on how much you rely on everything being done for you or not :D

It's not difficult to put together your own meals and even recreate whatever your favourite takeaway meal is - Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian - just Dukan-style!

As for the expense, I find that my local butcher offers meat at a much better price than any supermarket.
The pre-packaged meats are where the greater expense comes in, which are best to have a minimum of anyway.

As for the dairy - yoghurts are very often on offer in the supermarkets.

I'd say don't be deterred by the supposed restrictions - be creative and make the best of it :)


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But the expense is very apparent when directly compared to atkins(for me about £7-10 a week more) where you can have the cheapest mince, chicken wings, pork joints...

Again the restriction to me is more on dukan than atkins due to the types of meat that can be eaten and not having cheese.

In both variety is obviously key to keeping on track and overcoming boredom and the more you do yourself the less nasties creep in, thats where the two are the same - the more natural the better the results.

For me the freedom of atkins is a problem, too much room for not the best choices even when on 20grams a day.

I dont think one is better than the other, its about what suits you, they both require effort (as they should we're trying to break a lifetime of habits), they both show results and they both have good instructions for life beyonnd weightloss.


Not very good at this!
I tried Atkins for a month after a few months of Dukan, and lsot nothing so have come back to Dukan. Sorry jaqys - didn't realise you were struggling with it too.
Dukan is low fat. Atkins is high fat.

If you move from a low fat plan to a high fat one slowed losses may be inevitable, to begin with.

But it is the fat content that makes food satisfying. Lower fat may mean you get hungrier, sooner. A lot of essential vitamins, such as A and D, are fat soluble. They can only be absorbed by the body when fat is present in the diet.

I am no expert, but what I would suggest before going back to Dukan yet again is to try a very lean, clean and green Atkins. No Atkins bars or shakes, careful control over cheese intake, etc. And above all - watch portion sizes. Keep them moderate, not generous.

And walk a lot!

I have never tried Dukan because I am vegetarian and there would be nothing for me to eat! But those who tried it and then came back to Atkins must have done so for a good reason.

All the best!
I am no expert, but what I would suggest before going back to Dukan yet again is to try a very lean, clean and green Atkins. No Atkins bars or shakes, careful control over cheese intake, etc. And above all - watch portion sizes. Keep them moderate, not generous.

And walk a lot!

All the best!
Excellent advice, I have been trying this over the past few days...I did become a bit too reliant on atkins bars/pork scrtchings etc and cheese has always slowed me down.
Funnily enough, I'm loving atkins again!
If only I could eliminate the sugar free jelly & cream combo from my diet - I'm hooked:wave_cry:

Does exercise have much impact on atkins? I've just been told I have pretty severe damage to my sacroiliac joint and have been warned not to do any exercise at the moment, other than my physio rehab :(
So glad you are enjoying Atkins again!

Yes exercise does make a difference, not least because of the boost it gives the metabolism and the extra calories burned. But of course if you have a physical problem that prevents it you can maybe find something you can do sitting down - you could ask your physio or perhaps google it.

It may be that, for now, you really must avoid exercise. Don't take any risks if this is the case.

I think portion control and less cheese and less super-fatty stuff might make a real difference to your losses without restricting choice too much.

As for the SF jelly and cream - cut down the quantity of cream is my advice! And maybe have it every other day or even every few days - make it a treat rather than a daily staple. Obvious but effective lol.

Keep posting and let everyone know how you're doing! xx

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